Shots Fired by Ubisoft

Shots Fired by Ubisoft

At least Karl Marx would actually finish his work before publishing it.

Fun historical fact: The stereotype of the coffee drinking, beard wearing, sandal wearing hipster goes back to at least 1900. George Orwell famously hated them and took a lot of shots at them in his books.

That's because it's written from Shaun's perspective...who's as snarky as they come.

Shaun made learning all the history in the games amazing.

Shots fired by /u/SirTurboDave!

I submit they go back to ancient Greece. Plato and his pals didn't have coffee but they were rocking beards and wearing sandals and bloviating about all manner of things.

Man dead nearly 70 years doesn't espouse progressive ideology

It's a shame that they released Syndicate when a lot of players got sick of the franchise and gave up on it/took a break. It was a really solid game but massively under appreciated due to Ubisoft running the IP into the ground with Unity.

Yeah but with a name like that he's gotta be a hipster. I mean, who names himself after an ancient Greek philosopher?

Devout socialist and hater of USSR Totalitarianism

He's one of the good things about the "Real world" story.

To compare Plato to hipsters is intellectual suicide.


I don't know what this means and I refuse to google it, so I am forced to believe that they are devout followers of the T-34, kv-2, and zis-30 bias traktor, as we all should be.

DONT YOU TALK SHIT ABOUT DESMOND. The new games are missing a special part without him and the modern gameplay. It was fun and charming by the third game. Yes in the previous installments It was clunky but the characters were fun and it was a good change of pace. Jumping from Revolutionary American to modern Skyscrapers was a great contrast and with new tech Ubisoft could do so much more with it.

Well, to be fair... he died after publishing the first part of Capital. But Engels did finish it for him!

I dont think I've ever actually met this group it's referring to. Just the parodies of it, besides I usually associate neckbeards with libertarians.

Ironically, Orwell was a socialist himself.

"Man whose distant future occured 33 years ago doesn't follow modern ideas"

Most Socialists aren't Tankies, so that's no strong revelation

The Desmond series would have been amazing if the story didn't progress at a glacial pace. I want to know more about the Assassin-Templar conflict in the modern day, but the writers put minimal effort into it.

Everyone who understand automation likes communism.

"Skinny robes"

lmao, there's a ton of shit on the modern day templar conflict on the wikia, and it's hilarious as fuck. Here's a piece on WW2 for example:

The Templars began the war in an effort to form a new world government, creating the chaos necessary to install an international monetary system which was later proposed at the Bretton Woods Conference. Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Adolf Hitler were the world leaders confirmed as Templar puppets. Hitler and Roosevelt were the only leaders confirmed to hold Pieces of Eden.

But for real, I'd love a WW2 style Assassins Creed game. Just reading up on hitler and I can't help imagining how such a game would play:

By the 1930s, Hitler was under the influence of the Templar Order, obtaining an Apple of Eden from Templar industrialist Henry Ford, intending for him to use it to start World War II.[1] Alongside fellow Templar puppet Joseph Stalin, Hitler brought on the turmoil and fear necessary for Abstergo Industries to take control of the working population.[2]

On 30 April 1945, at the end of the war, Hitler executed his body double inside the Führerbunker and planned to meet Winston Churchill with the Apple of Eden at a rendezvous point. However, upon leaving the bunker, Hitler was killed by the Assassins.[3]

They're not wrong.

Which one is this? I honestly stopped caring after the Ezio plotline.

Shots from a bow with tiny arrows that easily penetrate a steel plate armor!

Someone doesn't like communism

Isn't all of the encyclopedia, in the fiction of the game world, supposed to be written by the fictional character Sean Hastings? If so, it makes sense that there is a fair amount of snark that probably should be added.

He actually liked to compare them to homosexuals, which he derided. "Pansy Left" and "nancy poets." He spent pages making fun of a homosexual customer with a lisp .

So yeah, reddit trolls love the shit out of him, no wonder.

Blaming communism for Stalin is like blaming capitalism for Trump.

thats why I love George

Unity wasn't even that bad, but all the problems it had on release was big enough to make people hate it for a long time, which is kinda sad.

Syndicate, the most recent one. It's surprisingly decent with a really fun gang mechanic and a bad story with interesting characters. I recommend it.

Engels was the biggest bro. Lets a sick and povertous Marx live with him and his wife in England, and then finishes his work after he passes.

Engels even left a fortune to his (Marx) children after he died.

Probably the fact that they didn't read up on their wiki before creating that segment of the game.

I liked the John Adams biography too, it had a blurb in there talking about how "most of you yanks will only know this guy thanks to alcohol"

Edit: Sam Adams not John Adams

That's not how similes work. It's not a direct comparison, it's illustrative.

His work being released after his death doesn't mean it wasn't finished when it was released.

People who defend the actions of the ussr, china during the revolution, and sometimes even the DPRK.

Can confirm, I'm one of the players who stuck with the series through Black Flag and then thew in the towel

I think people are now fed up with being handed broken games at full price. People aren't willing to sit about for 4- 6 months while you sorta fix your game. Or that is how it seems to me.

I've always been one of those people that if your game is broken on launch I ain't giving you money for it until it is both greatly reduced and fixed.

If the game is good on launch, I'll buy your game for full price if the game interests me. Not many games deserve this treatment in the last while maybe about 6 in total in the last 2 - 3 years.

"understands history"

fuckin lmao


Capitalism is defined as private ownership of the means of production. State capitalism is defined as the ownership of the means of production by the state for profit. States extract profit from their citizens to use on the open market, but distribution within the state can take various forms.

Those aren't neckbeards though. I feel like Ubisoft mixed together two very different stereotypes

The second and third volumes of Das Kapital were released after his death. His work was so complete that he wasn't even alive to see it.

You have been banned from /sub/fullcommunism

"Through" Black Flag? Wasn't Black Flag one of the better ones?

Depends on your point of view. It's certainly a great pirate game in and of itself, but it's massively different from past AC games set in cities. So it's a fun game to play, but if you liked AC for parkouring around cities and don't really care for the pirate mechanics (like me), you might not appreciate it as much.

I used to piss in neighborhoods and drink artesian coffee until /u/SirTurboDave shot an arrow into my knee

But doesn't communism mean that the government will take all my personal belongings and then Hitler comes to power?

I understand history for the most part and like communism, opps

One of those people murdered millions of his countrymen, and the other just annoys them on Twitter; you really want to make that the dispositive comparison?

That would be Sam Adams, not John Adams.

Particularly, armor made to guard around the knee cap!

Sounds like totalitarianism masquerading as communism.

Yes but unfinished and unpublished work equals not published unfinished work, hehe.

Said the user who has never opened a history book.

and the other just annoys them on Twitter;

TO be fair, he hasn't had the chance to do anything else yet.

He knows you're an assassin, but he doesn't really care about any of it, just winning the war.

I wonder what a game factory with astounding production rate would have against karl marx

Not just Stalin, but any authoritarian regime, especially those who don't even espouse communism or socialism, like Putin's Russia.

A Tankie is an apologist for the violence and crimes against humanity perpetrated by twentieth-century Marxist-Leninist regimes, particularly the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin (1924 - 1953). More broadly, the term may refer to any leftist who is perceived to support or defend authoritarian regimes on the basis that they are enemies of the United States. This can include regimes that are not and do not claim to be communist such as those of Vladimir Putin in Russia and Bashir al-Assad in Syria.

Quite possibly the best. Dunno what the fuck kind of asshole throws the towel in there.

Okay, since I'm lazy I'm going to ask you this: in the most recent AC game you can play an optional set of missions during WW1 where you talk directly with Winston Churchill and he is the liaison between the royalty and the assassins. Is Churchill at that point on the Assassin side or the Templar side?

ACIV had fun gameplay imo, just shouldn't have been an AC game.

I was just making a passing joke, try to have a laugh every once in a while. It's good for you.

Yay another /Gaming user with no understanding of how many words "we all" is.

Capitalism and state capitalism are two different things. They have very distinct definitions.

ah, the Che Guevara shirt crowd.

Black Flag is a great standalone pirate game.

I don't think so; he's more of a stick-up-his-ass geek. He doesn't dress to be stylish, he dresses to look scholarly, and he's often clean shaven.

His best moment when he was trying to do Italian accents In AC Brotherhood. He will be missed.

No, Unity basically said you let your Abstergo Helix "virtual games machine" be hacked by the Assassins so you can basically do what Desmond did before, but just pretend like you're playing games on your computer. The entries are still done by Shaun because you're still doing the Assassins' bidding in Unity and Syndicate.

Communism isn't government control over the economy. Communism is a stateless, classless, moneyless society with worker owned means of production.

"I think" "I doubt" these are assumptions you're making. Based on your misunderstanding of what communism I hope you'll see why your assumptions lack merit. I think you'd be surprised by how different communism is from the distorted view offered by mainstream media, which you seem to have mistaken it for. /sub/communism101 is a fairly good resource if you're interested.

Regarding phones, a lot of important technology used in phones wasn't developed by private companies, so to say it was all driven by competing private companies isn't true.

He was probably playing both sides: didn't want to get mind-raped by the Apple, but didn't want to lose power either.

Considering how quick he got booted out of office, the Templar probably didn't stay fooled for long.

Needs to be cross-posted to /sub/latestagecapitalism

Ubisoft likes money, they get a little defensive about the communism thing. It's cool just don't bring up Marx around them if they've been drinking.

Hey, man. Just because Skyrim is back…

This is ironic considering Trump just compared America to Nazi Germany.

Where are all the Uber/Lyft/Taxi/Truck/Emergency/Service drivers going to go in 10 years?

So, you have been around to observe all this huh? Cause it sure seems like you're making up bullshit based on fascism / totalitarianism.

But the funny thing is that he's not actually that different from those people. He's kind of a hipster tool with facial hair a few days out of grooming.


They're getting pretty close on that one.

Don't forget cashiers, stockers, waiters, writers, janitors, farmers.

Hell doctors, lawyers, and engineers are under threat too. I'm fucking tired of this idea that automation will only replace people with meaningless jobs, automation is coming for us all

Lol go pick up a book

Give me that toothbrush

The workers controlling the means of production doesnt mean giving total control to the government, i suggest you read about what really is capitalism, communism and socialism

Also, the drive for capital hinders science, dont think i need to explain why, just turn the TV on and you will probably see, research and researches dont aways need to be lucrative to be useful for society, the energy sector is probably te easier to see why

Add to that the billions working in call centres once AI isn't completely awful.

Oh come on, not that many people here are defending capitalism.

Like many socialists both now and in that time period.

Everyone who understands history doesn't like communism.

It's all real world - technically, in that it all really happened (in the game universe). What you mean is present day.

I miss Desmond :(

Black Flag is the best pirate game ever released.

It is, however, a terrible Assassin's Creed game.

Exactly my point: if Trump is the best illustration of the dangers of capitalism, then we should all thank God for capitalism. Buffoonish, orange-tinted real-estate mogul > > > > [...] > > > psychotic dictator.

Okay, so then what makes Churchill become a templar for WW2?

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So, like...2 or 3 people surprises you?

What you really mean: "SOMEBODY ARGUE WITH ME."

Also neckbeards are supposed to be fat so the stereotype goes and couldn't wear skinny jeans or drink hipster coffee with that gut

Guess all the history professors and students I knew were just jerking off during their degrees

Lol aren't you guys doing a living stipend program over in finland?

And that's not what capitalism is at all. Capitalism is not free markets and free markets are not capitalism. Though the two concepts are often found together, you can quite easily have socialist free markets and planned capitalism.

Am I the only one who liked Rogue? I loved the huge world it had, with different climates and finally a protagonist who realized that the Assassins were full of shit.

"People have died during communist revolutions, people have died under nazism, communism is just as bad and nazism even though I don't have the slightest understanding of the contents of the ideology itself, no further insights are needed"- Liberals

The one that never existed?

I played through black flag and the one after it but felt like it was all just filler. Main story in the present didn't progress at all in 2 games, I don't even know who I am there and the past-exploration game is exactly the same with the same repetitive missions. I just lost all interest.

Well, if the stereotypes hold true, you wouldn't. Because they'd associate only with others within their groups. And they would probably avoid most popular public places, so where would you even meet them?

Ironically? Full circle then

You sound like the idiots that criticize trump supporters for being racist just for being a trump supporter.

great pirate game. terrible assassin game.

Swing and a miss buddy. The counterjerk is much stronger nowadays. Valve got less game than the ps3 now, and origin has dope ass support in comparison to steam. Plus, R6 is sweet.

You were right in the first place. Never second guess yourself honey. You have to believe in yourself.

It couldn't be reborn worse.