Shared pool at a housing complex in China

How does it stay clean?

By the looks, something to do with the inhabitants paying a butt load of money to people to make things happen.

a strict no shit policy.

I have one of these in my car.

And not a single person inside

Chlorine and a lifeguard....if someone shits in a pool it has to be drained and cleaned...they must have a strict no shit policy.

I was going to say that too. China has a shot ton of luxury communities and buildings that are empty. Sometimes entire cities complexes empty.

Ghost cities are a myth, they do fill up. The follow-up news stories of them filling up afterwards never make western headlines.

That’s where the rich folks live.

dude that rule is over the top. I cannot be your friend

You mean people were actually willing to buy cheap ass condos in empty high rises with no neighbors?

The perfect (although slowest) mode of transport to visit your neighbours!

The perfect (although slowest) mode of transport to visit your neighbours!

It's China. They may pay a buttload, but the people making things happen aren't seeing it.

Would totally break my neck jumping trying to jump in from a balcony

I mean, it is one large pool.

Are you implying it’s all that different elsewhere? Cause I don’t expect people in charge of cleaning pools to be making bank anywhere.

Really? We don’t drain our pool. We remove the fecal matter with a skimmer and maxi-sweep then shock the pool and let people back in in about 30 minutes after the shock.

That’s where poor people live because they want to live like rich people, they are sharing a pool !

This is great! I stayed at a hotel like this once and thought it would be awesome in a housing facility.

Sounds like peeing in his car is ok. I can make that work.

1 in 5 Americans admit they have peed in a pool. 4/5 don't

Wouldn't it be more cost effective to just have one large pool? That is really nice to look at. Almost like Venice you can effective have gondolas

Still wouldn't move into an HOA.

Risky click, and even after having clicked it I'm still not sure of how I feel

Ghost cities are certainly not a myth, you're right in the sense that a lot of them fill up later on, but in some cases it's 7-8 years later. Sometimes never at all. You can go to places in/near Chongqing and see empty mega structures that were built 10 years ago.

The myth is that it's an entire city, most times it's a new development(a massive development albeit) near an established city - not just some entire city they randomly built in the middle of nowhere.

The primary problem is the price point the developers need to sell at to recover land and dev costs, it often leaves the prices beyond what people consider fair in the area. The only way they're usually able to sell these massive blocks is for 'investment purposes'. If the sales agencies fail to get momentum, the buildings sit there half developed. Even if the sales team succeeds, often the rental price is so high people won't rent it. The high rental price is driven by the demand for ROI on cash investments or outrageous financing by the end investor.

It's a viscous cycle and arguably one of the highest risk property markets around. You can make mega bux if it's in the right area or go completely bust holding a worthless half finished apartment.

Source: have been involved in the financing side of failed Chinese developments.

Pretty sure this is the most common way of going about dealing with it. Both places I worked at this was how we handled it too.

It’s where upper-middle class people live to try to pretend they’re really rich. Nobody here is poor. To a poor person, though, they’re “rich”

What a friendly neighborhood that would be. "Oh just got a six-pack, I should float over to Joe and see if he wants one."

Sounds good to me. Time to go back to school and learn Mandarin.

You ever pay attention to pools with swim up bars? People drink for hours and never get up to pee.

I guess u don't have to pee if you drink alcohol in a pool.

People move in and now you have affordable priced property in a growing metropolitan area.

No one can go in pools unless they have diarrhea?

Raise the free chlorine amount above the safe level for people to kill any potentially harmful pathogens that could have been left behind by the feces.

Probably implying some sort of slave labor or close to it.

if someone shits in a pool it has to be drained and cleaned...they must have a strict no shit policy.

But this is China. Having lived there I can tell you that the likelihood of them being that fastidious with their pool maintenance is near zero.

I suppose someone has to ride the golfcart around reporting people for not bringing in their trashcans 10 minutes arfter collection.

"You guys watching the game?'

"yeah man float on over"

it was so cold this morning i saw a socialist with his hands in his own pockets

Prime example of “we could all be living good, only if we share”.

So they're rich.

Got it.

I couldn't find anything about inflatables, but holy shit they really did ban the phrase "big yellow ducks". After someone replaced the tanks in the Tiananmen Square photo with rubber ducks.


The same way every other pool stays clean.

Except they're big inflatable duckies you wear around the waist

I used to install pools like digging a hole and everything. It takes us about 8 hours to bury a pool that's 24 ft long and another two to plumb it sometimes. I can't begin to Fathom the amount of work and hours it took to put this thing together

I recently moved out of an HOA... maybe when I retire I'll go back to one but freedom is nice.

You'll never be able to un-know: if it smells REALLY chlorine-y, someone probably shat in the pool recently.

I tested the pH levels this morning and it's all pee, no H!

bigger pools tend to not have to be drained just increased amounts of chlorine and no one can go in them for a while unless its diarrhea

The black dude front right thought he was about to watch a man die

Probably implying some sort of slave labor or close to it.

You mean lower wages in a poorer country? Don't get me wrong, I am not denying the existence of slave labour, but pool cleaners in China making their minimum wage is not slave labour; it is reality.

If you were at a pool bar and standing next to you was a really sexy cute girl and all the sudden you felt the water getting warm from her direction just as she gave you eye contact and a sexy smile... Would it gross you out or turn you on?

I hope OP likes Lime flavored Gatorade.

The irony is that most Chinese want this sort of thing as a show of wealth, not to swim in it. Culturally they want to keep their skin white as possible as it denotes wealth, so swimming in the sun is often right out.

I’m bringing the kayak out!

This is quite a step up from the typical shared apartment complex pool.

That’s funny because I live in China and we just had a conversation about the fact that they exist. One of my coworkers bought a condo in one and everyone else was calling him a moron, should I go tell them that ghost cities are just a western myth?

Does yours not?

Nobody that has a big pool drains it over a turd. Do you think waterparks drain the wave-pool, or giant rivers or w/e attraction anytime someone shits in it?

The guy admits he's a New Yorker making minimum wage else where. He's reads an article saying otherwise and vigorously defends it as a self appointed expert. Certainly has never been to China. Welcome to the internet eh?

Inches away from theync

As long as the pee levels stay under 83% it's fine

My biggest gripe was not being allowed to park a car out in the street unless my driveway was full... and the HOA approved sheds, house color schemes, needing two trees in the front yard etc.

Are you sure you posted this in enough subs simultaneously though? I love seeing the same thing 4 times in a row on my feed.

Gets to Joe's

Joe: Well howdy neighbor! What can I do ya for?

Dave: empty handed Y'know I can't remember for the life of me.

Joe: Ah well. Pulls out beer Hey I just got a 12 pack, how's about you and I float on down to Bills and have ourselves a good ol' time?

This continues for some time.


Don't touch the radio, don't shit the car. I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS!

The sun degrades chlorine fairly rapidly which is why you have to have a constant drip of it into your pool to maintain a safe level. So you just raise the chlorine then wait for the sun to "burn" off the excess.

Source: lifeguard/pool manager for 6 years

Hey that's pretty cool--wooOAHH

The guy vacuuming and checking your chemicals probably ain't raking in much. But his boss should be clearing mid-six to seven figures a year running the company.

Granted, if you're in a place with winter, you probably have some kind of off-season side to the business. Maybe above ground or hot tub installs and the like.


Draining a pool makes ZERO sense just because of a little fecal matter. Nobody sane in the US does this either. Literally EVERYONE who enters a pool has SOME fecal matter on them, and there are SO MANY people that don’t clean themselves extremely well so there is going to be lots of fecal matter in any pool. Fecal matter can’t do shit when it comes in contact with chlorine, so why the fuck would anyone waste all that water for basically nothing?

Nobody swims in it

It's speculative real estate, and it will work until it doesn't. The Chinese economy has been roaring for a long time and when/if a recession hits, that kind of speculation is going to add fuel to the fire.

It's not that they don't get filled, so much as it's an indication of the extremes of the Chinese economy and urbanization trend.

Fucking space birds always spying on my backyard.

Then you're probably not the kind of person to buy a 4 bedroom family home in a shared neighbourhood. Problem fucking solved. Get a grip.

I just realized how poorly I worded that ROFL

Pretty sure every pool has a strict no shit policy.. and everywhere, ever, that is not a toilet..

You're thinking of women. Chinese men don't care if they look African. But, yes, the women spend billions every year in Asia on skin lightening products.

Holy shit, if I had to listen to the obnoxious kids from my neighborhood pool screaming and splashing outside my window at all hours of the day I would probably just put on some concrete shoes and drown myself in the backyard.

As a former pool cleaner seeing this gives me nightmares. But since it’s China there’s most likely have a large team of cleaners coming at least 1x a week. Heavy backwashing. Large vacuums and lots of brushing.

I was a lifeguard at a small water park through highschool. I think we had 2 medium slides, 4 small and maybe 3 or 4 pools, maybe 300 people a day. Anyhow, kids would shit in a pool once or twice a week. Everyone out, skim the poo, use the shock chemical, let it sick for a couple of hours then test the levels and let people back in. I don't know what the guy who started this thread is talking about. If you had to drain and refill a pool every time someone shit in it every water park ever would be bankrupt from the water costs and down-time.

Does your urine taste like lime Gatorade?

Or alternatively, you go to Prison in the US. Where slave labor still exists.

In theory it sounds great. Here in Florida it means you’d have naked corpses floating by your backyard, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on what turns you on... sexually.

Who the fuck thinks about this? Or did this happen to you?

wait 4 hours till people could get back in.

IMHO that isn't safe but hardly no one complains. Chlorine level doesn't drop that quick, however.

If anyone defecates in a pool, it is best to raise chlorine level by 3 to 5 times the normal level (1-3 PPM is normal), skim/vacuum the poop out, brush the affected floor, then keep pool closed until the next day.

So close to ruining what looks like an awesome pool party.

We had to get specific approval for the whole backyard plan when building our pool. Like down to how many flower bed we had and what we put in them. And our backyard is pretty much only visible from our house and a bird's eye view like from space.

Yeah, if you want slave labor, you go to Qatar for that.

Just have 100 times as many people doing it so it gets done in the same amount of time! :D

How fucking often does that happen



We wouldn't maxisweep? We would just scoop and shock, then wait 4 hours till people could get back in.

Then there’s always that 1 neighbor that fucks it up for everyone by leaving dirty beer cans and other trash in the pool.

Or in the case of America this would never work because everyone would be so worried about getting sued when some random kid drowns or gets hurt in the pool and their parents sue the whole neighborhood.

It was probably cold outside.

Except inflatable duckies are banned in China

Oh I saw that on my friend's ankle tattoo. It means 'beautiful strength' right?