She didn't think it was going to go right, but she still did it.

As someone who gave his friend a fractured skull and brain injury from playing with golf clubs irresponsibly... this gif is horrifying

If he misses he can drive her to the hospital.

Have you seen the gif/video of the guy attempting to slice a cigar in half by swinging a sword at his friend's face? It went poorly. The gif is very NSFL (it ends in gruesome game of "got your nose").

EDIT: Oh, and then there's the paintball trick where a guy tried to shoot a can or something of his friend's head. Instead he hits him square in his unprotected eye at a fairly close range.

TL;DR: Don't swing or shoot things at people's faces.

that foot wiggle

if it failed, wouldn't she be dead?

I accidentally hit my brother Cole in the face with a golf club when we were younger. So this comment is freaking me out.

Set up for potential temporal bone fracture with associated epidural hemorrhage. Significant risk of death. This was a dumb careless thing to do.

This is so dumb.

It's clearly extremesalmon


Your name wouldn't happen to be Cole, would it?

I'm not a foot guy at all but I thought it was cute.

I don't see how her shoes would come off.

As someone who was hit with a golf club by a scrawny 10 year child (when I was 17) and had my face split open, this makes me feel kinda queasy. Sure, it made for a cool gif, but that could've gone horribly wrong! I still have a nasty scar going from my eyebrow to my hair line and its a bitch to wax that particular brow.

This girl could have literally been killed or brain dead if it had gone wrong. Stupid and scary.

Wouldn't surprise me, epsecially since she turned the thinnest part of her skull directly in line with the golf club.

Yeah would really putt a dent in their relationship... and her head.


I've seen the nose one but not the whole aftermath... but you can tell his nose is not in a good shape.

There's a very old video of a guy shooting a bottle off his friends head with a decently powerful handgun.. it all goes well but it's incredibly sketchy.. here it is

The number of people hit in the head with golf clubs in this thread is too high

Driver? Damn near killed her

found the foot guy.

Yup. Nearly broke my sister's jaw with a golf club when she stood too close behind me when we were kids. She had braces in and had to go get them pulled out where they were imbedded in her cheek. Ironically, her orthodontist was unavailable as he was in Ireland...golfing.

Um, no. No I have not.

Yeah but it got on the internet and now they'll have a bunch more followers and likes.

The price we pay for fake and fleeting acceptance.

Damn, brotherly love I guess.

I was probing to see if extremesalmon was this kid who, when I was in second grade, whacked my classmate in the head and fractured his skull. This happened when they were playing at home, but I remember some sort of show-and-tell shenanigans where the dad of the busted head kid came in and showed us x-rays and shit like that.

Man, second grade memories are flooding in -- I now remember the girl across from me said "fuck" -> I said "aww, you said a bad work" -> she says "what bad word???" -> I spell "f-u-c-k" -> teacher sends me out of the room -> I cry.

Golf and alcohol don't mix, and that's why I don't drink and drive.

Exactly what Cole would say

You know what else is pretty light? A bullet. It’s not solely about weight but speed as well. If he hit her head my guess is both her skull would fracture and the driver head would snap off. Probably wouldn’t be immediately fatal but not a good time.

Without question. 60% of the average male amateur golfers swing a club between 91-105 mph. That club would have hit her in the temple. That's literally instant death.


That's a good way to almost murder someone.

A driver's head speed can also be easily upward of 90 mph... a mild concussion is an understatement

We believe you, Quentin

I mean, Salma Hayek can put her toes in my mouth any day.

Know what else got on the internet? A woman going to jail because she shot her boyfriend with a .50cal desert eagle. They tried to use a single phone book as armor, and it was all to get youtube views.

It's a good thing she was wearing a T-Shirt.

Do note however, that in the bullet example, all of that force is concentrated in a very small point, while the driver is spread out much more, comparatively speaking. The bullet will do much more than 20% more damage, despite only having 20% more energy, just because of how the force is distributed. Not saying getting hit in the head with a driver wouldn't hurt, or even kill, just that it is considerably less deadly than being shot in the head.

The correct phrase is "life-changing brain injury".

Next time on Forensic Files...was it an accident, or cold blooded murder?

Ya, the guy in top gave his friend a brain injury

It's really sad what some people will do to get attention

Considering the back of the head is softer, I doubt it.

A driver head weighs 200g and a typical drive swing is around 100mph or 44.7m/s. This yields a kinetic energy of around 400 Joules.

A .22 long rifle bullet weighs 2g and travels at around 500m/s, yielding a kinetic energy of 500J.

So a driver impact in full swing on someone's head would have 80% of the energy as getting shot point blank with a .22 rifle.

What the hell is your username?