Skateboarding on Frozen Sand

Skateboarding on Frozen Sand

Never thought about it, but frozen wet sand is probably one of the smoothest most asphalt-like surfaces in all of nature.

Probably less slippery than straight ice too. And to go skating with ice-capped mountains in the background is awe inspiring.

Their life is dope, and they do dope shit. /hangs up

Goddamn was that beautiful to watch. The music, the environment, the skateboarding itself all meshed incredibly.

I've never been able to skate, but I've always loved skateboarding, particularly as a medium of artistic expression. The different kinds of visual artistry that go into the different tricks, the boards, the films like this, it's incredible. This is another great example of how skateboarding is really a great blend of many different genres of art. I love watching stuff like this.

It's frozen. Sand freezes at about 2930°F at atmospheric pressure.

Probably less slippery than straight ice too.

It's sandpaper-esque. It's one of the grippiest surfaces I've ever ridden a bicycle on. It's hard as concrete but a little rougher than most concrete surfaces.

The best part is this is a great example of working with nature, not against it.

The halfpipe they built leaves no impact at all, because they didn't build it out of anything but sand and water.

This video is just gorgeous and the planning that went into it is magnificent.

Reference video, timestamped for your convenience

Line at 5:56 if you want to get straight to it

(except this attempt)

Wow, some great shots there, and first time I see someone skating on the beach .

I never thought about it because I didn't know sand could freeze like this.

Science based dragon mmorog's.

The fact that they went in summer/fall to build a half pipe out of sand and waited for it to freeze, and it worked PERFECTLY blows my fucking mind. That whole video was brilliant.

I didn't know sand could freeze and get that hard. Great concept, beautifully shot.


sorry, I had too :p

This is the Atlantic they're at and the tide comes in twice a day. What they did was build the ramp as soon as it dried out a bit and then let it freeze for a few hours.

"when they use fisheye lenses, low camera angles, and unique scenaries"

Every skate vid in the world thinks you're talking about it right now

I feel like this could fit both the Shooting Stars and Roundabout "To Be Continued" meme.

It's perfect /sub/youtubehaiku territory.

edit: I'll be right back, gonna make one.

edit2: Done. I made a Roundabout version:

Norway! More specifically, Lofoten.

technically all solids are "frozen"

Chris Joslin - True: Plan B

I absolutely agree with you! Here are some of my favourite skate parts if anyone wants to check them out.

Shane O'Neill - Shane GOES

Cory Kennedy - Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 3

Brian Peacock - Something Sinister

Nick Tucker - Nick Tucker's Golden Hour

Antwuan Dixon - Baker 3

An upvote wasn't enough to represent how much I agree with this comment. Skateboarding videos are an art, especially when they use fisheye lenses, low camera angles, and unique sceneries. In my opinion they are just so entertaining and great expressions of art in motion

They're speaking Norwegian

that seems a little hot.

I didn't watch the follow up documentary but if the tide destroyed it in this video, the tide would have destroyed it hundreds of times over if they built it in the Summer.

Not sure if they mentioned it, but where is this?

It says at the end that there is a documentary explaining how they did it, so somebody watch it and correct these two.

Most beautiful video on the front page and it's about skateboarding. Fucking love skateboarding, wish I had actually tried to get good as a kid.

So what do you do for fun?

When you think about it, it's obvious. There are beaches everywhere.

But we think of beaches as being in sunny tropical climates that never see snow.

There was something eerily profound about the silent destruction of the sand half-pipe.

^the point

This was in the Banff Film Festival this year.

Source: Saw it at the Banff Film Festival this year.

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Skaters going back and forth on the mini-ramp, like the ebb and flow of the waves.

Then the real waves come in and take some turns.

lmfao touche do you watch a film live?



If you dig this, I recommend you check out the film "Life Cycles", it's beautiful shot, which goes through all the seasons.

Can't confirm if it was at Banff film festival

Source: Wasn't at Banff film festival