Sherman towing infantrymen

Sherman towing infantrymen

For a second at the beginning I got really morbid and thought the Sherman was carrying killed soldiers with make shift coffins somewhere.

I thought it was a Lend-lease Sherman used as Russian mine sweeper )))

Aw they’re sleeping

Rock-a-bye soldier, in the warzone

When the Tank fires, the soldiers will pwn

When the Tank breaks, the soldiers will fall

And down will come Sherman, uptiered and all.

T-34 plows, M4 tows

lyme disease intensifies

Ah yes i sometimes forget that the tankgoes over the mine then after its blown up the part in the back sweeps em

Guarantee they would sleep in those

Actually they would have been, along with many other diseases.

Disease for a long time was the largest cause of death in the majority of wars throughout history

World war 2 was the one of the first wars to have wide scale preventative measures for soldiers, even military ships would be designed around preventing these illnesses.

Looks like it's inspired by what the Russians did in the Finnish Winter War, building sleighs that they pulled begind their tanks to get the infantry closer to the Finnish positions.

Goijon Ploooooose

I don't think that ticks were the primary concern during WWII

Or reverse.

Now try and turn

Thought I was on /sub/tankporn until I saw this... lol.

Soldiers arent exhausted while marching

It looks like the cables in the front of the assembly come to a single point, which is where I assume it's hooked to the tank (like a modern trailer hitch)

I don't see why this wouldn't be able to turn

They slep bois

Or gunned down when crossing a clearing

I open Reddit and this is the first post I see.

Those modifications drastically altered the tanks, all this required was a tow wire.

Imagining someone snoring away with a bunch of brambles plowing into their face.

Ghost Division was the 7th Panzer Battalion who are always ahead, as the blitzkrieg rages on and also are breaking morale the with the sound of blazing guns.

I don't know if the inflatable shermans were under any specific division, at least not to the extent that google fu can find.

It would absolutely be able to turn. It's not much different than towing a wheeled trailer. I've hauled sleds behind snowmobiles, atvs and motorcycles, they go where you go.

Can you provide source about plowing T-34 please. Thanks

A masterpiece.

Tank becomes confetti for Russian party train )))

Or in German, Boi Schlepper

that is crazy, the Russians didn't waste tanks for mine sweeping. they just marched a division through the mine field, with a machine gun squad behind them to 'help'

Here's the second post.

me too


Whoops, sorry, my memory seems to be "shakey". In WW2, there's the "Ghost Army" who helped the Allied Forces before they stormed the beaches of Normandy.