Since we are all sharing - mine is not that minimalistic

Since we are all sharing - mine is not that minimalistic

Love my artists view of the solar system on my arm!

Holy black hole Batman that is some intense ink. How long did that take?

About 24 hours in total spread out on 4 sessions and a touch up.

Sorry for posting this as a discussion, havn't posted that much before.

If anyone is interested, i've got all the planets from Mercury to Neptune, in that order outward from the sun in the center.

I've got the dwarf planets Pluto (close to my wrist) and Ceres in the Asteroid belt.

I've got the Taurus and Aries constellations for myself and my mom.

The stuff on my shoulder is drawn from Andromeda.

And theres also a small probe between Jupiter/asteroid belt and Aries.

I believe thats all of significance.

Edit: Fixed explanation

That's pretty spectacular, sir.

Well it turned out awesome!

Strategic placement of the sun, who's call was that? Did u know that was a sensitive spot or ur artist?

Thanks man! Appreciate it!

Thanks sir, i think so to!

I was very happy with the sun there, both because of it being a sensitive spot, and because i thought it would look good. Luckily that was what the artist wanted as well.