Shuumatsu no Izetta Volume 1 Cover

Shuumatsu no Izetta Volume 1 Cover

Depends if you like historically accurate WW2 weaponery being destroyed by a cute badass witch (the girl in the picture).

Honestly we don't know a lot about it yet as it is still releasing, it looks good, the story has potential (I said potential, it could still be utter crap) and the attention to details over historic weaponry is neat.

The Izetta fanservice hasn't bothered me yet. But episode 3 was approaching the territory that I would find unenjoyable for a series that deals with such serious material. I hope that don't cross the line.

Wallpaper Version (2160 x 3840 Mobile) with the text cut out:

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Desktop Version

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Wallpaper Version (2160 x 3840 Mobile) with the text cut out:

Uncompressed (not imgur)

Desktop Version

Desktop Version Uncompressed

It is. I think this is the cover for the 1st BD/DVD

A bare back is considered fanservice?

I wonder what would people think about Ghost in the Shell nowadays.

It's still too early to tell if it's going to be a solid show, but it certainly has the innings of one. Episode three got me so hype

It's not ecchi.

Fuck sake, mate. You need to chill the fuck out.

I post one image to show you how a culturally impactful movie had a shitload of nudity which didn't impede it in achieving success despite "pandering" or "drawing attention to sexual nature" and you go on a four paragraph tirade before telling me to "chill the fuck out".

You need to COOL IT.

I'm saying for the context of the show it bothers me. A well covered ass shot isn't inherently bad, but in this situation it felt out of place.

They'd probably think that it's an incredibly serious philosophical discussion that contains major themes about the human body vs. the mind and that the nudity contained with in the film is extremely well justified and plays a major role in understanding who Matoko is.

Then they'd look at Izetta and say, "oh, they're selling the cute sexy witch to otaku".

That's what they'd say.

it didn't bother me, but I'd understand why he would be bothered. Tons of soldiers have dies that episode. You have a character who's murdering soldiers on the battlefield, and we're given ass shots while she does so. Again, I didn't care at all, but would understand why other people would be bothered

It's weird how nobody ever get's the top comment complaining about fanservice in the recent fujoshibait animes that have come out. I don't even know what in episode could have possibly bothered you so much that you found it unenjoyable. Like it was ruining the plot, even during the fighting she was still being cute and clumsy crashing into a tree and taking a soldiers gun after he said it would be dangerous to do so. And she just nonchalantly takes his gun lol.

The only time it gets super dead serious is when izetta is not in frame.

It broke my immersion during the fight. That's what happened. Also I never said it was unenjoyable, I said its approaching territory that I would find unenjoyable, which is when you break a heavy or badass scene with something that is completely different than what it is showing.

Also generally "fujoshi bait" is guys being friendly to each other and generally happens in shounen, which is a demographic that is marketed towards guys that probably have these types of friendships.

Is this show worth the watch? The MAL didn't really tell me much.

That was a scene, that I wouldn't count as fanservice. For me it was more a joke, something along the line that she shows her ass directly against a tank.

Thanks mate good wallpaper.

Thanks mate .

The plot thus far isn't particularly strong - a bit rushed and leaning heavily on WWII allegory rather than original storytelling. Finé is the highlight of the show, an earnest, compelling MC who is pretty underutilized thus far, IMO.

Likely to be good, unlikely to be great.


But she also walks around in a teddy as if its no big deal, and her lesbian sex scenes aren't due to deep philosophical themes about the meaning of gender in cyberized society, but because Shirow didn't want to have to draw dude's butts.

Major Kusanagi's design and presentation is absolutely for the male audience, and demonstrates that the author doesn't think his treatment of the major themes you mentioned were strong enough to hold his audience's interest. SAC2 and Arise featured a wardrobe that wasn't overt pandering, and given the direction Pandora went, I have to assume his involvement was minimal.

Most disappointing anime of the year because of fanservice ? Da fuck ? Throwing away the story, characters and setting because of that ?

I know some people hate fanservice, but seriously, I can't understand that.

Specifically it was the ass shot with the tanks. I'm watching some badass shit go down. Tanks are flipping, planes are exploding, then out of nowhere, in a show where fanservice isn't prominent, ass shot. Imo fanservice doesn't belong in action scenes, it happens to be a pet peeve of mine.

Do you really think this image is not meant to invoke sexual thoughts?

Yes. Yes, I think so. If I wanted to see sexualization and nudity, I'd go for a hentai, not a normal anime showing whatever amount of skin on its cover. Going for such a thing would never work, at least on me, because fanservice is not enough to make me watch a show. I'd think I'm not in the minority here.

A bare back, or nudity in general when used in any form of art, has a lot more meaning than fanservice. It could represents simplicity - in this case, the lack of civilian clothes or a uniform that would mark an allegiance, changing the focus of the show from the overall conflict to the specific character of Izetta. It could represent weakness, the complete lack of protection, a character that is fighting in plain sight tanks and planes with no armor. It could represent innocence, just how Izetta needs Finé's help to have a goal, a hope in her life, lacking to maturity to have her own personal goals.

That cover entails a lot more than fanservice, and I'm really angered to see so many people reducing it to just that.

That's pretty upsetting. I mean I get that the show's concept is inherently a little silly, but the themes they've dealt with have been serious. They have a cool setup for a story about folklore and the sacrifices of war, but the random fanservice detracts from it, imo.

I don't think fanservice is inherently bad (Kill la Kill is one of my absolute favorites). But in cases like Izetta, the arbitrary booty shots mid-battle almost feel like the studio saying, "We don't think our story is good enough to be entertaining in its own right." And that's a shame, because what they did in the first three episodes has amazing potential. It's possible that I'm over thinking this and should sit back to enjoy the ride... but I really wanted this show to be one I can dive into and be immersed in.

So...what are the chances of Princess Fine in the same pose for Volume 2's cover? =3

And did it fulfill your "certain expectations" or was nudity just part of the show with a female lead and wasn't pandering to fetishes or depend on fanservice to keep your attention?

Well if it becomes a major distraction that continuously breaks my immersion in the series, then yes. It's not at that point yet. But the possibility is there, and that's not good if you ask me.

Blatant sexualization, what a shitty movie, holy shit the pandering to otaku everywhere.

The ass shot from inside the tank was pretty jarring.

That's not how immersion works, that's just setting the tone for what's to come. An inmersion break happens when there's a sudden tone shift or a break on the fourth wall.

watch the ED and you get a gist that there is something to come


It's also weird how no anime that dares to have a cast of primarily guys can escape being called 'fujoshibait' on this sub. I mean I'm not saying it's not a valid complaint for certain anime, because some are actually just bait, but this sub is so quick to jump the guns and call something 'fujobait' that it gets mighty hypocritical sometimes.

Your argument doesn't really make sense because I have actually never seen any slight hint of fanservice for girls that isn't immediately brought up and often attacked by this sub. Yes most of the time it's downvoted, but that's because people who comment on episode discussions generally tend to like a show. If this comment were actually to be in an Izetta discussion thread, I doubt it would be the top comment.

Is this based off the show, or is it a source? I thought this was an original anime.

You can try putting wallpapers through waifu2x. They usually come out just fine.

You can try putting wallpapers through waifu2x. They come out just fine.

If this someone is immersion from even the most slight angle on a character body, i can't find this to be a reasonable complain.

First off, you're not really the arbiter of what other people find jarring. You might not get it, and that's okay, but you should at least try to understand when someone else says "I find this breaks my suspension of disbelief".

Secondly, the entire episode is littered with nonsensical shots that are superfluous to the narrative and only make sense in the context of the male gaze. You might be so jaded that you don't notice it any more, but to someone else (like the OP or even me, because I came in to this comment thread to say the same thing) such weirdly composed shots stick out like a sore thumb.

Like imagine if Drifters had shots that lingered on Oda Nobunaga's taut assets or had the camera perfectly placed so that Shimazu Toyohisa's crotch slowly slid in to view. Just because Izetta's a woman doesn't make that any less jarring, and yet certain kinds of anime have conditioned people to just accept that these kinds of shots happen.

It's honestly pretty gross, and it's ruined more than one otherwise decent show. It's like how Hollywood movies try to inject a love interest into everything to appeal to a wider audience; some studios, apparently feeling uncertain of their fanbase, inject ecchi into shows where it doesn't really belong in order to appeal more widely.