Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!

The funny part is this company actual did steal everyone's money and they not make any updates or ship the products

So they literally took your money and then shut up!

Edit: this post has become a discussion about the virtuix Omni, which I hope goes well. HOWEVER, being someone that wanted one for a long time and since they are getting to regular orders anytime soon I would like to advertise this since this post got a lot of upvotes.

If you are a backer of the Omni and you received yours and do not enjoy it, I am willing to buy it from you, just PM me

They took in over $361,000 and just used the money to kick-start their game development company.

Well that's just really shitty.


I find it so weird that one of my highest voted comments is one I made out of a simple reaction. I put no thought into it and just typed the first words that came to mind.

This is nice until you play Conquest and there aren't any vehicles available. Get ready to run four miles to Bravo.

America would go from the fattest country to the fittest in 2 years

The guys movement doesn't match what's on the screen. And he's got a Wii zapper. This seems fishy.

It was called No Man's Sky and it was a huge success.

You're making the assumption that people will actually play the objective.

Sounds illegal

It was an ad for a kickstarter campaign, and then the company took all the money and started developing their own game and sent nothing to the backers.

If you can prove they intentionally conned their investors, then it might actually be illegal.

This is why I never fund crowd funding projects

Except Super Troopers 2.

Whenever I see this I can only think of these:

Whenever I see this I can only think of these:

This reminds me of the haptic rig in the book Ready Player One.

They're drawing it.

I'm not even sure if you're joking.

I bet a lot less people would do side quests or get every random but of loot in Skyrim. And those mountains...damn (imagine the stairclimber attachment)

At least there's some hope in Omni. They've been taking their time, but they're at least legit.

But how much do I really want to exercise when I'm gaming?

False, it's been wrapped since October. My friend is the DP

What is the status of that one?

that beard is fucking gross

Wii Zappers are tools of expert craftsmanship and unmatched accuracy.

And what's the status of the said game now?

They are filming it now.

I just wanna hear the shit talking: "I'm gonna go to planet fitness, I'm gonna lose 50lbs, then I'm gonna kick your ass in COD"

That's how cartoons work.

They are filming it meow.


/u/iburnaga /u/Merlord reminds me of one of those students who give smartass answers that while aren't intended are still correct.

I've hoped in them for 5 years, they are the last ones who haven't gone bankrupt, and they are very close. I hope to god that it works out so I can buy one, they already had to refund thousands because they couldn't ship them to the EU

And Jesus wept for there were no more worlds to conquer...

"Fitness is the new meta. Gotta be able to sprint to that ammo spawn, noob! HUSTLE!"

God, this is terrifying.

I think you're going to see many of the laser tag type buildings converted into VR places. Map out the inside including doors and stuff and have at it.

I Kickstarted this. I'm a backer in the US. When they offered everyone a refund, I went to a local mall where they already had two units that you could try for $20 for 10 minutes to see if I wanted to pay the additional $200+ for shipping. The OMNI is garbage. The surface wasn't slick enough with the special shoes to make walking or running feel natural. Side stepping was impossible and almost as impossible was walking backwards. It felt like you constantly were trying to push a resistive joy stick with your gut. When you stopped running/walking, the camera in their own VR demo kept coasting to a stop. You couldn't crouch or pick up anything off of the ground in VR. You couldn't jump. You couldn't put your arms down by your side. The whole experience was kind of terrible.

I ran home and asked for my refund as soon as I could. If there is a great treadmill for VR coming in our future, the Omni isn't it. On top of all of that, Virtuix hasn't been the best company for it's backers. I'm happy to be done with them.

There was a tosh.0 episode where a guy did (I think, I can't remember) 17 miles on a stair master because they were running a marathon on treadmills/gym equipment to deliberately make the bit as expensive as possible to waste Comedy Central money. That seemed relevant

Edit: found it, I think USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ only tho

this can replace your exercise route and after you can play normally on a couch to relax

That's the thing about kickstarter and gofundme. They're literally just donations. You're not buying equity in the company. There's no legally binding contract. You're giving someone money for an idea and hoping something comes out of it. I think kickstarter has tried to enforce more rules about actually requiring at least prototypes/checkpoints but it's still pretty much just a donation.

According to their blog, they've been slowly shipping out for a couple months now, to their Kickstarter backers first, so it's not like they've imploded without anything to show for it.

They have it, they've produced at least a couple thousand, and those are getting out there. I have hope for continued production!

So pumped for the movie

There was another one about a fully funded self-contained scuba mouthpiece that essentially defied the laws of physics and wouldn't be physically possible to make. They got called out about it on their page -- but still got funded anyway. They just had a really convincing promo video.

"An elegant weapon for a more civilized age."

Not quite, you are not investing, but donating. You have no investor rights when you donate to a kickstarter.

Pretty much. One kickstarter was suppose to make a movie game and instead blew it on vodka and strippers

Good Lord. Imagine what would happen if America got off the couch again.

I can think of very few classic comedy sequels that manage to live up to the hype. I fear it may be another Anchorman 2 or Zoolander 2.

Good. If i can actually make exercising fun i would do it.

βœ“ cargo shorts βœ“ whispy unkempt beard βœ“ long rat-tail like ponytail

We hit the trifecta boys!

People don't realize kickstarters aren't preorders for a product, they are investing in an idea and in exchange get priority if the product delivers. If you invest in something that never comes to fruition, that comes with the territory.

Just make the controller really heavy. Boom, upper body too

Because it was a scam.

The saddest part about zoolander 2 was the fact it was directed by Ben stiller. It's like they didn't even try. I watched it because I was a fan of zoolander and it was almost too hard to finish. That movie sucked

excitedly jumps around a corner to evade an enemy, tips Omni over and breaks spine due to awkward landing

Wait so could I just make up a product, start Kickstarter for it, then just make up some reason it won't work and make off with all the money?

I'm pretty sure with my posture, a heavy controller would just lead to infertility

Imagine playing something like Titanfall on this, trying to double jump, wall run, and grapple around

It's being directed by Spielberg, the same guy who managed to get Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse into the same movie. In the same scene. Talking and interacting with each other. If there's anyone who can pull off getting the licensing, it's him.

"beard "

Solar roadways was this same level of stupidity and also got funded.


Additionally BF4 does not support VR. The crosshair (where the gun is aming) is hardcoded to the viewport (where you are looking). If you use VR in BF4, you need to point your nose at everything you want to shoot...

Holy shit.. That should already be a thing with current technology.. Time to invest?

I'm wondering how they'll deal with licensing for all the references. The book has so many of them.

Thank you. I actually have invasioned the ones that hang from the ceiling. Close enough.

Agreed, this video reeks of bot-spam trying to drum up excitement for Cyberith. This is the first post the OP makes on a new account and it somehow gets to the front page.

Anchorman 2 was good and I'll stab anyone in the heart with a Trident who disagrees

from all of us at /sub/rickandmorty ....fuck you.

Oh god... You reminded me of some situations.

In fifth grade, during science class:

Teacher "What happens during period?";

Me 'whispering' to classmate "Bleed out their vaginas";

Teacher "What was that?";

Me obviously embarrassed "Uh.. Nothing";

Teacher "Come on, speak up";

Me "Uh... I don't know the answer";

Teacher "But you said it and were correct";

Well that was freaking awkward.

At another school, in sixth grade:

I was late for class and my classmates were reading a text and then answering questions.

The moment I open the door I hear the teacher ask "And what happened to the cat?"

Me while walking inside, decided to derp "Fell off the window";

Teacher looked at me... Looked at my classmates "... I can't believe this. He comes late and answers correctly, while you, who have just read the text can not answer!";

I stop a bit before reaching my seat (... What? ... And what the hell were you guys reading?!) and proceed to sit confused.


Things happen, unfortunately. But, again, they're alive, have the set up being produced, and shipping to nearly a couple thousand folk so far. It's more than we've ever gotten and they've cleared a couple of the major hurdles any tech start up encounters, plus even bigger hurdles for ones that need to produce physical items.

They just need to survive a little longer. Like any VR, the price point excludes most consumers, so massive success through mass production isn't likely, but if they know what they're doing enough to survive beyond that then it'll be fine.

If they were investors and not people donating money to a kickstarter, that is. In general, when you donate to crowdfunding, you get no legal rights in return.

Win win!

Maybe start off only playing Shipment on COD 4.

There it is!

Woah there I think anchorman 2 and Zoolander 2 are very different in terms of quality. Anchorman 2 being pretty funny and kind of self aware that it could never be as good as the first and zoolander 2 just being a steaming pile of crap.

I'd die of a stroke before I capped a point

stop saying jesus wept!

It's all faked. Even if you could get BF4 to output to a VR headset (which probably isn't that hard with something like VorpX to get 3D support within your headset), the aiming, as others said, won't be with your hands. Or looking in the game is bound to the headset's motion detection which, I suspect, would be quite uncomfortable. You still need a method (gamepad?) of the rest of the game's controls (toggle aim, jump, shoot, whatever else).

After playing games like BAM VR and Pavlov (both on Steam for Vive and Rift), these kinds of games are definitely possible and that running pad thingy is feasible but games would need specific support unless the board thingy can emulated a gamepad's thumbstick. As it stands, movement in VR right now is a combination of roomscale + using a trackpad on one of the Vive's controllers to walk. Another common option is teleportation but that sucks. Fight through the initial motion sickness of full locomotion and you'll feel right at home.

Can you imagine his thought process as he is getting dressed in the morning?

"Hmm .. let's see. I've got that marketing thing today ... they're going to record me playing the game. I'd better look good. OH! Perfect -- I'll wear my cargo pants .. but what goes best with bleached out jhorts? Ha! This shitty grey tshirt is perfect.

Chicks dig me."

Well that's a shitty way to feel about a company whos the sole producer of something you've wanted for a half decade.

Especially if it's Flintstones racing.

Reminds me of the VR episode of Community.

I've been meaning to talk to you about that... Maybe lay low for awhile... Stay with family or something...

Also jhorts

edit: They are cargo pants- the inner thigh fade made them look like denim from mobile

Check this shit out

They had to refund all of their EU backers though

I think sometimes they just sign contracts that include sequels and when they're forced to finally make one, they're just like "fuck it" and rehash tropes from the original.

Nice try Sean

An insurrection of baby toys?

Man how fast would you have to run when your playing a racing game?

I haven't bought the game, and have enjoyed talking shit on any idiot that purchased it early but I've been keeping tabs on it.

Hello Games has actually been updating it and it's looking to be a hell of a lot better than it originally was. Another update or two and it may be a pretty legit game. Bunch of the /nomansskythegame fanboys say it's worth it now, for what thats worth.

Yeah, some guys beards come in as nasty pubic hair-looking monstrosities would do best to keep them trimmed. Though judging by the pony tail and faded cargo shorts, I don't think he really cares much about looks.

And places like this exist, taken from this post

And places exist, taken from this post

Them being on screen at the same time was actually a stipulation of the licensing. Neither company wanted their main icon to be upstaged so they had to appear together.

This is a completely unfounded anecdote that I heard at some point in the past.

+1 for Wii zapper

and Prison Architect, Kenshi, Empyrion, Torment, Wasteland 2, 7 days to die, Project Zomboid, Starbound, and many more are why I do. I just don't do it for any amount of money that I don't mind losing.

The failures of crowd funding are still far fewer than the successes in my opinion, plus if I can give some person $15 and they can chase their dream because of it, even if they don't succeed, good on them . Though those who cheat others can rot in hell.

Seriously, it was so dumb. Why not just put solar panels above the roads, so they don't get damaged, can track the sun, and don't get covered in dirt. And that's only if finding places to put solar panels was a serious problem, which it's really not.

This would probably increase the frequency of those dreams where you are running but not able to move.

Good to know. It still seems like they're stepping the right way, but if they don't find success, through their own failings or the nature of a niche market, then I'm not sure any competent company will pick up the idea any time soon.

Free movement is such a necessity for VR to really be what it needs to be.

this is why i haven't taken my ideas to kickstarter. the whole site is based on how good your video is. it really disturbs me how people dont even pay attention to what the product actually is (igloo cooler with speakers in it) and they just go by how nice the video is produced.

but then again, the bachelor is one of the most popular tv shows...................

Yep. Spielberg directing. Scheduled for March 2018.

That why they shut up after taking our cash. It been a long battle to sue them.

Hey hey. I own subnautica.

Subnautica hot a huge boost in sales because it is the water version of what NMS was advertised to be for space.

So it becoming subnautica in space simply means that it's turning into what NMS was advertised as being.