Sixer sick hold

Sixer sick hold
Sixer sick hold

french KennyS

Contract renewed another 6 months

He's Asain too

Yesterday, EnVyUs got destroyed by an amazing Cache A site AWP play by Skadoodle. Today, they did the amazing Cache A site AWP destroying.

lol rpk and scream mid setup 10/10 xd why do they keep doing that dumbass igl happy prob making them do that smh ruining the team

Best round hes played on NV!

Destroying for albeit 1 round

envyus's mid setup is so fucking bad. they did it so many times vs c9 yesterday too, in the exact same spots. Renegades players could just walk out and pre-aim the exact same spots because there aren't even switchups. just watch how easy it is for USTILO