She made a spinning lego thingie.

I believe that's an orrery.

The big yellow one is the sun.

I think that's about a 24-month year. Still cool though.

I believe it's an orrery.

I always forget what these are called!

And the moon is going the wrong way.

Earth anf moon are tidal locked, moon spinns way too fast, proportions are way out of whak. 3/10 too much water

very cool

I believe it's an orrery.

It's a cup

with dirt in it.

I always forget what these are called!

close enough

I prefer this one.

Ib4 Deil Degrasse Tyson pointing out all the problems with this model.


Just give me an F and let me go home.

When the moon's flyin' by like a space butterfly ... that's orrery.

Ok Brian

I got shot by the FBI

also the earth should be a lot flatter.

Also the moon is in geostationary orbit

great framing

I believe I can fly.

Fake as fuck! Everyone knows Legos are flat!

I call it "Cup of Dirt".

All I wanted was a chicken wing

Now I can't eat anything

Too late.

“Also the only thing that would make this model more scientifically inaccurate is if there was a lego George Clooney flying from one space station to another” - Tyson probably


...we all do Brian

K-A-T, I’m outta here

Ha ha, I know there’s two T’s

Until you step on one.

But this is unfair we all know jason is a superhuman mastermind.

The moon is on the same stick that the earth is on, so yeah.

One of my favorite things, but one of my least favorite words. Saying it feels like I'm doing a Tom Brokaw impression.

I think it's actually a 24 day year. The moon and Earth are spinning on the same gear.

Anyone else hear the theme from “Game of Thrones” while watching this?

Maybe not a lot flatter, but it could be a tad more oblate.

He’s calling the hump, Walt

But instead I got burger king


Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe they call that thing an orrery.

From McDonald's or Burger King

I had to check your profile and make sure you weren’t being serious

She's cranking the wrong way!

When the earth starts to move round the sun in its groove... that's orrery.


In the time of the gif the Earth goes from one side of the Sun and the Moon spins about 12 times. It should spin about half that for it to be similar to what happens with the real ones.

And the Earth spins the wrong way.

I wonder what his score was on that dive.

That’s no ordinary orrery