Shot in 2010: imagine being this woman now 😂

Shot in 2010: imagine being this woman now 😂

I knew exactly what clip it was from the thumbnail haha I was hoping someone would eventually show this. Would love to hear her thoughts today

probably thinks the illuminati controls the fed and the chemicals are still turning the frogs gay


-guy who bought in 2 weeks ago

She is probably fatter and more broke.

Jesus christ you guys are vindictive fucks arent you.

I am quite confident that this video was not shot in 2010.

Sure. But I think it’s more funny because of her crass response. She could have been like “thanks but it’s not for me” but instead she acted like she DID know the future. Which has turned out to be hilariously untrue

Have they not fixed the gay frog problem yet?

Yeah, more like 2013/2014

I'm confident that no random person on the street would know what Bitcoin was in 2010.

you can't blame people for not knowing the future.

That's me! 😂

I watched the documentary recently.

Respect to these two guys, back in 2010 these guys used to go by the New York Stock Exchange and auction Bitcoin, the dude even risked his savings buying a 'Bitcoin Exchange' around the area. They are the true MVPs, putting all the hustle when Bitcoin had almost no recognition.

For every person spouting for someone to get into random scheme and it works there is 10,000 con artists trying to sell a losing scheme. She just happens to be wrong this one time. Cant really blame her.

Either way she's DEAD to us! 👍

Taken from this documentary „Banking on Bitcoin“

actually that was sort of true, well it turned the frogs into females and chemically castrated males

She should've never spoken the corn's name in vain.

We're ALL dead on this blessed day

She's not wrong about the frogs

Just bitcoin.

This. I think we all owe Alex Jones an apology.

Darude - Sandstorm

AMA request please for this lady.


Someone who knows the history of BTC will likely find it decent, if not a bit dumbed down and a little dull through the parts where the director turns to focusing on the mystery of who Satoshi is. I'd say it's a good primer for newbies, certainly.

or dead..

Very true. It’s just her level of certainty that has earned her this meme of a video.

The Rise And Rise of Bitcoin would be painful to watch now. I recall one of the guys in the documentary sold 1700btc (when it was like $4) to buy some mining computer that's probably worthless today.

EDIT: I'm rewatching it, it's actually fascinating to watch it again.

you're one of the later early adopters.

Banking on Bitcoin