Shots Fired From Blizzard

Shots Fired From Blizzard

lmao, ACTIVISIONBLIZZARD talking right there.

Activision just as if not worse than EA

In a game that has been consistently releasing content such as new heroes, holiday events, and new maps entirely for free. The lootbox's only contain cosmetic skins that have zero impact on a player's performance. Not to mention, exclusive weapon skins and emblems that reward players for their hard work are gated by competitive rating and can't be bought. Just $40, not even $60 and you have all that with more content coming. Don't even compare Overwatch to the shit EA is pulling.


They’re part of Activision so they’re far from perfect. They are the reason why Call of Duty games these days are pay to win, THEY PUT WEAPONS IN LOOT CRATES IN CALL OF DUTY GAMES!!! And they’ve got a very low drop rate, alongside a microtransaction-based matchmaking system.

Bit ironic coming from activision/blizzard who practically set the trend for loot box gaming

The ironic part is that they set it up with a perfect model (see Overwatch), and other companies using loot boxes STILL manage to fuck it up.

edit: to clarify, the "perfect model" of loot boxes (other than not having them at al), is only having cosmetic boxes.

You're wrong.

Blizzard and Activision are operated more like separate companies under the umbrella of Activision-Blizzard name. Activision have no say in WoW like Blizzard have no say in Destiny or Call of Duty. It's an urban myth or rather a lie that Activision control Blizzards. The guys in charge of Blizzard are the same guys as always.

I'm happy that other companies are seeing EA bleed and are compounding the negative attention they're getting. It's a win-win!

Oh, yeah, it only took 7 years...

They are not perfect