Should have watched where he was running

He thought it was a better alternative than getting beheaded by a half wraith

Death isn't so bad. It kind of makes the game more interesting: "Okay, so how am I going to take out a dude with a posse, insta-kill multishot, immunity to like everything, AND is hunting me down? Got it, clear the friends, get him alone, and spam the crap outta wraith grip."

Taking nemeses out is so satisfying.

Fun game, a bit repetitive but very fun. Do. Not. Die

no it's a different Mordor, this one has cookies and weed.

shadow of mordor

What game is this? Looks like some fun combat

Thing is though, I wish the game was harder, or had a hard mode.

I did a playthrough again recently after the Shadow of War was announced, but even though I deliberately avoided purchasing health upgrades and turned off prompts I managed to get through the entire game with only one death (right at the beginning, as I was relearning the controls).

Apparently SoW has a hard mode though, so looking forward to that.

Always play single player games on the highest difficulty. If you cannot change the difficulty in game, second highest. The reason is it makes the game last longer and makes wins, especially on boss matches much more gratifying. If a game can't capture your attention for a whole playthrough on hard or extreme, it's a shit storyline usually.

I honestly don't know where this obsession with game difficulty comes from. There's a thread nearly every week on /sub/truegaming about how video games need to be harder. Why? Ain't nobody got time to spend 30 hours on a 10 hour game. People got other shit to do.

He knew what he was doing.

Is it off of LOTR?

Bite your tongue.

Shadow of Mordor.

The most funnest combat if you love beating orcs senseless

I agree. Now that I'm older, I'm just not interested in replaying the same game but more frustrating. I'm also not interested in investing hours to only have minimal progress. Hence I don't play Dark Souls. On the flip side, though, I'm also over baby hand holding games like Call of Duty.

I like open world games like Arkham Knight, Just Cause 3, and Shadow of Mordor. Best value for the money I think. Easy to pick up and put down. Tons of crap to do. If I really want to spend the time mastering, I can.

Shadow of Mordor: The inverse of Dark Souls.


Don't worry, I'm sure he'll show back up two encounters from now

User name checks out?

Thanks for the heads up. I hate cookies (especially choc chip) so I'll prob skip buying this

Showdown and Moredoors

I did the exact same thing but on first playthrough. Doesn't make it very challenging but it does make it a lot more fun.

Do. Not. Die

Dark Souls player: "K, I guess."

It is the same universe but not the same storyline as LOTR... it is non-canon, meaning the story does not fit into the lore of middle-earth, it is inspired by The Silmarillion but does not fit into a specific era but rather in a mix and match. The storyline loosely fits between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring.

I had a dude that lost a leg, an eye, and the rest of his face before I finally realized that he was probably TRYING to get dominated. I thought he deserved the honor.

Fuck Shield people tho.

I hate fighting against someone with a shield.

This is some of the worst advice. So many games have difficulty settings that just ramp up enemy HP and damage while decreasing your own. Sure, it makes the game harder, but in a shitty, lazy way