[SHOW SPOILERS] Meanwhile at AMC...

[SHOW SPOILERS] Meanwhile at AMC...

He was finally getting likable!

They seem to think extreme closeups of their actors fading into one-another IS character development though.

funny but real :(

Am I losing my mind or did you just call a bunch of people snowflakes?

There was an article written about this topic that was the top post on this sub for a while; fixing the pacing would not solve the show's issues because the writing has been bland and boring since Season 7 episode 1. The story isnt interesting anymore because after 8 years, there's no endgame in sight so they stretch out the very little content they do actually have as long as possible.

That is when you lose The fabled Plot armour.

AMC sacrificing ratings for the story? Lololololol.

They could have made the time jump longer

So many frustrating instances where realistically they would just kill Negan, but nooooooo.... gotta stretch that story out. It's becoming tiresome.