she came back home after went missing for 3 months. look at her, bringing her kids along begging for us to take her back. you little ungrateful kitty. lucky we love you. 😑🐱😂💕

she came back home after went missing for 3 months. look at her, bringing her kids along begging for us to take her back. you little ungrateful kitty. lucky we love you. 😑🐱😂💕
she came back home after went missing for 3 months. look at her, bringing her kids along begging for us to take her back. you little ungrateful kitty. lucky we love you. 😑🐱😂💕

Always come back to their parents when they realize running away getting knocked up and trying to raise your kids on your own is hard.

You're getting her spayed ASAP, right?

Look! I brought you grandchildren! Please let me in.

Spay or neuter your pets everybody.

So sweet. Please spay and neuter all of them!

Please take her to a vet if you haven't. It's possible that there's still more in her belly. And unless you want to keep losing her, get her spayed.

OP maybe doesn’t realize that that’s why her cat left.

Not only is she now a teenage mother, she just had to have twins. Thats three times the amount of mouths to feed. Sadly we have to volunteer OP to cover the cost.

Please spay your kitty. Please keep your kitty inside now.

Her tummy looks very distended.. either pregnancy related or parasite related. Vet please, soon.. and an update :) wishing you and the kitties good luck

Lucy definitely has some ‘spaying to do.

Unless it is her first litter. Not uncommon to have smaller litters first time around. Or you know, giving birth in the elements increases mortality rate of newborns due to infection and predators.

Lesson: spay and neuter your pets and don't let them be outdoor pets.

OP doesn't realize that his cat also likely had twice or more as many kittens and a few of them have died in the wilderness. Just more reason to really care when your cat runs away to have kittens.

I hate to break it to you, but there's more in the belly. Just look at it.

My “neighbor” (4 acres away) had a cat run off and have a litter. He has never seen her again, but she was stealing food out of my barn. My cats ran her off, and she abandoned her kittens, waited at the top of the hill. They were about 3 weeks old, so I tracked two down and returned them to her. She was grateful, and waited while I tried to catch the 3rd. After an hour, she moved on, and I got stuck with an extra kitten, which slowly warmed up to me and moved into my barn. It’s easy for a cat to lose a kitten in the wild. Edit: added a word for clarification

She could be pregnant again, those kittens look about 7-8 weeks and are probably weaned. Most likely she has worms.

Or she’s full of worms. Which means the kittens are most likely full of worms.

Or doesn't care.

Why wasn't she spayed before she left? You're part of a very big problem, this isn't cute

Both. Outside cats are more likely to be hurt/killed. Inside cat, best cat.

Please spay your cat. The local bird population will thank you, plus she won't leave during heat.

Too many animals in shelters without people to adopt them. Spaying/neutering stops more cats and dog from ending up as strays, stuck in small cages at shelters, or euthanized to make room for others.

Outside cats are also harmful to the native wildlife. Keeping them indoors helps preserve songbird populations, for example.

I mean, if you think that letting unneutered, unvaccinated cats outside is okay, I would just ask that you spend a week or two volunteering at an animal shelter or vet clinic.

It would be rather strange for a cat to have such a small litter. :'(

Cat was gone for longer than a cat’s gestaional period. Cat probably ran away because it was in heat- looking for some sweet kitty D, then got pregnant, then came back.

Looking at the OP's post history and user creation date, either they're a cat hoarder or this cat and litter doesn't belong to them nor do any of the pics they've posted. 🤷‍♂️

Female cats go really crazy around heat and will attract MANY male cats, even if you have never seen another cat in your yard. Failing that they will go out and look for find male cats to mate with.

Extremely strong instinct, cats who won't even leave the house much WILL go off and find a mate once in heat.

Actually she might just be pregnant with another litter since those kittens look old enough to be weaned. She would be long dead from sepsis if she had a dead fetus in her from that litter.

She looks she might already be pregnant again.

X1000000. This.

Spay here. Please.

Well neutering stops animals from getting pregnant/other animals pregnant. Sadly stray and feral cats are a big issue so it'll stop any more surprise grandchildren or great grandchilden.

One or the other, right? For example, my cat is neutered so I let him outside.

EDIT: I don't know why this is getting downvoted, it was legitimately a question /:

This is why you get your cat fixed you fucking numbnuts.

Yeah its not. Its fucking pathetic how people can still be this ignorant to basic animal care.

The kittens with her are about 8-10 weeks old. I think what he means is that she's pregnant again and there are more kittens coming.

Well, cats still kill billions of animals every year. But neutering is better than not. Though they can still catch worms and fleas or other things out there.

Do people really not understand that female cats absolutely HAVE to be spayed unless you intend on letting them breed? No wonder she ran away.

They literally go borderline insane once they start to go into heat if they aren't allowed to breed.

Breeding creates more hunters. More hunters = less birds. More spaying = more birds. It’s simple cat math.

"Have your pets spayed or neutered"-Bob Barker-

Recently got a couple of kittens. At just shy of four months, one of them went into heat. Considering that--assuming they don't get pregnant--cats can end up being in heat almost continuously for months, I don't know how anyone can stand to live with them if they aren't spayed.

Seriously, that would get on my nerves so fast, and I guess it's stressful for them too.

Looks like you have 3 cats now. Please fix them all so no more unwanted babies.

Please tell us that you’ll be taking her and those kittens to the vet. Get her spayed and caught up on vaccinations. Get the kittens checked out to and get their shots. By the looks of it, she’s either carrying again or probably just has worms. So get all of them dewormed please. No offense but this just comes off as neglectful.

So... are you going to neuter her?

debo, cat wheeesperer.

Then don’t start wailing and wringing your hands if he goes out one night and never comes home. Cats get hit by cars, eaten by coyotes, get into fights with other outdoor cats and get feline leukemia and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But glad at least you have him neutered.

Guys ... Letting your cats run around unsupervised outdoors is not good for anything. They are more likely to get diseases, get lost, and get killed. If they are not neutered, then the population just goes up, making it harder for other cats (like in shelters) to find homes. Your neighbors also did not ask for a cat, and, especially in my city, people are so mad about outdoor cats that they just shoot them or purposefully run them over with a car. It’s simply not safe for a cat to be outside like that.

That being said, yes, most cats will want to hang out outside. It can be great for them to expel energy, play in some grass, and get some fresh air. But they need to be SUPERVISED. If you love your cat, then leash train it or get one of those outdoor cat pens for it to play safely. Just get it vaccinated and talk to your vet so it doesn’t get sick.

There are places for outdoor cats. Many shelters have programs for feral cats that are on a euthanasia list. If people need a barn cat to hunt mice, then they can have one of the feral cats for free (after the cat has been vaccinated and neutered).

Guys, I have worked in animal shelters and vet clinics for five years now. People letting their cats run around outside like this is a problem. If you don’t actually want to provide for your cat and give it a stable, safe home, then give it to someone who will. And for god’s sake, keep your dogs on leash, too.

Cats are detrimental to local wildlife. Keep them inside or take them out on a leash. It is selfish to let your cat roam around outside destroying local bird populations.

Yes, but those kittens are also big enough for that cat to have more on the way, which kinda looks to be the case from that picture.


Can cats give birth over a period of days? Like it’s possible that there are more in her belly even though she pushed a couple out?

Your cat could get a disease from mating with a strange cat (since he's male, being neutered does not stop him from mating with female cats in heat.) Your cat could get in a fight with another cat (or animal, but as a male cat he's most likely to get in a fight with another male cat) and be injured. Your cat could climb up under the hood of a car to stay warm and be killed when the engine turns on. Your cat could find antifreeze leaking out of a vehicle. Animals love antifreeze because it's so sweet. Your cat can get worms, ear mites and other diseases/parisites from other cats /dead animals/whatever gross thing your cat gets into that you have no idea about because you don't know where your cat has been.

That's without getting into your cat being a nuisance, which he almost certainly is. Where does he go to the bathroom when he's out? Your neighbors flowerbeds or sandbox maybe? There are a lot of people who don't like strange cats on their property. Lots of them will get cat traps and take your animal to the pound. Worse, there are terrible people out there who will put poison out for him.

I grew up on a farm with many outdoor cats. They don't usually live very long. I believe maybe one or two actually got old, out of the numerous litters and new cats we got. Up above is just a small sampling of how they died. I live in the city now, and my kitty who I love more than anything does not go outside unless in an enclosure or tether (when I am present).

There are ways to let your cat enjoy the outdoors while being a responsible cat owner. He does not understand it is more dangerous, he understands its more fun. Being outside and killing things are cat things. That decision is on you by the way, because he's a cat and is going to want to do cat things. You could tether him with a harness, or build him a 'catio'. But something happens to him, that's 100% on you.

So are outdoor humans. My cat is super cautious of everything outdoors but he gets really stressed being indoors for too long. Obviously he realizes it's much more dangerous, but if he wants to take that risk I'm not going to stop him.

It's healthier for them too, it reduces their chance of a few different types of cancer. Also they're generally better behaved.

She doesn’t seem lucky at all.

With my luck the neighborhood raccoons would learn how to use the cat flap.

“Psycho in the neighborhood that dismembers cats”

Please don’t let your cat out anymore until that’s resolved

Many here on reddit have an inherent hatred for people who torture and kill animals. You should def let ppl know your whereabouts (no doxxing by any means, just in generalistics) so fellow Redditors can keep an eye out for this piece of shit.

We have a crew that keeps an eye out for animals in my area (DC suburbs) and they do not fuck around when it comes to people killing animals. We had one person follow a Chinese lady who was throwing kittens out the window on the interstate, after the second kitten, pd was already on her ass. And drove her into the median cause she wouldn’t stop. For the record, the lady resisted even more after she was stopped and was repeatedly tazed. This is one instance where I was ok with police use of force lol.

You clearly have never gone through the heartbreak of finding your cat dead outside after being hit by a car. If you’re going to let your cats outside you should have some kind of enclosure for them. If you need an example as to what cats do to the native fauna then research the chaos they’ve caused in Australia.

I live in America and as a kid grew up in the woods. All the outdoor cats we had lived very short lives as they were either killed by coyotes or hit by cars. Now that I'm an adult with my own cats, I keep them inside so they're safe.

Cats that aren’t fixed go into heat and hunt for a mate

My cat was a rural cat before we got her. She is desperate to go outside (when the weather is nice). She was neutered. She has disappeared for days at a time. She's not very bright so I'm pretty sure she got lost. I have been very concerned because we have coyotes and a psycho in the neighborhood who dismembers cats. But how do I explain the dangers to her? She manages to escape even when we try to keep her in. The neighbors like her though - she helps keep the mouse population down.

There are a lot of people who don't believe in letting cats outside. I have two cats, one from a shelter & one who just wandered in one day & has chosen us as her family. Our shelter kitty, Finn, doesn't go outside unless we are with him, but our stray kitty, Ember, needs to go outside. She becomes a wild, extremely loud cat around bedtime, so she generally gets a few hours outside to cavort with her neighborhood friends. Of course we got her fixed, we check her for fleas & trim her nails... She lived outside for over two years & personally I think it's somewhat cruel to deny her that.

I do understand the argument for keeping kitties inside but I don't think it's terrible to let an outdoor cat back outside - provided they are up to date on vaccines, are SPAYED & have been microchipped.

Yeah cats are pretty much natural outdoor creatures.

Are there animals that aren't?


‘I know I’ve made some mistakes, but can you seriously resist this face?’

Yeah, except outdoor cats prey on birds and small animals. This has lead to serious population decline and extinction of many bird species. The loss of biodiversity was caused due to the fact cats aren’t native to places like North America or Australia. So it’s not a good idea to let your cats out unless they’re on a leash and cannot hunt.

Spay your goddamn cat.

Preserving songbirds is one of the top 3 reasons I'd keep my cat indoors. It'd be nice if outdoors cats killed pests like mice and squirrels, but my childhood cats only ever caught birds, moles, and rabbits.

Never understood this reasoning. Yes, the world is dangerous. That's life.

If I was a cat i'm sure i'd rather experience the world in the few years I had to live than be stuck in the same house all day every day.

Do you think the same way about zoos? Shoudn't we try to capture all lions and put them in cages to protect them from the world? I mean you certainly don't apply the same logic to yourself. You use cars, even though you know using cars increases your chance of dying early.

Genuinely curious, would you let your dog out unsupervised?

Cats are domesticated animals, not wildlife like lions. That is not at all a fair comparison. Neither is comparing this to humans driving cars. We’re humans, not pet cats who look to their owners for safety and care.

I work in a vet clinic and within my first month there, I saw more horrific injuries on outdoor cats than anything else. Mostly caused by, guess what, feral and other outdoor cats. Sure, some cats will do just fine outdoors. But many will die. They may die quickly. And they my die slowly, painfully, and alone. I know from experience.

Outdoor cats are blights to the ecosystem and its wildlife. Outdoor and feral cats have led to the endangerment of many species of birds. Your domesticated pet cat may be having fun outside, but what about the other animals, the wildlife with no humans to look after them, that suffer for it?

I don’t think people are evil for letting their cats outside. But know the consequences. Don’t deny them, and don’t make excuses with asinine comparisons.

Who knows, maybe her other kittens just moved into someone’s barn with plentiful food, and ended up getting spayed as a result.


As the neighbor of someone with "outdoor" cats, I can tell you that it sucks. I can't let my dog out to do it's business without being there to keep the cats away from her.

Cat piss smells terrible, and for whatever reason my porch furniture is the cats' favorite litter box. If you can't keep your cats in your own yard, they have no business being outside.

I have tried reasonable conversations as well as less reasonable conversations with the neighbor, but I am always met with the response of "the cat wants to be outside, so I'm not going to stop it."

Maybe your cat is special and doesn't cause trouble for other people and animals. But unless you are watching your cat, I can almost assure you it's not the case.

The whole outdoor pets/indoor pets thing in America is crazy to me. In the UK almost every cat can go out and do as it pleases. Many houses have cat flaps for this reason.

Edit: I forgot that America has much more wildlife than the UK. The only thing a cat here has to worry about is a fox or a badger.

If everyone got their pets spayed/neutered, we wouldn't have so many feral ones running around (killing absolutely everything), and we wouldn't have shelters filled with them, killing the ones that don't get adopted fast enough.

Going into heat is also really stressful for females, and both genders tend to spray if not fixed.

Cats kill birds by the millions. They also have shorter lives outside. PS: I love cats and keep mine inside, safe and warm and far from birds!

This is a legitimate question. Not sure why the down votes.

Spaying involves removal of the ovaries and uterus (ovariohysterectomy), which ends the cycle of being in heat. Being in heat = wanting sex. Thus, spay your kitty (and puppy) and no more desire to run off for sex.

Fun fact: if you have a female ferret and do not spay her, she can actually die due to anemia (the estrogen, hormones released during a heat, causes her bone marrow to stop producing red blood cells)

Technically "neuter" means to sterilise either sex. The procedure to do so is called spaying in females and castrating in males, just common usage associates the term more with castrating.

Outdoor cats are actually terrible for the environment. So no, keep em inside

Domesticated cats don't have a "natural" habitat and letting them outdoors can destroy the balance of the ecosystem. Cats with responsible owners can enjoy the outdoors on a leash or in a cat run.

And keep your cats inside

Some one doesn’t watch The Price is Right...

Humans, animals, cars, diseases.

I can't stop laughing.

ITT: spay/neuter your cats and adopt.

Per by letting your cat out you are potentially reducing his life expectancy by 2-3 years or more. The world is a dangerous place and it is filled with natural predators as well nasty people who get off on hurting animals, cats in particular. As careful as your cat may be, he could end up injured or killed out there and you will never know what happened to him.

When I was a boy my family had a cat that was an indoor/outdoor cat. This was many decades ago and that was the norm. She lived for many years actually, but like I mentioned above, one day she went out and never came back. I never knew how she died. That was the hardest part.

I've had to euthanize sick pets since then. I woke up one day and found that my dog had passed away during the night on his favorite couch. But I never again want to go through not knowing how my friend died or whether or not nor how much they suffered.

Cat life expectancy depends on numerous factors. One of these factors is whether the cat is an indoor or an outdoor cat. Typically, cats that spend more time outdoors will live less. Stray and feral cats live even less than domesticated cats.

Indoor Cats Life Expectancy

Cats that spend time indoors only, will have a longer life. Indoor cats are less exposed to bacteria, diseases, traffic accidents or the danger of chewing on toxic plants. Indoor cats may live between 12 and 15 years of average. However, the record age of an indoors cat is 25. This is the official record cat age that appears in the Guinness book of records, however, unofficially, some say that the record age is close to 36 years.

Outdoor Cats Life Span

Outdoor cats live less as they are exposed to viruses, bacteria, accidents and fights, which can endanger their health.

A pet that spends more time outdoors may live on average 2 to 3 years less than a cat that lives exclusively indoors. In addition, unexpected accidents may end an outdoor cat's life at any time.

Stray and feral cats live significantly less. On average, a stray cat lives 5 years if he is in a community of cats and 2 to 3 years if he lives by himself. This is due to unbalanced nutrition and lack of veterinary treatment and vaccinations. In addition, feral cats may get killed while fighting other wild animals.

Eliminating the risk of pyometra, a life-threatening infection of the uterus in mature intact female dogs and cats, is also a major benefit of spaying. These infections are unfortunately quite common in both the dog and cat species in bitches and queens who are not being bred and the emergency surgery to correct it is both expensive and risky. Source: I'm a veterinarian

Thank you. That helps. Maybe they meet a spider who can write words in her webs too. AAAAAaaahhhhhhh.....

Its hard for me not to get mad when people make blanket statements like this, so ill leave you with the facts: Average lifespan of an "indoor only" cat = 13-16 years. Average of "outdoor" cats = 2-5 years. Source:, my veterinary training, common sense.

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Thanks Bob!

It's fine in the UK. Even the royal society for the protection of birds isn't bothered.

Despite the large numbers of birds killed by cats in gardens, there is no clear scientific evidence that such mortality is causing bird populations to decline. This may be surprising, but many millions of birds die naturally every year, mainly through starvation, disease or other forms of predation. There is evidence that cats tend to take weak or sickly birds.

We also know that of the millions of baby birds hatched each year, most will die before they reach breeding age. This is also quite natural, and each pair needs only to rear two young that survive to breeding age to replace themselves and maintain the population.

It is likely that most of the birds killed by cats would have died anyway from other causes before the next breeding season, so cats are unlikely to have a major impact on populations. If their predation was additional to these other causes of mortality, this might have a serious impact on bird populations.

Those bird species which have undergone the most serious population declines in the UK (such as skylarks, tree sparrows and corn buntings) rarely encounter cats, so cats cannot be causing their declines. Research shows that these declines are usually caused by habitat change or loss, particularly on farmland.

Yeah cats are pretty much natural outdoor creatures. I’m not saying it’s cruel to keep them indoors but I really wouldn’t say it’s “better” to stop them from going out. Obviously it depends where you live (on a busy road vs. in the countryside for example), but one rule doesn’t fit all— my dad’s a vet and we’ve always let our cats wander outside as much as they like 🤷🏻‍♀️

That's what they bring home - they may be killing more.

At the shelters, I would always get dead, mangled cats, sometimes up to five or six a day. Some of them had microchips, and trying to explain to the owner that their cat is dead is heartbreaking, especially if there are children involved wondering why their cat is mangled and dead. I mean, cats are smart creatures, but they are still animals who are going to get into stuff they are not supposed to. And people are assholes, and there are people who will kill a cat.

My cat got flattened by a car and the driver didn't even call us, despite the cat being tagged with our name and number. He dragged himself and died in someone's yard and THEY were kind enough to call us.

Keep your cats inside.

There’s a new dead cat on the road by my house seemingly every week after being hit by a car. My husband growing up lost about 5 cats (farm cats) to coyotes/foxes.

My cats go outside on a leash or very carefully supervised backyard outings because I think keeping them completely indoors is a little much but leaving them outside makes me uncomfortable, and they don’t really care for the outdoors anyway.

That’s the sweetest

Special Creatures, for a lifetime.

Win win for everybody?