Shudders at the thought

Shudders at the thought

Sounds like you've just invented the Wellington boot.

With built-in leaks, no less.

Crocs actually makes all kinds of shoes, including really normal looking sandals and sneakers, but they only ever advertise the classic style, so everyone's impression of the brand is of the ugliest style. Nice one, guys.

Apparently they do make one

1.5k upvotes, but only 7 comments? Wtf?

Yeah I had a roommate who wore crocs sandals like 24/7 when it was warm enough and no one ever noticed. They just look like comfortable rubber sandals

yeah, it's a shoe company. i'm more impressed people think they only make one particular style of shoe.

Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas. In this case it's a reference to Supernatural which uses it as the opening song, and Tumblr's obsession with wanting the main characters to be gay.

Croc boys man

That username "carry on my wayward gays" - it sounds lyrical, is this a song reference...?

Sounds like hip boots with holes

There's a difference between wellies and rain boots?