Since they so good...

Since they so good...

But we'd have to lower the fighting age to 13!

Bad Title

If we could solve all world conflicts with a 1v100 match on fortnite, South Korea would run the entire world. And I'm okay with that.

Title shoulda been like “where we dropping em?”

Maybe then I'll get some decent internet

All those John Wicks?! War would be over in 15-20 mins top depends on the drop zone

Low effort title

Have you ever seen some of the cities in Syria? Its practically all Tilted Towers, it'd would be over in no time.

You mean 6227020800?

If you post your first win, that's fine. First win in each of the three queues is still story worthy but not as much. But there are dudes who will post a win every 3 days. We get it dude, you're either really good at fortnite or you play a shit ton, but you are now actively degrading the quality of your story.

Makes me glad my grandpa ass was a TF2 player. Ain’t none of us gettin drafted.

A win every 3 days isn't even good. The ones who post the stories are probably ass at the game so winning is super special to them.

I love kpop as much as the next girl but south Korea has serious corruption issues. They're trying to fix it so mad props but I have a feeling their government would be less like "Chuu declaring world peace" and more like "secret cult running the place".

Maybe that's the secret to dominating at Starcraft.

Then we can send the PUBG players in to win.

How am I the only one that sees the brilliant...

Single Mother with no kids?

You should be OP

Damn I miss playing TF2.

right place, wrong time

In the blink of a eye, his whole life changed

It's still there. It's still got a community and updates.