She looks like two different people

She looks like two different people

I wish I had that determination, but I’ve lost 18 pounds in 5 months at least...

Edit: I can’t describe how much all these nice comments means to me, I’ve been struggling with very low self esteem lately and a feeling of hopelessness and your comments has made me feel so much better. Really, thank you all so much

I thought that was Nicki Minaj. Good on you gurl!

OR they both look good and you don’t have to insult one person to compliment another

Is this what the kids are calling a "Glo/Glow up"?

Hey, any progress is great! Everyone’s body is different so the rate at which you lose weight will be different then the next person. Just keep at it, you’ll thank yourself later.

It’s always incredible seeing how much people’s faces change from such dramatic weight loss. Good on her for making that change.

2018 out here

Bitch yasssssss

I am here for this!

She looks amazing. I mean, she looked adorable and fun before. But I love the glow up.

This is pretty racist


Not sure what fake means on a living human anyway. She can alter her appearance however the hell she wants.

She's probably like 5'3".

It's like a 6' dude losing 80 lbs

what is the term the kids use for a disappointing, barely-changed growing up? asking for a friend

Weight loss goes a lot farther if you're shorter. At 5'7", going from 190 to 130 is huge (no pun)


Thank you for your kind words <3 I have various mental health issues, diagnoses and arthritis so it’s difficult just to do the things I have to in life and to do more than that is almost impossible but I got a dog in June so I go for walks daily and it works :3

And this is considered going Super Saiyan? Because Daaaaaamn!

who are you even talking to

Yes, and they explained that if you’re really short, a relatively small amount of weight can look like a lot more than it is.

Also keep in mind that a lot of people are typically ~20-30 pounds overweight, and the difference that last 20ish pounds can make is huge.



God I wish this “you look happier when you don’t care what you look like” shit would stop.

who dis? new phone

pretty phat *

that chick is bad. you are buggin

That's amazing! Imagine where you'll be 5 months from now.

Up there as in one if the best years of her life because she expects it to be just as good as 2017?

Someone's taking a picture of her Christmas present. Was she supposed to be sexy?

And the problem is...? It’s her body, she can dress and decorate it as she pleases. Do not comment about a persons appearance if you do not have something nice to say.

Still salty af tho, amirite?

Who cares if you’re ugly if you still lose the Weight? What matters is you’re physically and mentally healthier and will live a most likely longer and more comfortable life.


What does she mean when she says "2018 it's up there" ?

Found the fatty!

awww I meant it as one!

Check her Twitter urself and find out if u right or wrong.

Dude, we get it. You think Nikki is unoriginal.

Height also matters a lot.

Crazy how big a difference 57 pounds made, incredible.

That isn't an opinion though, that's not how body weight works. Calling someone who isn't fat, fat is an insult and tbh calling anyone fat is also

That’s still great as you’re still moving your body daily. Any exercise is good exercise.

fam I still remember when I walked in on the first day of 8th grade (I guess) and everyone seemed fucking huge and I was still tiny tf is wrong with me

Hey in my experience the slower the weight loss, the easier it is to sustain it. Your rate is actually quite reasonable!

Yeah I’m 4’11” and losing 30 pounds for me was drastic

From steal yo cupcake to steal yo man.

Dude, get her number