Seriously Netflix....its time they have their own category.

Seriously Netflix....its time they have their own category.

Here you go, have at it. Specific Netflix codes.

Their entire recommendation formula is fucked

I'm tired of watching dark dramas that are classified as comedies

50% of the category is stand ups. trying to find a comedy movie? enjoy filtering through every comedian known to man first.

I heard you watched a movie. I think you'd like this stand up show we produced that costs us nothing in licensing.

Are stand up specials not comedy?

It didn't bother me when there weren't as many stand-up specials. But now there are so many of them, and it feels like they're being shoved down our throats.

da real mvp. is there a way to do this on say xbox console or on other streaming devices?

Not that I can figure out, which is really annoying because I usually use Netflix on my Roku. But you can search it online and then make a watch list for later.

A lot of them are made for/by Netflix.

Apparently it's rocket science for Netflix to have a "stand up comedy" genre and a "comedy movie" genre.

I am with you but on the other side. Keep your comedy movies away from my stand ups!

Ya the term "dark comedy" is pretty broadly applied. I've heard someone argue that Breaking Bad is a dark comedy. Iono about that...

I agree but because I want to find the stand up without random shit comedy movies popping up.

For those of you commenting about stand ups beong comedies or that I dont like stand up comedy. First of all, I love stand up comedy. But some of these specials netflix throws at us arent even good stand ups. I like the good stuff. the old robin williams or eddie murphy, dave chappell ( sprinkle some crack and lets get out of here), jo koy, louis ck, george carlin, etc. stand up specials should be reserved for comedians thatare revered in their field. meanwhile netflix is slapping a special tag or goofy special name on every tom dick and harry thats a decent comedian.

Secondly, stand ups are a completely different comedy. a movie or show thats funny (not that all netflix options are funny but hey thats a different rant) has an overarching story. sure comedians can tell a story thats funny, but it lasts 2 to 7 minutes, where I can watch something like hot fuzz which is a gem in its own kind as a good story arch yet satirically hilarious. they are just two completely different experiences.

my point is that if someone asked you, "hey you wanna go see a funny movie in the theaters?" you know they dont mean a stand up. they are two completely different types of comedy.

They are cheap to produce and since Netflix makes them, they pay nothing for licensing.

Read this as stand U.P.S. and was terribly confused

I've been saying this for years. I've also said CC needs to make it's own standup channel for 24/7 standup.

I've since canceled cable and Netflix. On PSN though (not sure if it's on other platforms), you can download an app called Pluto and they have a standup channel. That's all that plays in my house now.

Edit: aaaaand after reading further into your sentiment, I realize now you hate standup, so nevermind. Gonna' leave the above info though for others out there who aren't looking for "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" or "The Emoji Movie" when they want some comedy. Hope you find the Adam Sandler, Kevin James, or Dane Cook flick your heart desires, OP.

"Oh you watched that gory horror movie? You'll probably like these Disney movies"

But when you search Comedies, Stand Up pollutes the results.