Skylight reimagined.

Wow. That’s Brilliant.

If only I had a house to install this in.

That image caption, though. Ouch.

20 minutes later... Why are there so many dammed flys in this house all the time

Until the top window slips and crashes down on your head, killing you instantly.

That was my first thought too. Do you consistently worry about dropping your keys in a sewer grate as well?

because Europeans leave butter out on the counter at room temperature

I bet it leaks.

One of those great awesome things that you use once and then realize that standing around looking at your neighbors houses isn't really fun.

Nope just my paper boat.

With great difficulty and unsatisfying results like God intended.

I mean all she really does is push on a couple handles then sip a cup of coffee.

Pretty sure Americans do this too.

This is the most creative thing I have ever seen

Definitely a purchase I would try to calculate the cost per use before buying. Even if you used it 1000 times, which I absolutely never would, it's $6.80 per use. I wouldn't pay that to use it once. I'd just go downstairs to have my cup of tea outside.


I would try to calculate the cost per use before buying.

Golden advice for buying basically anything, and cost per hour when it comes to media products.


You'll float too

My family has always used a covered butter dish left on the counter. I thought this was what everyone did until someone who didn't live in the house kept putting it into the fridge and annoying everyone.


All it takes is a gas strut to hold it up. Are you scared of SUV lift gates crushing you too?

Eh? What? "Most" skylights absolutely do not leak. I've lived in two houses with them and my grandparents had a house with them. Every house in my neighborhood has them. Not heard once from anyone at any point that their skylight was leaking. Maybe really old ones, but modern skylights (I would assume this invention is classed more like a window) are required by law to be sealed from weather and ingress of any kind.

Hi this is my video and they edited out the end from the original post which shows my glorious acting abilities and love of chickens

That was my first thought while watching the gif.

I don’t know what the big deal is I mean I am sure I could-NO WAY I WANT IT!!!

Bad contractors, yes.


Would you be able to close it so that it turns into a full balcony? Like if you didnt want the A/C or heat to get out? or to smoke a fat bowl and not let the smell in. Asking for a friend

...I don’t want to talk about it...

My Wallet

The concept of the window design not the fucking coffee drinking you dummy.

People are acting like this is the first time in history someone leaves a window or door open...

I want one! I want one! I want one!

Checks bank account: tree fiddy

Never mind I can't afford anything


Room temperature butter is optimal for spreading. This is common sense.

Initially I was like “that’s fucking dumb” and the second she popped or that balcony I was sold faster than an iPhone to a college kid.

There's a reason why contractors call them skyleaks.

Nope down the gap between the elevator and the floor....

Damn irrational fears

French here, ew. Only time you should let your butter at room temperature is if a pastry recipe says so.

Depends on the area. We can't leave anything out in Texas or all the bugs in the world will get to it, mosquitos and fire ants included.

You could build two small walls with a door and enclose the whole thing.


Awww she spilled her coffee :(

I'm sure they don't all leak right away, but they are pretty notorious for it. It's a huge hole in your roof that is sealed up when installed, but that water will always be looking for a way in as the flashing moves in hot and cold weather, caulk dries up/cracks...

I actually like sloped wall attics! Mainly for aesthetics, though, they do kinda suck in practice, but i'm 5'2 so I don't gotta do a lot of ducking.

We have canola oil instead of rapeseed oil over here because of our delicate sensibilities.

How do you spread it on your toast then?

i'm pretty sure that's just the state of your house.

hey this is my house. the walls are pitched because we converted an existing attic space. its attached to a spare bedroom and were making it into a craft studio space

In a covered butter dish maybe


I use my phone like twenty times a day. Shouldn't I always buy the absolute best one then, to maximize my utility of it?

Please say this is OK, in a form I can print out and give to my wife so I can buy the new Pixel phone.

Beep beep

in the US rapeseed oil is called Canola oil, comes from Canada, Canada Oil, Canola, it sells a lot better.

You just grab the whole stick with a tortilla and take a bite.

If I had a house I wouldn't purchase one with a stupid sloped wall attic room that I have duck my head in all the time while they get to sell it as a "finished attic" price.

In my experience, they slowly fail, becoming more of a pain in the ass than anything. They don't just stop working one day and kill small animals and children.

But yeah. I've changed mine too. They are heavy as shit.


For "tree fiddy" I'll cut a fairly square hole in your roof.

You didn't lie, that's good acting.

Added this to the stickied comment so more people can enjoy it.

America was founded by Europeans and I have a hemorrhoid.

lol I know, the first half of the gif I'm like "BITCH THAT IS A WINDOW" glad to be pleasantly wrong

My dad does this, but he learned it from the Europeans.

The second you look through a neighbor's second story window by accident and they give you a weird look you will never use it again.

In Denmark, and possibly other European countries, we can buy butter that has been mixed with rapeseed oil. The oil makes it much easier to spread, even straight out of the fridge.

I’d like to give you access to the shaft

Our house is surrounded by trees on three sides and on almost an acre. This would give me tree canopy and wetland views, couldn't see another house if I tried. But our house would also fill with bugs.

So does this skylight automatically make coffee whenever you open it?

Its the hardest working liver in the galaxy, Morty and now it has a hole in it

implying someone rich enough for one of these doesn't have an automated laser fly zapping turret ("photonic fence") installed.

I'm a sheep?

I'm European and this is news to me.

Pretty sure we don't

European here, I don't, but research shows it doesn't make a difference.

Another but, we specifically don't wash our eggs, keeping the membrane in place, sealing the egg. Americans specifically wash their eggs, removing the membrane, and hides the eggs that had shit on them, which is a sign of a sick chicken.

E.g. in my opinion, the consumers get screwed yet again by big corporations, eggs should be delivered clean, and unwashed (Yes, that is an oxymoron)

cuts the most perfect circle known to man

Then you get the surprise uppercut when you go to open it after you've forgotten that you installed new ones.

My first thought when seeing this post was "Wow that's really cool... I wonder how far I'll have to scroll in the comments for someone to tell me this is a terrible idea". About 3 comments, well done.

State of TEXAS.

Not if it's installed correctly.

what an interesting way to have a leaky roof

They leak. It's a matter of time, but mostly on how good the guy was at installing it. I used to sell skylights (15 years ago at a big box store; didn't interact with contractors); the warranty on these things do not cover the lifetime of the house but the lifetime of the original owner; it does not carry over if the property changes. Warranties then were 2 years longer than the average buy/sell cycle of a house.

Trust me, they are not planned to last. No money in that.

I can confirm they leak always had a little pool of water in bad weather (UK), had one in flat I rented years ago. They are also cold not "drafty" they just seem to be awesome conductors of heat in summer and heat out in winter...

One time I dropped my keys on the ground, picked them up, and noticed there was a sewer grate a couple of feet over. The possibility of what might have happened still haunts me.

imagine an airlock, but it would just be a regular balcony then.

More like when you don't use it for a few months in the summer because it's fucking hot, and then open it in early fall and have to deal with the 75 wasps that no longer have a proper, un-ripped nest.

We cover it up with ceramic you mongoloid.

I know it's safe, but it still grosses me out

I had to replace mine recently, those lift gate fuckers are much heavier than you'd think. New struts in, and no more fear of decapitation.

ALL roofs leak eventually too... this is by design as any material will eventually break down. Have owned and currently own a house with skylights; none of them leaked... but every roof eventually did.

I had no idea America has more bugs than Europe, that's why you all have screen doors!


Most buildings built after 1890 have access tunnels for just such this issue. No worries, friend.

Literally every user? That’s a bold claim Alex lets see if it pays off


Honey would you shut that balcony this draft is terrible!

As an American who moved to Europe, it's really not that bad.

Americans generally have salted butter in their butter dish, which can sit at room temperature for a fairly long time before going bad.

Have one, can confirm this happens, though without the death

I used to make burritos for breakfast when I did my internship in school. I used to measure how much each burrito ended up costing me, and used that number to give myself an idea of how much something would cost in terms of amount of breakfasts.


Actually said "ohhhh shit" out loud in a public place as I was watching this.