Sharing your tea with street workers

This is SPARTA!!!!

Am I only one who wants some context here?

That's a very good kick.

Except the little fucker still threw what he had while he was down. Trooper

I could be mistaken but I thought it was a she.

Its a short old lady...

You are not.

That was either a really powerful kick, or a really weak kid

I have not seen a kick more deserving of this since the movie itself

Well said, your holiness


Short fat person brought a message from xerxes and hardhat Leonidas didn't like the message one bit.

When you leave irrelevant comments. 👎

I mean, it's not that unexpected to get decked for throwing a drink over someone

Yes, I don't want context here, move along.

Looks like she was throwing her drink at the workers

And then one of the workers kicked her in the chest.

The acceleration was a bit unexpected. Ultimate outcome wasn't unexpected, but I was expecting something slower.

Best. Gif. Ever.

Someone please tell me you have the original video.

It was well struck, Your Grace

When a smoker blows their smoke into a non-smokers face after being asked to take their disgusting stinky habit downwind.

Source: Former smoker. It stinks, and your smoke can be smelled a block away. Do everyone and yourself a huge favor and quit.

Well shit, color me surprised. I wonder what the context of this is

"you were talking all that good shit a second ago"

I love how bystander comes in from the right, ready to interfere, then, "Oh. This has been handled, I guess."

But she never played the pussy pass. Is that sub supposed to just be /sub/watchwomengetpunished?

"Dude looks like a lady." But I think that is a she as well.

Same here


Looked like she threw a kettle full of (possibly) hot water. If so, the kick is kind of more warranted.


Mandatory "This is Sparta" quote applied.


Shawn Michaels would have been very pleased with how well placed that kick was