Sheryl Sandberg Says Facebook Will Reveal How Russia Targeted U.S. Voters

Sheryl Sandberg Says Facebook Will Reveal How Russia Targeted U.S. Voters
Sheryl Sandberg Says Facebook Will Reveal How Russia Targeted U.S. Voters

They should also highlight all the BernieOrBust morons who deliberately spread fake news and tinfoil hat memes. The ones who said they were going to vote for trump because he was a better alternative. The ones who spread the Seth Rich story and everyone told, you're being irresponsible, stop spreading false stories but they just kept posting obvious lies.

You mean these people?

That's undoubtedly a part of it, even the information that has already been released includes pieces targeted at the Bernie or Bust / Jill Stein crowd...

Pointing out division is not spreading it.

I doubt your sincerity Facebook, but I guess the 3 letter agencies will know if you're misleading people.

For example, also in today's news:

Albright welcomed the chat with three company [Facebook] officials. But he was not pleased to discover that they had done more than talk about their concerns regarding his research. They also had scrubbed from the Internet nearly everything — thousands of Facebook posts and the related data — that had made the work possible.


Never again would he or any other researcher be able to run the kind of analysis he had done just days earlier.


That left open the question of what else those 470 accounts and pages had been doing. Helpfully six of them — Blacktivists, United Muslims of America, Being Patriotic, Heart of Texas, Secured Borders and LGBT United — had become publicly known through various news reports. So Albright decided to deploy analytics tools to answer his question.

Facebook are quickly becoming the Fox News / Rupert Murdoch of the internet I reckon. Plus, Zuckerberg wants to run for president on the Republican ticket.

A key question for three separate investigations into how Russia influenced the last election is how the ad buyers knew with such specificity where to place their ad buys, and whether they worked with any political campaigns to do the targeting.

Mercers Cambridge Analytica

Trump won by a thin margin in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, putting him over the top in the Electoral College. Russia-linked ads targeted all three states, as well as others, according to a CNN report.

Spread division much?