Shocking. Liberals don’t think people who disagree with them should have a platform to speak.

Shocking. Liberals don’t think people who disagree with them should have a platform to speak.

When did President Trump ever admit to or get convicted of a sex offense or abuse?

So they won’t listen to Hillary either I’m assuming based upon their criteria.

I dont think he admitted it, but they did find his semen on the dress of a white house intern...oh wait...

Nono it’s okay if a liberal does it. They don’t care about the alleged sexual assault they just want an excuse to not have to defend their opinions.

Reason #481325 it's impossible to take these people seriously. There is not a single accusation they can throw our way that we cannot return 100 fold and better substantiated.

They're getting quite Nazi-ish.

They don't call leftism a mental illness as an insult, it is a statement of fact. Leftist suffer severe delusion and other mental illnesses that can only be cured by being red pilled (seeing reality past the bullshit and thinking independantly of the herd.)

I too was brain washed in leftism until i stopped consuming liberal media and investigated things myself.

The whole woman abuser narrative just makes me livid. So a desirable man who is WANTED by the woman grabs her, she lets him and he is an admitted abuser. These people.

Should just bring up all the rapists that the left supports. Ahahahaha

Are those that do not tolerate any perceived "intolerance" intolerant of their own intolerance?

That's why they don't want us to have a platform

People like that would happily gas people like us if they could.

They also believe that by not conceding to accusations, he condones abuse.

Reddit liberals are an advanced kind of stupid.

Exactly, they just huff and puff then resort to name-calling. Leftism isn't based in logic.


Surprise surprise, liberals don't know what consent is. Which also explains all their rapists.

He said women let him touch their pussies one time like 10 years ago

So you're saying it's okay to be intolerant of those you've deemed intolerant first? Advocating to the end the free speech rights of others you disagree with.

The left has literally brainwashed people into ending any and all social contact with anyone who supports the President of the United States. Long time friends and even your family. INSANITY!

How very American of them. Having the liberals beliefs on the 1A now I wonder how they feel about the 2A...


Well, hell. They think fighting back against the Russian collusion BS is obstruction! You are just supposed to lay down and die for these people. Know your place, damn it!


“I scoured your post history, stalked you so I could find something to use against you. I see you posted in T_D ....”



Hey stop stealing the whole thing. Some of us need that ez karma to feed our kids.


But we're the fascists


Wasn't there an incident where someone literally tried to gas Trump supporters?

Libs claim that allegations + "you can grab them by the pussy" = checkmate Drumpfffffffff but always conveniently leave out the context of that quote ("they let you do it") and just assume all allegations have to be true with no evidence.

You should report that subreddit for allowing members to incite rabble rousing, as well as the allowance of ad hominem, and allow identity downvoting

Which you can do, unless the rules specifically say no Trump supporters.

Play nice, take screenshots, try the mods first, and when/if they do not cooperate, ask reddit to review their entire subreddit.

If you want to win, strip them of their infantile power and make the playing field fair.



let him

The KKK felt the same way about blacks.

Right there with you. I think one of the best choices I made in life was to stop watching TV.

All he admitted to was being a stud!

The Deplora-Ball during the primaries. Antifa got caught trying to set off a buteric acid fogger in the ventilation system.

Kind of sick of the whole "treat people you disagree with as human" thing not being reciprocated.

Why are these people so shitty?


These type of people need to be castrated so they cannot spread their faulty genes to the next generation.

That’s what gets me about the fake news. They’re basically saying “unless the president does as we say, he’s dangerous and bad”

"They let me do it."

The regressive left are the puritans, attacking and shaming and bullying consenting adults for what they choose to do in private.

They don’t consider their politics as just views. They consider it morality. So while we find them silly or misguided, they find us evil.



I recently saw an episode of All in the Family entitled "The games bunkers play", and at one point in the story, Meathead brags about how open-minded he is. This caused Gloria to burst out in laughter and point out that he argues with Archie constantly.

Meat heads response? To start yelling and ask "How can I be open minded to bigoted views like his?"

That show is really relevant right now. I recommend checking it out.


Here's the thing, if she said from the get-go "he signed this part, I added this part because that night was so harrowing, I wanted to make sure I NEVER forgot who did this to me and where he did it" I would give it a raised eyebrow but I'd certainly tolerate that explanation until something else came along that pointed in one direction or the other. But "oops lol, forgot to tell everyone about this until people are demanding the book be tested for forgery"? Go fuck yourself and take your asshole, scheming lawyer with you.

Free market baby!


And they keep finding dumb ass people to believe it! I think it's called, 'cultural elitism', or something like that.

IKR. Why do they listen to the party of pedophiles, rapists, and klansmen? This is the democartic party and it's why it's called the "democratic plantation."

Easy solution: just take away their welfare and/or affirmative action status. Hard to reproduce with no resources.

the guy is a massive idiot. i found their profile and the dude managed a 2.7 gpa and said fuck it i'll go to grad school and doesn't know how to connect a TV to his computer.

Scary isn't it? Shit is Bizarro World in these people's mind. Many are open Communists, anti-Capitalism, anti-Western values and historical culture, and they've infiltrated every government in the Western world pushing leftist commie police state policies straight out of 1984 and infested the people's mind.

How many places have free speech laws as strong as we do? No one? How many places left have a strong right to bear arms and defend yourself? All the guns have been taken from the citizens in nearly all of Western Europe, AU, Canada, and they've been trying to disarm America for how long now? Hmm, really makes ya fucking think.

They want to End America as we know it.

Wasn't during the primaries, it was the night before the inauguration.

The stink bomb thing was correct though.


We are at 15.4838627944% of our goal to BUILD THE WALL starting from Imperial Beach, CA to Brownsville, Texas! Lets make sure everyone gets a brick in the United States! For every Centipede a brick, for every brick a Centipede!

At this rate, the wall will be 1173.16817879 MILES WIDE and 362.089580203 FEET HIGH by tomorrow! DO YOUR PART!

And the episode where Edith was sexually assaulted (Edith’s 50th Birthday) actually sparked a national conversation that meant something and made a difference instead of this toxic “#MeToo” BS. All in the Family was pure greatness.

Conan on his talk show

They are the rapists!

How their medication is working/not working

Every time I read idiotic responses like this, I visualize one of those feminist SJW's marching around in pussy hates with F*CK TRUMP signs pretending they are spreading love. This is who we're dealing with folks, there is no hope for them.

Yeah unfortunately there's millions of people who reproduce despite having no resources to support the offspring.

To quote a great person, "Somebody's gotta pay for these damn kids."

Don't you know? If someone says that someone raped you by poking your cheek with their index finger, that means they raped you.

Legitimately do feel bad for real rape victims who have to deal with the fallout and disbelief from the attention seekers.

Well I was talking about the allegations against Trump himself, I assume you're referring to Roy Moore right? But yeah that was bullshit too.

Did you just assume their standards?

Awesome meme!

What were you originally talking about with that person

I believe that in the heart leftists just love dictatorships. They just dont like to admit it exactly like that, bad for reputation and that means no votes.


I always say; “so what your really saying is that woman really have no agency of their own and can’t control their urges in the presence of a Handsom alpha male. Your saying they can’t control themselves and they are weak. You think women are weak”

Because really that’s what they are presupposing. That women have no agency. That kind of doesn’t math up with their women can do anything that men can do rhetoric

That's always what I force down their throats (ironically I suppose) and tie it back to their own bedroom activities. "Have you ever had sex?" yes. "Did he/she let you?" yes, of course. "Ok, guess you're a sexual assault perpetrator as well then" But it's different! "How?"

I haven't gotten a satisfactory answer yet

People UNIRONICALLY think that Trump's "grab them by the pussy" statement was literal. As in, he was confessing to walking around, cupping his hand, and gasping the genitals of women against their will.

No, I'm not joking. The first time I heard that one I was so completely taken aback at how obtuse someone needs to be to believe that that I simply didn't know how to respond. But I've heard it now multiple times, from the type of person who would... well... refuse to talk someone because of their political opinions.