"Sexy Kids"

"Sexy Kids"

You walk in and there's Chris Hansen with a chair

"Sweet and Sexy" is an established "boutique", and this is their kids store. Which takes this from creepy to just really poorly thought out.

don't google the store name unless you want to be on a government watch list.

Should have called it "SS Kids" and made it more subtle, truly.

I can't believe a room full of adults had meetings, sent memos, and put together presentations about this and not one person raised an eyebrow.

Pretty sure Chris Hansen likes women, not kids.

Why would it be located in the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes outlet Mall??

Schutzstaffel kids?

Karma>Getting the NSA to monitor me.

I think this is located in the NAMBLA Outlet Mall.

Disney would like to have a word with you about your use of a certain mouses ears

"I'm gonna tie you to the radiator, and grape you!"

Risky title man.....riskyyyyy title.

"Sweet and Sassy" maybe? I don't know, I neither have kids nor am entirely sure what a boutique does.


The owner of this store clearly knows just enough English to be dangerous, but not enough to actually speak it.

Pretty sure the joke went over your head.

It's funny how everyone who gets caught having an affair is a 'sex pervert'. I'm pretty sure he was considered quite noble when he met his wife. She was a woman, he was single. But now he's married, he's met another woman. Sex pervert!

I can't really think of a good way to name a kids version with the original name. They should have come up with an appropriate variation.


Ahh I see, So if you fancy someone who still over the age of consent, but is 20+ years younger that makes you a sex pervert! I've often wondered, do old guys actually fancy old women?

Being attracted to horrible and ugly kids would be worse though...

Seig Hail!

That's how he grapes people! That's what he does!

Sweet and Silly

And the Justice heartburst

"Sexy kids" ... are the main cause of paedophilia.

On the plus side, the NSA is already monitoring everybody.

I'm a sex pervert because I'd tap Patrick Stewart and he's 40 years my senior.

That is sooooooo awesome. Thank you

Less competition, though.

S&S kids?

The things women do to get a cute top when it's on sale.

No, the other NAMBLA. (Note: the rumors about Trump are just an internet hoax, I think.)

I smell luftwaffles

Better eat them now before someone Goebbels them all up!

See I am not at all prudish. But this is simply horrible.

Or atleast changed the font color.


Well obviously I considered that, but obviously it's so obvious that I obviously considered it, and considered it too obvious...obviously...

"Yah, yah, ve support vis decision"