Shopping till our clothes drop ๐Ÿ‘€

Shopping till our clothes drop ๐Ÿ‘€

This really hits home. And it's not about the task. It's about being two busy adults that want to be close to each other. If the only time you get to spend together is at the food store, guess what, we're going to multitask that time to developing our bond as well.

I'm sorry in advance for sharing a sad thing. After my wife passed away I couldn't go to the grocery for a long time, a few months at least, and when I finally did I cried the whole time the first several times, I imagine I was a sight pushing my buggy through the store and sobbing. We liked to grocery shop together and would usually do it late at night, she would get anxiety in crowds and I loved the store being mostly empty. It was hard not having her there to shop with me and I didn't want to deal with myself and only shopping for 1, buying less stuff and not buying stuff that I would have gotten specifically for her.

This. I was watching a show and a newer couple was at the store getting junk food for a movie night and I had so much insane jealousy. I miss doing stuff like that when I was with someone.

Oh, I think so too. I just love spending time together and I had to buy groceries anyway, why wouldn't I want that time with a loved one?

Still dreaming.

So true. At the same time, though, I like doing the grocery shopping and other errands so all my boyfriend has to worry about is going to work and coming home to relax :)

Are you single?

This is heart-breaking. I'm glad that you shared it, though. Thank you.

Itโ€™s the real test. Dinner and shows and entertainment etc can give you a great time with someone. But having fun together spending an hour in Target is how you rate compatibility.

Facts Any time spent with your S.O should be cherished, being with someone is a lot more than just doing fun things with one another.


My Dad passed away last year ...we always went grocery shopping together or errands at Home Depot or Loweโ€™s. I๏ธ miss doing this kinda of hanging out together. Sometimes after errands weโ€™d grab a coffee or a burger at In and Out. Bonding moments for sure !

it's a joke on Twitter. People say "don't @ me" when they don't want to be included in another post or something, which is so passive aggressive that people post it jokingly.

Thank you for sharing this. Me and my girlfriend do the same thing, and we also go later at night because it's easier on her because of her anxiety. I could only imagine how hard going to the store is, but reading your post I can almost feel it. I'm so sorry.

I like the initiative

You say these are things you think about doing with your friends, but your SO should be your friend. First and foremost they are your best friend, you just happen to also be sexual with them.

Same here. When I was 21, I lived with my boyfriend and we went grocery shopping every Sunday evening. After he died, it was a few weeks before I got around the shopping again. First time I went without him, I had a breakdown in the middle of the store. I still don't like grocery shopping on Sundays alone, that was over a decade ago.

don't @ me

Curious what she means but this

I remember when I started feeling this way with my boyfriend. We were out grocery shopping and I was like "holy crap, this feels so domestic." It was the first time I realized that my life was shifing so much.

Thank you for sharing. Hug

It's a Twitter thing, usually said in a joking matter in a way that means "Here's my opinion, I think it's the right one, don't respond to this to tell me I'm wrong because I know I'm right". That sounds mean but it's meant in a joking way

passive aggressive way of saying "i'm so right on this, I don't even want any differing opinions thrown at me."

You wild, wyd?

Man, i am just not cut out for this relationship stuff. That's all stuff that I think of doing with all of my friends. Which, I guess gives sense to the fact that I don't have a good border between the two. If you can't go to Target with me, I don't wanna talk.

Doing chores and running errands separately to maximize time together without stuff to do is my preferred method.

Can someone tell me why Iโ€™m seeing a lot of posts saying โ€œdonโ€™t @ meโ€. I get that itโ€™s saying donโ€™t tag me but is there another message there?

I can relate, those memories are so special. He is always with you.