Shalane Flanagan, Women's Boston Marathon Winner. Fastest final 10K close on the NYC marathon course by a female and the first American woman to win since 1977.

Shalane Flanagan, Women's Boston Marathon Winner. Fastest final 10K close on the NYC marathon course by a female and the first American woman to win since 1977.

Damn, it's like looking at an anatomy book.

*New York Marathon winner. She hasn't decided if she's going to run in the Boston Marathon yet.

That's the most clearly defined sartorius I've ever seen

good god, look that thigh muscle. I'm not even sure i have that one.

From the looks of her legs, she could run TO the Boston Marathon and still win it.

You leave little Jacob out of this.

I don't think she skips leg day

I think she IS leg day.

Jesus Christ, this belongs on a Wheaties box. And whatever textbooks there are for running and leg musculature.

Wow, look at those legs. Amazing.

I'm sure if she shows up the atmosphere will be explosive

The one lower and attaching on the inside of her knee is called Sartorius. I've never even seen it on a person except for in an anatomy book.


She ran very fast for a long amount of distance.

Did she win the Boston Marathon? I don't think so... Her win in NYC was epic though. 3.11/km in the last 10k.

3.11/km in the last 10k.

I don't understand what you are saying here.

She ran her last ten kilometres at a 3:11 per kilometre pace.

Which is fucked. All the more so when you consider that she did that after already running thirty kilometres.

This could be on a poster to show almost perfect running form. The fact that its during the last 10k just shows how well she trained. The last 10k of a marathon is one of the more taxing things a person can undertake and its really easy for the fatigue to destroy your form. She's probably the best American distance runner today, male or female.

...same here, I checked and I don't.

I mean, comparing yourself to the best of the best is always a bad idea.

Big if true.

My shot of her placing 3rd in Berlin in 2014
Rest of the album (which includes the setting of the current men's WR by Dennis Kimetto)

Rest of the album (which includes the setting of the current men's WR by Dennis Kimetto)

I guess she's not a household name, but among runners she is world famous. She is among the top tier of runners. There are tiers below her who are sponsored elites, and even tiers below that who are sponsored sub-elites. So, of course she is sponsored!

She used to have an extra bone in her foot.

She ran her last ten kilometres at a 3:11 per kilometre pace.

What the fuck? i thought my 5k at 20 minutes was good. but after running thirty km she can somehow pull numbers like that... i feel defeated :(

I can count more muscles on her leg than I can on my entire body!

About 5:07/mile

Maybe she should chat less and run more for those muscles to show

Yo I got her cook book and its lit

For the last 6 miles of a 26.2 mile race.


Shalane Legday

It's a pair of legs with a torso that's a support system for it.

I don't know about the benefits of "compression" (especially for a runners arms), but from my own experience your arms can get cold while the rest of your body is comfortable. Your legs and core are working overtime for 2 hours straight while your arms are just kinda swinging.

She better get or already have a Nike deal!

Every sporting event should be rewarded with a comically large beer!

“Guys, today there are some lines that should not be crossed... especially the finish line” - Anthony Jeselnik

She used to have an extra foot in her bone???


oh yeah, stopped doing that a long time ago (this being one exception) now i just compare myself to my Younger self, i win every time :)

Her sartorius is bigger than my vastus lateralis.

Looks like she’s skipping to me

My wife is a competitive runner, and you don't see those muscles unless she's at full chat in a photo. It's weird.

too soon

Naw they're arm warmers. It's warmth that can easily be dropped during a race.

They're not for compression as previously stated. Just easy to shed warmth. They keep your arms warm and over the course of the race if it warms up (which is very possible given the nearly 2.5 hours she was on the course) you can easily discard them in a way that you could not do with a long sleeve shirt.

what is her workout routine, what is her diet, what are her short and long term goals for this run and what does she do to improve her time everyday. I MUST KNOW

Compression gear ('skins' is a popular brand). Jury is out on any real benefit though there is perceived benefit to athletes. Supposedly stops muscle vibration (wobbling), increases blood flow and drawing sweat away from skin. Also they just feel good so that's a bonus when doing something arduous.

I think there would be a lot of training on core and supporting muscles to avoid injuries. But that muscledefininition isnt only dependant on the amount of muscles, but also a near total lack of subdermal fat.


I just meant that she has Nike everything on..

She has a cookbook, so there's a start for ya:

What are the sleeves for?

Actual name: Jessie Quick


fast and long if true.

No, I copy and pasted the title wrong. Her time at the NYC Marathon was 2:26:53. Mary Keitany got 2nd with 2:27:54, and Mamitu Daska finished 3rd with a time of 2:28:08.

Yeah, but her vastus medialis appears to be almost non-existent, so you can feel superior in that respect.

...wait a minute

Jesus, what a tank.

Just out of the frame to the right is a guy asking her if she has a moment to talk about Jesus Christ

That sartorius tho...good lord

Those thighs are amazing. She's clearly worked every hard for her marathons - good for her.


Are those the Nike shoes that supposedly make you run faster? Vaporfly I think


This woman looks like she is strong enough to crush a car with her legs.

Dont feel bad, at least I think your 5k time is good.

36 years old! Damn!!!

can't avoid the errors of the present without introspection into the future

Yeah, 4%.

She ran every kilometer in 3 minutes 11 seconds (in average) for the last 10 kilometers of the marathon. Impressive.

The cookbook is awesome. Kind of a high barrier to entry if you don’t already have the weird flours and such, but once you get them (check costco, sams club, and sprouts bulk for cheaper prices) it’s really fun to cook from. Superhero muffins and zucchini pasta (add some chicken and pesto) are some of my favorites from it.

No such thing

Why is this a thing :-D

Yep. I have a 20:11 5K to my name and it's scary to see numbers like hers.

They mean she ran 3.11 minutes per kilometer during the last 10k of the race. This means she ran a 5 minute miles for the last 6ish miles.

She is making my day because of her incredible legs.

But can she beat the Freeze?