Should've thought this through

Should've thought this through

I love this sub lol.

Wait, why does she look so similiar to him ?!

Alot of royalty was inbred

They're white people from hundreds of years ago, they all look the same.

This. Probably the granddaughter of his uncles father or something like that...

Your pretty cool too ;)

A face of sheer fucking determination


Is that Ron Livingston?

Is that

so.. his cousin/sibling?

You're not wrong, painters used those old white men as reference even for women I believe.

I believe that would be a portraitbomb.

Imagine being a kid in that period. "Finally the weekend" "Kids! Time for our family portrait!" "Well damn...."


You must be a cop

(Days of) yore*

A face of regret

This is Advanced trolling...

"If I'm gunna photobomb the wifey I'm gunna do it right"

I guess you could say so

Why didn't they just take pictures of the subjects they were painting as reference for the painting so they didn't have to stay still for 13 hours?

Incest is a ladder

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

or other way around: I think Leonardo used women's faces for a couple of the disciples at the Last Supper?

Dead ones were!

Is that Mike from Red Letter Media?

Black people look the same too

Hey man im just spreading equality. If all white people look the same then all black people look the same

Pretty sure kids where not in photos because they where so hyperactive

I don't this generation believes that a smiling face is normal. Smiling is very unnatural and requires a lot of effort. The man's face in the portrait is pretty natural looking with neutral expression.

People these days grew up with the belief that if you are not smiling, that means frown, not happy or even angry. Go to some natural country such as Russia and live naturally, with natural, relaxed expression on your face, instead of forcing your face to wear a plastic smile all the time, making your face get older with wrinkles and paleness.

This brings me to a question:

Which princess was the sluttiest in European history?

I prefer this one. It has portraits... tough when even the artists can't make you look good.

It has portraits... tough when even the artists can't make you look good.


Ron Livingston

father's nephew's brother's cousin's former roommate


Ha! Look at this guy. Hasn’t seen that documentary by Tom Hanks about how John was actually Mary Magdalene!

“Just wait till the lads at the inn hear about this madness!”


He said it as a joke, you're bringing it up to rile people on purpose. Not that I disagree, every race to other races all look alike

What is “weekend”?

Painters took that much time to do a portrait, even more in some cases

Why don't you take a picture it'll last longer

The painter did his standard face.

Chocolate rain

Copy that

Why does this have to be said? Its not like this some profound statement.

Oh man one of the simplest posts on here and one of my favorites.


Tay Zonday

She has both hands showing.

Something something feel the pain

Pretty simple explanation actually.

Being pale was very popular among the European aristocracy. Basically the working class/commeners were tanned because they had to work outside to survive. So if you were pale you had money. And people with money could actually afford portraits

Maybe it was the same Painter?

Interesting fact, hands were the most exorbitant thing to paint back in the day so they would suggest for a discount to cover up one hand. Hence why each of them only shows one hand

Who's fuckin with my medicine?

Another T_D regular. Why do you make this so easy?

The former roommate is his mother's niece's sister's second cousin

How do you even read this? Is there a better version?

yeah you can see it right here, kinda hard to see

Can someone edit this gif to make it slowly zoom in on his face the whole time?

Y 13 hours?