She's 30, living with parents. I agree, shit like this IS why she can't move out.

She's 30, living with parents. I agree, shit like this IS why she can't move out.

That's the stupidest person I've ever seen on here.

Did anyone tell her she got scammed hard?

They told her.

I know a Nigerian prince who'd love her

Why do I keep thinking people can't be this stupid.

Been a mod here for some years now. Seeing this kind of stuff for so long is proof that there is, in fact, a God. Because it's nothing short of a miracle that 80% of the population doesn't fucking suffocate by forgetting to breathe.

Did she believe them?

I'm going to assume no. I don't have enough faith in humanity to believe otherwise.

I work at a credit union and we had a guy who fell for something alone these lines come in. He was trying to get a loan and the people he was getting the “loan” from had him buy a bunch of gift cards and give them the codes. Then they asked for his online banking information to be able to “deposit” the money. He ended up getting scammed out of more than $25,000. It’s sad how stupid people are sometimes.

Hey it's me the wallet inspector.

I need photos of the front and back of your credit cards to make sure they are still good.

I screen shotted them, but they're mainly people telling her she got scammed and how easy it is to make a website that looks exactly like iTunes with a fake customer service number to call.

I always think there actually is one stranded nigerian prince who actually does need help but is super confused by the way people treat him.

preeeetty sure it was a joke.

I need to see those comments.

She didn’t actually get hacked - she got an email saying she did and to contact itunes support @ <phishing website>

It's just Darwinism through economics.

Oh Lord...

That sounds like a movie just waiting to be made. A rom-com maybe?

That's pretty dumb. Why would you have to buy gift cards for a loan?

I work at a gas station and we get callers claiming to be managers, using an actual manager's name. They try to get employees to activate gift cards and give them the numbers. Someone was fired for falling for it.

Adeniji is a Nigerian Prince and he’s about to find out that finding love online isn’t so easy.

Damn, I was hoping there'd be at least one with her claiming it was totally legit and she's too smart to get scammed.

This is worse than a facepalm

Yay. Poor moron.

I'm atheist and you're offending me. please remove.

She probably got an email claiming to be from Apple and with a phone number to call.

I don't understand how she can end up in the wrong place, a simple google search for itunes customer support brings this up on the second result

Starring Rob Schneider.

She clicks the link in a phishing email

I work at a retail place that has a policy, AND A FUCKING WARNING ON P.O.S, because of the same scam and i don't understand how people still fall for it. Even if they know the manager's name, or anything. If the P.O.S tells you when you ring it up, to NOT do ANY transactions over the phone, in all caps, don't finalize it. (P.O.S= point of sales)


Intelligence is not just purely luck and genetics. Genetics play a big part in it, but effort required to tap into your real potential is huge. Most people aren’t dumb. They choose to stay ignorant. Now, you can argue that personal characteristics (laziness) is also genetic, but at that point, you’re absolving any faults to genetics.

Similar to obesity. It takes effort to maintain your health and body effort, and it’s easy to just not think and get that sweet release of endolphin from overeating. It takes effort to intake, maintain, improve, and expand knowledge. Some people are genetically born in shittier position, but they can put effort and be at or above average.

For example, this person could have easily searched about legitimacy of it. Googling is simple, everyone knows how to do it. She just chose not to, simply believed the email, and fell for the scam. She had every agency to actually get out of that situation had she put any amount of effort into thinking. Not saying that scammers aren’t shitty fucks who exploit people like these, but she deserves everything that happened to her.

The next time you hear someone complain that "stupid should be painful" you know damn well that it most certainly is.

im guessing a hack page pops up with a link.. like when youre on xhamster or something and those pages come up saying "ALL YOUR DATA IS AT RISK, CALL APPLE IMMEDIATELY AT #-###-###-#### DO NOT EXIT THIS PAGE" and im like shit now I have to exit out and start all over..

Little dude from across the street! Let me hold a dollar

Poor Moofey

I can't believe this is real. How can someone so naive survive for so long?

If only she could get a Nigerian prince to help her with her financial situation.

That's the exact opposite of what an honest man would do.

It’s like finding someone so dumb they can’t even feed themselves. You just feel sad for them.

Yup. Always someone else’s fault.

take a joke m8

Don't worry, you'll eventually outgrow the obnoxious militant stage

Oooo Pmrfey

That’s the point. She didn’t call iTunes. She called the number the hackers give you claiming to be the iTunes support number. Which is why they always say to never log in to any account through an email you’re sent or call the customer service numbers in the email. Always go to the companies website directly to find the contact information.

How could calling iTunes support connect you to a hacker?

Then you're not an honest man, you fucking bozo.

as bank fees

Moor Poofey

They publish some filler content on iTunes and use the cards to purchase it.

I'm a school teacher and some of the kids in my class will end up like this in a few years. Not everyone is dealt a good hand in life. It's just sad that some people will take advantage of that.

I feel bad for people like this. I mean, it's obvious they can't help it. Who wants to be like this? I'm sure there's an area she's great at that others here are not. Maybe they should suffer for not being born good at that thing. If they don't want to, they should just start being good at it. No? Ok then.

Intelligence is mostly luck and genetics. If we could control it we'd all be geniuses. So next time you make fun of an idiot, ask yourself why you're not a genius.

Yeah, there are dog shelters in her local area - dogs can be mean but if she works hard she can get up to their level in time. Maybe fetch sticks and stuff one day. No, don't laugh - everyone needs a dream.

She called the scammers and gave them money ffs this makes me mad. When will people grow up

Hey. Its me ur brother. Keep buying gift cards okay?

Moof Poorey

i refuse to ever do that

It's pretty obvious that he's sarcastic though.

Poof Moorey