Sexual dimorphism in anglerfish is extreme. How they mate is even more extreme

Sexual dimorphism in anglerfish is extreme. How they mate is even more extreme

She probably decided to focus on her career.

Lol what the fuck "this is a pretty bizarre concept, better make an disturbing animations with humans to drive the point home"

I went to uni with this guy, now he is talking about sexual fish. I'm jealous, so much more interesting than what i'm doing.

Rewatched the anglerfish scene from Finding Nemo and unfortunately didn't see a male attached to it.

Reminds me of the last town I lived in. Tiny, skinny junky guys with big, fat trashy girls.

They used to have a show about animals (I know crazy right?) called the Most Extreme where they would have a countdown from 10 for animals that shared a common feature like strength or speed. The human simulation is shown to compare the feature to something similar in humans.

his voice is so damn comforting and informing. I would happily listen to multiple doco's through him

"I feast on the gibblets that fall from her multiple chins. I pay no rent, I live under the 4th flap of her left back breast."

Bruh that show was amazing. Like with the human simulation when talking about mosquitoes.

Hes cute

So the guy turns into a broken dead shell of an animal wasting away after finding a mate/wife? Sounds about right.

TLDR He's got a bionic pussysniffing nose and his entire body is his penis.

I used to love this show just for the animations

He's got a phenomenal voice.

And he keeps doing this 👌🏿

Right? The entire time I was thinking about mating strategies I could use on this guy instead of worrying about the anglerfish.

"Our relationship is based entirely off of you sexing me up when I need it."

"But what about work?"

"You don't need to work."

"But what about food and transportation?"

"I'll take care of everything you ever need. You literally just have sex with me when I want to make babies."

"What if you break up with me?"

"You're literally going to be fused with my body."

".... a'right."

Would female angler fish birth control be male nose plugs? Camo perfume? Scissors?

Maybe just a nice jacket.

Seriously fantastic voice. I can see it becoming as iconic as Attenborough if he keeps this up.

Remove the animal planet logo and this could pass as a fetish

Me too and I'm a straight male. But he is beautiful. That smile, that accent, those toned arms. I'd bite his assistant and waste away to gonads any day. Edit: gonna just leave the auto-correct error, maybe his assistant is hot too. And maybe female... That'd work out.

I want to latch onto his side and ferilize his eggs for a living.

It's not gay if you can't see.

I wonder what the gender equality debates look like for them

I'm a straight male.

You sure?

Rent free, you say...

Thank you! This video wasn't closed captioned and I'm partially Deaf. I tried to have my 7 year old explain it to me, but he couldn't quite do it...and now I see why XD

Presenting on camera: This absolute beast of an animal is a female angler fish, and it looks quite bizarre. What's even more bizarre than that though is the fact that this is her male counterpart. And the reason why they look so different comes down to something called sexual dimorphism, and that's when males and females look different. In this case it's an extreme version of exactly that.

Narrating over footage: For anglerfish, it's more extreme than in any other animal. In some species, the males can weigh a staggering half a million times less than their female partners. So why on earth are they so small? Incredibly it's to help them survive in the depths of the ocean where food is almost impossible to find. It's a joint venture, and the two sexes have very different strategies. The females have huge jaws and elastic stomachs, so can feast on almost anything they come across. They're definitely not fussy eaters.

On camera: The males have also adapted perfectly to deep water survival, but in a completely different way: they've evolved to go without food.

Over footage: Once they reach adulthood, they stop feeding. They use every ounce of energy in their body to find a female. The white shape at the front of the male's head are his nostrils, which are the biggest in proportion to their head of any animal on earth, and using these, he sniffs out females in the vast ocean. An almost impossible task at which most males probably fail.

On camera: The male self-sacrifice is a pretty dramatic one, but it does make sense. Between them an anglerfish pair only need about half the amount of food as they would do if they were both large. But the question is, how on earth do they mate?

Over footage: If he's lucky enough to find a female, he bites onto her and releases a chemical that fuses his mouth to her body, joining them for life. His eyes and fins then waste away and he's nourished only by her blood, but he still breathes with his own gills and, crucially, still produces sperm.

On camera: So this female has a male attached to her right there, you can just make him out. And the males pretty much act as a reproductive organ that the females carry around. Now when the females want to lay eggs, they send a hormonal signal through their blood to literally turn him on so that he can fertilize the eggs as they come out.

Over footage: Over their lifetime, females can collect several males who produce sperm season after season.

By reducing in size, the male has given the species a better chance of survival in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

I worked on a BBC Program with this guy in South Africa about Elephants hearing Infrasound. He was a cool and funny guy.

I would've planted myself right between those cheeks

Know your place, shrivel up and die you parasite. Much the same really.

...and then everyone thought to themselves "huh, must have seen something funny on his phone" and they went about their day, never to think of the moment again. Except for Ted. Ted will proceed to drive home after a few too many drinks, and suddenly think to himself "man, I wonder what that guy was laughing at? I bet it was funny and I like funny things". While imagining various funny scenarios, such as a bear sitting in a chair like a human might, or or someone walking into a glass door, he will chuckle to himself, lose concentration on driving, run a stop sign, and T-bone a newly married and expecting couple, killing the father and leaving the soon to be mother paralyzed from the neck down.

So yeah, real good going there with the joke.

Has a male ever been known to bite an already attached male because of the hormones produced during mating?

Hey bro. It's called Hetero-Flexible.

No shame in admitting another dude is well above average. And homeboy in the video well above average. I'm pretty sure if I hit that my girlfriend wouldn't even be mad, she'd just be jealous of me.



You know, I think I could be happy as one of those little dudes.

that shit scared me when I was a child

You people are gonna love Ze Frank's True Facts: The Anglerfish

Many quotable lines. Check out the whole series.

The video states that a female can collect more than 1 male. They still have eyes and noses before they bite. I'm sure they can make sure to bite the right spot/sex.

To the female angler fish: the human male is a very loud, annoying, and unnecessarily complicated pair of gonads.

No, please, we want more of this stuff. That show was actually pretty great for what it was, I remember loving it growing up.

"this absolute beast of animal, is a female"

I'm happy to discover that I'm not the only one that introduces a partner using that line.

Well, it's so dark down there. Accidents happen :x

This guy looks so happy to be explaining this. It would be scary if he didn't have such a smooth English accent

He just kept cracking up laughing, which made me crack up laughing and we got nowhere.

Everyone is talking about Tardigrades (Water Bears) like they're new, and I'm just sitting here remembering when this show emphasised how badass they were

Finding a mate/wife by sniffing her out... Sounds about wrong

I always hated how they showed 1-2 of them from the countdown and then went to commercials for 5 minutes.

"the males pretty much act as a reproductive organ that the females carry around"

Eh... Who's 100% anything ya know

Males complaining about being objectified and only valued for sex.


Not even for a cup of coffee just straight for it, nice.

Rule 34 doesn't forbid logos


Me sitting by myself at a bar after work. Read this comment and giggle right when the music stopped. Entire bar and bartender look at me. Fuck you you witty person!

That butt goin' get took

The original click bait

Watching the news on TV is unbearable because of this. "A PSYCHO MURDERER IS LOOSE, watch 45 minutes of fluff and stay tuned to find out more about the psycho murderer"

45 min later

This family's pet dog, named psycho murderer, was lost for 3 weeks. A Good Samaritan found him and took care of him until the owners reunited with their beloved pet. And now for the weather...

You also lose your arms and sight

And not bad to look at.

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Its funny because I pictured that exact matchup. Its a skinny, boney looking dude in a wifebeater and fat chick who thinks she can still wear booty shorts.

lol I feel like cushion for the pushin is the bless your heart of being fat

Tardigrade hipster over here.

Story of my life ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You are right! Good ole Louisiana.

I'm not a petite girl by any means either but there's a difference between cushion for the pushin and skinny junkies dating levee rats. It's just a strange but common combo in St. Martin parish.

I liked the flea one where the human jumps over the Empire state building.

That's some pertinent info that you didn't include at first

That must be a bitch to sign. Can't blame your kid.

Aw, I pictured this in my mind and it made me smile.

Have a nice day, mate.

He's beautiful af

Plus he's English so that accent....

for the animations ...

Lol, I thought everybody did that ... I'd never date a woman who smells terrible.

e: upvotes, but guys I'm serious. Imagine your wife stinks. Doesn't work for me.

To shreds you say?

They paid some guy and he spend possibly days making this. What a life to live.


wtf animal planet...

That's uh..

Just don't tell my wife of 21 years... Just kidding, she fucking knows.

THANK YOU so much for this! Seriously :) That's much more info and it's so weird!

Sure you're straight brah?

Wow those lazy Pixar scum pay absolutely no attention to detail

Is that because you are a giant?

Most extreme was my shit dawg

Pretty sure it's called bi lol

Next to an old formaldehyde soaked angler fish anything will look cute.


Givin up dem cheeks

Biology is sexist.

we could've stopped 9/11

wha.. what are you doing? (゜-゜)

I thought i was the only one...

Would you really make use of them fused to a mate for the rest of your existence?

Who is this guy and how can I listen to him more?

You're talking about the fish right?

"I knew a guy with brown hair. never felt comfortable around him."

"What? Why not? What's wrong with brown hair?"

"Oh, it wasn't the hair. He killed my entire family."


A Song About an Anglerfish

Check out

Pretty hard to animate when your nose is on top of your mouth and not on the sides of your body.

Pretty spot on. If it's not a wife beater it's a stained torn graphic tee and basketball shorts that are too big

Pretty much everyone has figured out that women tend to have boobs and less body hair.

I feel like you were in the south...

We love a little more cushion for the pushin.

Drummer, eh?

pfft yeah...i know...I went through his comment history and found that he subscribes to a lot of fish porn.

smh. Some people, ya know.

I swear I saw this in a Black Eyed Peas video.

Why would that make you uncomfortable? It's not like it's ever going to come to fruition. It's just a fantasy scenario that turns him on.

Why not matriarch?

I have the weirdest boner right now

This is someone's fetish

Multiple chins and breast flaps you say?

Oh God, gives a new meaning to "here, hold this bag for me."

lmao stained graphic tee with a skull or MMA design.

Like this?

Like ?

Alright there mr director of funland security.

Fuck them they always led you on and then fucked you with a commercial lmao

Hey, my eyes are down here!

that animation is all wrong, the narrator said the angler fish would still breathe on his own... so the animation is all wrong, unless the human male breathes out of his ass, which in my case, i do not.

The mouth would fuse into the flesh, the limbs would drop off, the eyes would fuse shut, but the nose would still remain. Animal Planet needs to start watching documentaries and learning instead of producing sensational incorrect shitty animation/product.

Except you don't even get sex out of the deal. They use external fertilization, so you just jizz into the water when she releases her eggs.

Fucking chemtrails!

Yeah, you have to finger 'em a little, then give 'em a hug while sniffing the diddling digit. Then you can bail before you're naked and it's too late.

if they complain they get fired from Anglergoogle

The female angler fish can collect up to several males . What a whore.

Definilty true I knew a guy who had a gigantism fetish, never felt comfortable around him.

Felt this need to be put here.