Skier Lindsey Vonn says she'll represent U.S. at Olympics, not Trump

Skier Lindsey Vonn says she'll represent U.S. at Olympics, not Trump

I really hope a bunch of Olympians take a knee during their medal ceremonies. Could you imagine the outrage from the tangerine orangutan?

I was just thinking that. I literally cannot wait to see our best in the world athletes kneel down as the anthem plays. The Right will lose their collective shits.

Then when the athletes get interviewed, they say they are representing the country not those in power.

She's ashamed of you.

She just said she's not ashamed of her country. She's ashamed of its president.

That would bring a tear to my eye.

I fought and bled for this country, for America. And I mean America as an idea, land of the free, home of the brave. To see the greatest athletes in the world, my kin, to take a stand against tyranny would be the greatest thanks I could ever get. We need to take this country back, because this is not what I was fighting for.

Tonya Harding took a knee...

She loves her country. Stop projecting your own insecurities.

Nothing in the article, nor a single quote I’ve seen from her, suggest she’s “ashamed of her country.” So, pardon me if I’m still confused. Why do you seem to be so mad at her? She says she’d be proud to represent the US.

The anger is confusing, please explain. Thank you.

It's a given that representing the US is not representing Trump.

Trump us a temporary Russian mole who represents a fraction of the Americans who voted for him. And they were majority red staters to boot, so matter even less.

If Trump wants to rant about athletes' politics, he should be able to take what he dishes out. I mean, he obviously can't, but he has himself to blame.

they can compete under the olympic flag. i think that happened a few years ago.

edit: here's a wiki article about the 2016 olympics