"She's been hogging that all day"

It's always funny when one dog is really into something, but the other one just doesn't get it. One of my dogs loves fetch more than anything. The other one doesn't understand the point and doesn't like all the running so he just interferes. He likes the ball, he'll take it if I hand it to him, but if I throw it he assumes it's supposed to be over there and loses interest.

"Well human knows better than I do"

Yeah, he's a pretty trusting dog.

I really need to know what she's watching...

My cat literally watched the documentary Cats of Africa with me from start to finish. He was sitting up watching right in front of the tv. It was just as entertaining as the movies itself.

'Kids these days"

Seems to be a squirrel video or something like that.

You know, back in my day, dogs used to play outside. None of this fan-dangled technology business.

I feel like one of your dogs is woke and the other isn't. The one who doesn't fetch is yelling at the other "no don't play into their games that's what they want"

I love how they have to point their little snoots down to see things that close to them

Let me tell you guys about dog tv.

So, there are videos on youtube for dogs (and cats etc) which are mostly like... squeaky toy noises, 'good boy', dogs running around, etc. My dog would watch it while chewing a bone. I would put it on when I went out of the house and he was locked in his room, and I assumed it would keep him entertained.

One day I had it on and I was in the house cleaning. Then I hear people talking in the living room and I go check what youtube is doing. There's an ad playing... a 45 minute long infomercial. Just some boring non-dog-tv shit. Because, you see, dogs can't hit 'skip ad,' so it keeps playing. Youtube literally noticed that dogs don't skip ads and so they play long ass ads. I felt like my dog was getting ripped off, and honestly the people paying for their ad to play are too.

I heard that babytv is similar.

A trusting weird bipedal dog, but a trusting dog nonetheless.

Nope it's not an issue anymore.

Nah, he'll do anything I teach him if he can learn it. He's just weird. I mean he'll bring in firewood from outside to chew on if I let him.

Your doggo is more patient than kids....

Seriously, back in my day we played outside until it got dark and we weren't allowed back inside until it was. Nowadays you drive your windowless van around the neighborhood and you can't find any kids outside.

Damn I wanted it to be a David Attenborough documentary.

The reason they couldn't is that they need a higher framerate to see continuous motion. I assume that the framerate of that video is high enough to where it looks smooth to that dog.


Eastern Grey Squirrel (videos for cats and dogs to watch)

Serious question: I vaguely recall reading somewhere that dogs can't see what's on tv screens - is that not an issue with new screens?

When your sentience has transcended

Wtf that's bullshit

Chill dude, it's just a glitch that happens sometimes.

I was real excited about showing this to my dog. Called him in, he was hyped. Squirrel comes into view and he just backed away, barked once, and left. Super anti-climactic :(

Does it mean that dogs can't play on consoles because of the low framerate?

I am not an expert on dog eyes. Probably, similar to humans if I had to guess.

Its not reversed, just playing normally


I feel like I just understood the term woke. Is it synonymous to red pill?

Moooommm he's been using the iPad all day it's not fair

Does his eyes strain for staring at something too close for a long period of time?

Yea, I don't know why but the thought of some douchey corporation bumboozling my pupper is just infuriating, even though he probably didn't know. But I do know that he likes his dog tv.

Dogs are part of the master race confirmed.