Since We're Circle Jerking About August Ames

Since We're Circle Jerking About August Ames

ANY reason is a good reason not to fuck someone. She doesn't have to explain herself to anyone; it's her damn body.

One thing I learned from this debacle is that I’m a homophobe because I wouldn’t want to have sex with a gay dude.

Gay and bisexual men accounted for 67% (26,570) of all diagnoses and 83% of HIV diagnoses among m...

Her concerns weren't unfounded.

She wasn't a homophob or a racist, and she just trying to protect herself.

Some people thought she was naive or ill informed, but at the end of the day all she was trying to do was protect herself. Hard to fault her in any way for that.

Apparently it's "My body, LGBT lobby's choice".

It makes sense then, that the term is thrown at so many people. Basically according to that logic, being straight makes you a homophobe.

It's only her body and her choice if it's the politically correct choice.

HIV isn't necessarily detectable immediately. Also, it's her choice who she does and doesn't want to work with (because consent is a thing) so it's a moot point.

Oh yeah, and not wanting to have sex with a trans woman who still has a penis makes you a transphobe too.

Right, so fucking random gay dudes is risky.

I wonder if there's infection rates for porn stars though, it's not the same thing

No no, this is outrage America. All white people are racist, all minority demographics are opressed, and having dissenting opinions is not okay.

Its her body, she gets to decide what she does with it

I wonder if the same people who were bitching will be posting "oh so sad" posts now that she's passed away.

Basically according to that logic, being straight makes you a homophobe.

Being white makes you racist nowadays, so why not add this one too.

something the entire gay community acknowledges yet shame on her for not wanting to take an unnecessary risk

I don't want to have sex with a trans woman or man, penis or not. I'm not an anythingphobe. That's just not what I'm looking for.

Testing in porn right before the scene or otherwise it’s pointless. Most diseases have a window testing period where they can’t be detected.

HIV is a bitch because the window is 12 fucking weeks. Meaning that to be sure you don’t have it you need to test after 12 weeks of exposure, without having any other sexual encounter in between.

Since this is practically impossible in a gay porn actor, those saying that the transmission rates in porn are low because they test, have no fucking clue about anything. And never took a fucking sex-ed class.

Summary: test have window periods. For HIV it is 12 weeks. Use a condom, and pray to god it does not break.

She was absolutely justified.

I think they mean it was her body because she is dead now.

Not the point. Not the point at all. Even if she was misinformed or EVEN WRONG, you cannot fault someone for just trying to protect themselves.

Even if gay pornstars do get tested regularly her decision not wanting to do a scene with a gay dude is her choice as a pornstar. You don't know who and where this person has been with aside from the films they have done so why risk it if statistically you are at a much much larger risk of contracting HIV from anal which is the gist of gay sex? It's just a line that some people don't want to cross to be safe, shouldn't matter in regards to testing since it's a moral boundary.

And all men are abusive, worthless sacks of shit.

Probably also didn't hurt her decision that California recently downgraded intentionally infecting someone with HIV to a misdemeanor.

Pretty ironic, sadly. The internet got to her.

And to add to that, they get tested like a week before shooting. That actor could have gotten infected in that week leading up to the shoot. Overall it's kind of fucked up that the standards in porn aren't more strict. Porn stars get STD's all the time because of it. Pretty much all of them end up with herpes.

Exactly... Sjws shamed a girl into killing herself. Fuck them. This is just gross and people need to be held accountable for this shit.

It's okay to be white

Be much quicker just to Google her name and read a story than waiting for answer here.

But since you asked, basically she posted on Twitter she didn't want to do a porn shoot with a gay man because she cares about what goes in her body. The internet reacted, called her a homophobe, she tried defending herself, more backlash, and she hung herself. Some details are missing, but that's the basic short version.

people are allowed who they wish to have sex with. i think personal choice trumps any perceived homophobia or stigma

Yes, and HIV is more likely to be passed on through unprotected anal sex. Anal sex is more likely to cause small years that the virus can be passed on through.

Edit: I meant tear sorry guys.

citation needed

Yeah. All I've found so far is this twitter exchange between August and some other porn folks.

I can't find any actual rules or guidelines.

What does continually pop up in these searches is news articles about how California downgraded intentionally infecting someone with HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor.

This is the epitome of victim-shaming

No one needs to give you any reason for not wanting to have sex with anyone, period.

dont forget sexual predators

Dunno man. My mom says I’m a catch every time she brings me Doritos and Mountain Dew to my man cave in the basement.

so arachnophobia is the fear you might be a spider?

Even so. It's her body. She can decide who she fucks.

Just because one thing is more important doesn't mean that everything else isn't important. Relax.

I know people love to throw this out, but it's horridly misleading. It was almost never used and, in fact, it was discovered that it prevented people from being tested.

If you didn't know then you couldn't intentionally infect, ergo the decision was not doing what was intending.. It was causing more people to avoid being tested just in case, and thus increasing spread.

I know it's easy to just throw something like this down and act like it's relevant and ignore all the other context, but it should have been changed because it was not achieving its intent by any stretch.

1 in 5 gay men is HIV positive, as opposed to 1 in like 700 for straight men. So while gays aren’t disease riddled pariahs as you put it, if I were a female porn star I’d also think twice about about doing a scene with a gay dude.

Are you talking to me like that or her? I’m just saying how sad it is, doesn’t mean it’s my problem. I’m just stating a fact how her death played out.

Enlighten us all with the truth.

I love how SJWs essentially killed her, in all their morally superior way.

That's HPV, not HSV.

She’s dead??? Holy shit, cyber bullying needs to stop.


Almost all of them, especially ones with bareback porn, explicitly state their models are tested monthly.

Right, because a website has NEVER lied about the industry that it represents. It's naive to read something on a website and take it at face value.

Infection rates in porn stars is normally much lower than the general population since they are so careful about making sure everyone is tested.

What Ilky dr told me is “It’s not who you do it with, it’s the kind of sexual act and protection you use or not that determines your likelihood of contracting STIs.”

She's dead

Everyone seems to forget that there's a good reason why men who have sex with men (MSM) aren't generally allowed to donate blood or plasma. They are by far the most at-risk demographic for HIV transmission. Also its important to note that MSM and gay men are two different categories, you can fuck dudes and not be homosexual.

Spot on.

so.... you made up that shit about testing?

Nope.  It was her stated reason.

so.... you made up that shit about testing?

Nope. .

Not sure if you're interested, but they changed that law because it was resulting in fewer people getting tested (so they couldn't knowingly infect people), and therefore increasing HIV cases. Something like 97% of people who were knowingly exposing others were sex workers, and in nearly 40 years, there were only ~80 cases that weren't, iirc, in a population of 50 million. There aren't really a whole lot of people out there weaponizing HIV. Just don't pick up hookers and you'll be fine.