Sharing code

Sharing code

Image Transcription: Meme

['Expanding brain' meme]

"Small brain": using github

"Normal brain": sending the source files

"Shining brain": copy-pasting the code

"Shining brain with light rays going out of it": taking scrreenshots of the code

"Exploding brain": taking a picture of the code with your phone

"A person, shining outside": printing the code and faxing it

"A person, shining from inside": printing the code and mailing it

"A ghost-like person in space, 'holding' a galaxy": writing down the code and taking a picture of the paper

"A ghost-like person with multiple arms, in space, 'holding' a different shining things, and also has a tree growing on his head": sending an audio recording of yourself reading the code

"A person between shining wormhole exits, in space": calling the other person and reading the code

"An eye, inside a circle, inside a triangle, behind a planet, in space": starting a video call and using sign language to communicate the code

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Real programmers share their code through medium of interpretive dance.

Good human

You forget the latest way to share code:

Yes, it could be. We also have a bot in our sub, that tries to get text from a picture. In many cases you just need to copy-paste the result, format it properly and fix a few small errors, and the transcription is done.

This could be automatized right? With some data scrubbing and image recognition. At least for the memes. Hm, I could try if they would accept this for a Bachelor thesis.

It basically allows Google docs style editing on your project, Saros has been doing a similar thing with eclipse for a while.

I've used it before for team work and it is very useful.

I used to share my stored procedures via interpretive native American rain dances. Things were going well until I pulled my hamstring. Now I play it safe and email a screen shot of my printed off email captioning my code in hieroglyphics.

They forgot writing the code out by hand and sending it via Morse Code or telegram.


Mailing a silent film reel depicting a telegraph relaying the code in Morse code

I don't use Atom or VSCode. But TBH I would really dislike the idea of multiple people simultaneously editing a file in the same environment.

Isn't sharing keyboards. Am disappoint.

How well does this work? VSCode just announced something similar and it seems pretty interesting.