[Shoutout] DE, although we didn't win Best Ongoing Game, I personally want to thank your consistent effort in making this AWESOME game.

[Shoutout] DE, although we didn't win Best Ongoing Game, I personally want to thank your consistent effort in making this AWESOME game.

Hello /u/rebulast and DE

I believe most of the Warframe community does feel the same. In our eyes, you, DE have long since won the Best Ongoing game award in our hearts. Thank you for all the work!

Edit: Seen your twitter post, Reb. In our hearts, you are registered WINNERS!

edit 2: If you want to leave a word or two for DE and the devs, feel free to leave one below!

edit 3: If you want to put in extra support, do change your flair temporarily to "Proud Registered Loser"!

only thing that irks me is that OW was only out for around a year or so, while WF was around for 3-4+.

how the hell is that not factored into the 'ongoing game' award? really?

The amount of people typing Clem in the comments was unreal!

I was comprised mostly of salt and rage at first, but now that the award hype is dead (or maybe I just have the attention span of a goldfish), at the end of the day we still have an awesome, free game. If Warframe is really deserving of the reward, and it is, it'll still be the strongest candidate next year.

Stay awesome, DE

Not to mention that Destiny 2 hasn't been out that long.

Surely a definition of ongoing is something that has been around a bit?

I feel like it's really just got to do with the fact that OW is 'mainstream'. Just shit loads of players voting for it. Warframe, while it's recently been very popular, has not had that mainstream recognition for long, despite being an overall better game, having a better community, and having been around longer.

Clem is clem.

The best ,cutest, most adorable, pure grineer .

And he is on our side ! Find him on the relay and do his quest.

I tried to solemn for this post.

... but your name tho.

rigged as fuck

i guess we really are losers in the end

Except none of your progress carries over and you can’t go back to old content just for kicks.

Destiny 2 is a sequel in the same way Mass Effect 2 was a sequel. You play the same “character” but nothing really carries over (wait ME let you import a save) but all prior content from the previous game cannot be visited/played or done with a new character while playing the sequel.

In WoW, for example, while playing one of the expansions, you can still go back and play all the old content, and you play the same character, and you can play a new character through all of the old content and the new.

It's won my Best Ongoing Game award for sure.

Ongoing Game awards for games that haven't been around for more than a year. At least the Oscars have decency.

I wouldn't really say games and their sequels should count in an ongoing category. I mean, if that were the case, you could have something like Diablo 1, 2, and 3 and their expansions counting as "ongoing."

Destiny 2 by itself is brand new.

This Game got shafted

WTF OVERWATCH WON!?!?!?! THEYVE MADE 4 HEROES in over a year and what THREE MAPS~!?!!? NO ACTUAL CUSTOMIZATION AND PAID LOOTBOXWS!?!!?!? WTF!!?! !T!F!?!['ksofsgj;ioshjglksdhg im done.

He's a grineer ally and an annoying meme. the best friend you could wish for


Not just that, I'd wager a lot of the decision making was also weighted to the "jury", who would definitely favor the bigger names if possible. As much as I hate saying it was rigged, it definitely wasn't fair (what with games like Path of Exile and League of Legends not even being nominated whatsoever)

And Horizon Zero Dawn.


His argument is basically saying Borderlands 2 is the same as Borderlands 1


DE, please don't listen to the narrative pushing meta-gamers. Their toxicity has ruined other franchises before.

Got get as much karma as possible.

...OP, why did you post this all over like that?

Man, fuck the Oscars man!

You can find him in Darvo's shop on any relay. Depending on your Steel Meridian rep, you can sometimes find him in place of their trader as well.

stupid question, but what is clem?

I also would like to say thanks to the DEvelopers for all their hard work on this amazing game!

Love you guys!

I think Rebecca did great on stage, and the trailers presented through the whole show were among the best. We have garnered enough attention with or without the trophy that went to... Overwatch (wait, what?)

despite being an overall better game

Which is suuuper subjective

It was the jury, the results were shown on a side bar and WF got 41% of popular vote while OW got 18%.

WTF why did you post that to overwatch.

And a Game of the Year nomination for a game that's NOT EVEN RELEASED.

I just learned that the fan vote only makes up 10% of the actual vote. Why the fuck was it there in the first place never mind it is actually rigged. Sorry for not being aware of this.

He's the second most notable named member of the Grineer rank and file.

Been with the game for a good while and only recently came back. I just want to say that this game deserved to win, but I think the only reason OW won was based off of familiarity (similar to how Faker won eSports player). Regardless, here's to hoping that next year more people see how epic this game is and that we take the win.

So I can play destiny 2 with my copy of destiny 1?

Overwatch has Lore?

We we voting for "Best Ongoing Game", not "Most Popular Game"

If I ask a handful of gamers at school if they've played warframe, maybe a few would say yes. If I ask if they've played overwatch, I bet most would say yes.

Steel Meridian hates me and I found him there a few times. Could just be random

the point is, why was it even their to be voted on.

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What you guys have done with this game is truly amazing. Please keep up the good work.

I'm trying to see where you're coming from with this, but, because Destiny 2 doesn't deviate greatly from Destiny 1, it's not like other sequels?

Most sequels stick to the same core concept. It's kinda the norm, and often to the point of being seen as detrimental. You're really stretching the idea of "games as a service" to include things like Madden or Call of Duty at that point. I'm actually hard pressed to think of any sequel that doesn't build on the concepts of it's previous iterations.

That's kinda just the definition of a sequel. A lazy one, at that.

And uh, good on you for establishing that you want a hostile discussion out of the gate for downvotes, I guess?

warframe has fucking lore better than OW what

He appears there every so often if you complete the "Man of Few Words" quest

He's the creator of a game announced at EA Play befor E3 published by EA called A Way Out. The guy says what he wants to say with no regrets. HE has balls of steel. He even called out EA's fuck up despite being published by EA.