Servers down?

Servers down?

I can't connect to Destiny 2. I login select my character then immediately get the "You have lost connection to the Destiny 2 servers.... Your permissions to access online multiplayer etc etc"

I've restarted my modem, hard reset my Xbox. I still have an XBL Gold subscription.

Anyone else having similar issues?

EDIT: I also can't access the CoD WWII servers... I think it's an XBL issue...


This appears to be an XBL issue rather than a bungie issue. I'm being disconnected from other games as well

X1 here, received newt error code trying to go to tower. Force quit destiny and now can't connect to servers.

I've also checked the relevant Bungie/Microsoft support social media and websites... Everything's running fine apparently

Reporting in, also having the same problem. Can we confirm this is an XBL problem and not a bungie problem. PS4 people, you still in?


GG it's over, they have turned the game off.

Servers unavailable on my Xbox as well

Same, kicked me from patrol and now i cant get back in

Same here

Let me know if R6 works I couldn't get online with Call of Duty or Battlefield

I got on!

Same, glad its not just me

Same here, guess I’ll play Rainbow.

same on D2 and no multiplayer on forza7 for me