Senate GOP Conference

Senate GOP Conference

Explanation: Donald Trump formally endorsed known child molester Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, even as Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka denounced Roy Moore for said child molesting.

Ivanka is the cherry that sits on top of the shit pile to convince you it's chocolate ice cream

My favorite thing to do on posts like these is go to the bottom of the comment sections and see all the people who didn’t understand what the joke was and chalked it up to “this guy dislikes trump”

KidS. Plural. Nine total separate reports to date. At least 3 were minors at the time.

There are people who reject the claim that the Earth is round, too. The rest of us just use evidence and critical thinking to make our decisions.

EDIT: Surprised I have to point this out, but there are rules about conduct on Reddit. Username tagging me in false rape accusations falls under targeted harassment.

Nah. She's part of the ice cream.

Maraschino cherries look pretty but they're hollow inside

A shit pile looks like chocolate ice cream if you ignore the horrible stench coming off it, and this whole administration stinks

Even after taking a big bite and getting a mouthful of shit, some people would rather keep eating it than admit they were wrong in the first place


Republican politicians can prey on children because Democrats do it too!!!!!

I don't understand the logic, get rid of all of them please and thanks.

/sub/insanepeoplereddit ?

Or watch the non-trolling comments that treat Trump like NK treat Kim. "Love our perfect God-emperor leader!"

Not bad

Too bad they never stop taking SHIT long enough to hear a fucking word anybody says

Actually more democrats are being outed as sex offenders,

Please list all of the elected Democrats who are being outed as child predators.

Dude, grow up.

Congratulations on being Exhibit A for why Trump loves the poorly educated.

I think he meant because she's generally considered attractive, amongst a sea of old, white...balls.

Yeah that's definitely fair but the more you look at the evidence the less I'm able to believe that it's all just a political attack. I mean the dude has like half a dozen accusers at this point with similar stories, multiple people that worked alongside him that corroborated the narrative that Moore dates high school girls, he has banned from a shopping mall on record for exactly that kind of behavior and his signature is in a girl's high school yearbook. The dude didn't even do a good job at denying the claim. He basically admitted to dating some high school girls but only the ones that were of age he claims. If I was a betting man I would put my house on Roy Moore molested some 14 year old girl(s).

Number of malls I've been banned from: 0

Number of creepy signatures I've left in the yearbooks of underage children: 0

Number of accusers who have come forward against me, despite intense right-wing media pressure and threats: 0

Number of kids I've fucked: 0

Number of kids I've ever wanted to fuck: 0

Now do Moore's math.

See, the difference is that Moore wants to and actually does fuck kids. It's a small difference, but an important one.

I suppose Moore and his supporters are intimately familiar with all kinds of small things, though.

I mean, at least she's smart enough to denounce FUCKING CHILD MOLESTERS. More than we can say for our president.

I wasn’t a liberal all my life. I was an independent for the longest time. That said, Republicans are a cancer now. They didn’t used to be. You used to be able to be a reasonable person but be a conservative, and there was a balance. Now, shit it out of whack. They come after healthcare rather than fixing it, dish out money to everyone except for those who need it, add 1.5T to the debt, and even try to ruin the internet. All while Trump maintains his position as the stupidest piece of shit to ever hold the office of President.

The amount of hypocrisy is staggering. The amount of lies is unprecedented, and the fact that the GOP supporters care more about whatever backwards shit they care about than their fellow Americans blows my mind.

When I’m lied to, I get frustrated. It’s why I didn’t support Hillary Clinton from the beginning - I felt she was whatever people asked her to be rather than someone who had her own convictions. But I wasn’t so dumb as to think that she had a spotless record or was beyond reproach.

Trump and Trump supporters are the bottom of the gene pool.

I think the logic is (normally, I can't say always because some people are crazy) more of a "Why are you specifically calling out Republicans when it's not a specifically republican problem?"

I know I get tired of both side's constantly shifting positions. Something is perfectly fine when my guy does it but if you guy does it then God help you.

The difference is that those who "love" Kim in reality hate him, the ones that love Trump aren't forced to do so, which is very lame.

Gropey Old Perverts

I guess now we live in the world where we call a person who doesn’t support child molesters “smart”

Yeah, they're getting outed and punished because democrats actually care about that sort of thing.. The GOP just screams "false flag" and reelects their sex predators.

Yeah, cause not wanting a child rapist in office is leftist propaganda...

Nothing propaganda about being a smidge disgusted that our leader supports a child molester

They're using spirit dinner magic to hide their martian pizza basement in the past where the lack of vaccines means there's no autism to weaponize against them INFOWARS.TAR.GZ

Here’s a word to look up: Corroboration.

You’re welcome.

Isn't he also the guy cops were told to keep away from schools and malls?

First time on the Internet?

he literally admitted to taking interest in his wife when she was 15 in a dance recital. you cant make this shit up anymore goddamnit

Who cares what Ivanka says? It’s the same fruit salad from a less orange face.

They're referring to Trump's endorsement of Roy Moore the pedophile

Trump only touches his child though

"Oh, no they're mocking Trump! Better post a comment attempting to call them out while making it abundantly clear just how triggered I am by people not respecting the god-emperor."

When something:

Smells like a shit pile

Looks like a shit pile

Acts like a shit pile

Is banned from places for being a shit pile

Leaves shit pile messages for children

And is accused of being a shit pile

You don't start thinking it's a shit pile, huh? Would you take a big bite of it and call it pudding? At the moment I'm accused of being a shit pile, but I sure don't smell or act like one. It's called "corroboration".

These elementary differences are important. Maybe you should ask Roy Moore about things that are elementary, he'd love to go over them with you.


I don't care who it is, it's still "suspected" until the allegations are proven. Anything less is just disengenuous.

No, just the ones who try to sleep with 14 year olds while in their 30s.

He admitted to half of it.

not even close. rapepublicans actively cheer their representatives on and celebrate their sexual dominance over children. For them, it's all about triggerin' them LIBBIES. Kids be damned.

There is a difference between rejecting someone for senate and prosecution. We aren't saying toss him in jail, we are saying with that much smoke, there has to be some kind of fire. Any amount isn't ok when we are talking about minors. He should be a free man (unless there is enough evidence to bring a trial) but he shouldn't be a Senator.

Nah /sub/totallynotrussiantrolls or trolls from r/jokesOnYouIWasOnlyPretendingToBeADumbass

Oh, so this is just a new politics sub. Ok.

If it were really murdered by words I wouldn't even mind. But this is just another generic insult like, he got dissed because he said something stupid.

I don't get it

There’s been a plethora of not just accusers but others who have observed his repeated inappropriate behavior with children. Anyone who doesn’t believe he is a pedophile is willfully ignorant or just plain stupid. The man is a pedophile and anyone who continues to support him is complicit in the abuse of children.

Besides if someone likes Trump what impact is that having on you?


We live in a democracy

and those people vote

Sort by controversial for a good time

if you never hear about liberal cases, then how do you know they exist?

He was banned from a mall and a YMCA for harassing teenage girls

Plenty of people get braces, dude. I don't see why you need to bring her appearance into this.

Not just “a woman”. The interim Governor of the state!

Everything is a politics sub. I've seen political posts in fucking /sub/tattoos

Please outline how any of the ongoing investigations/issues do NOT show how Trump and co. are evil and degenerates.

Trump admits to sexual assault. Evil or degenerate?

Trump supports pedophile Roy Moore. Evil or degenerate?

Trump's overly friendly connections with Russia that result in exchanged money/intel that shouldn't be exchanged. Evil or degenerate?

Trump hating on people exercising their rights? Evil or degenerate?

Trump supporting Nazis. Evil or degenerate?

Trump throwing around the "Pocahontas" name. Evil or degenerate?

There is a core difference between prosecution and a senate race. He can not be Senator and still be innocent in the eyes of the law.

Im sure you understand this well, since you probably think Hillary shouldn't be president, but she hasn't been prosecuted at all.

May I direct you to /sub/the_donald

Why are you such a fucking crybaby snowflake?

Just one more and I'll stop. Said Roy Moore.

being banned from a place of business or leaving a signature is proof that you raped a kid?

No, being banned from a business for trying to diddle kiddies is a pretty good hint someone's a kiddie diddler, though.

You kinda need evidence when you make an accusation.

Which there is. Corroboration again! Plus admissions by Moore himself. I can't wait to see those constructed as statements against interest or admissions by party opponent.

Speaking of which, he just made an entire post dedicated to shit. Probably because he's full of it.

I do have brown eyes, but I'm more focused on it because I'm sick of this bullshit. The party of Christian morality is about to elect a goddamn pedophile.

Okay, I should stop now. Mama always said I shouldn't be cruel to the mentally impaired.

Didn't know he was from alabama.

Oh she was corrupt, but she isn't signing away our rights and violating the constitution. I don't support her anyways, if anything I hate her.

Still, ever heard of Net Neutrality? Everybody has. Guess who's administration is trying to get rid of it... Trump's

You would have to be mentally retarded to not look at the statistics and determine that Trump only really cares about inflating his ego and gaining as much money and power at YOUR expense.

Please by all means, continue to kiss the ass of your slave master. He might even reward you one day

You are right about the nazi part.

But as for the rights part, op is mostly correct.

If you take a look at all the bills Trump signs, he is literally removing all sorts of health, environmental and other restrictions from companies that were originally placed to protect our freedom.

If that isn't a corrupt unamerican lobbyist, I dunno what is.

Come on now, that's not fair to autistic people

I appreciate that you made a thoughtful reply rather than username tagging me in a rape allegation.

I agree that there there is a lack of physical evidence, but testimony is a widely-used and admissible form of evidence. Many investigations begin with oral or written reports, and that typically becomes the first piece of evidence in a chain. While suspects in a crime are innocent until proven guilty, testimony is believed to be true until proven otherwise.

In this case: Moore has had at least 9 people make their testimony public. Where there's smoke, there's often fire. It warrants an investigation at the least.

TIL the Washington Post is not a mainstream outlet.

“I don’t know what i am talking about, I’ll assume I’m right.” Doesn’t that sound stupid?

The guy was also impeached from the Alabama Supreme Court TWICE. Really Alabama, this is the face you want representing you? You get to pick two people, and one of them is this guy? Not a guy who doesn’t have rape allegations, or a guy that hasn’t been kicked from office twice. This guy. It’s honestly embarrassing for the entire state, and yet, for some reason I expect little more.

You do you bro. If whataboutism, double standards, ignoring facts, and jerking off to Trump getting railed by Putin is your thing, you do you!

TIL remembering some girl from 10 years ago makes me a creepy pedo.

Fucking honestly.

I'm not a fan of Trump, and even if I was I shouldn't need to take a side to say that unproven allegations are just that. Unproven.

People are outraged.. but their supporters still support them, hence why Moore is probably going to get re-elected.

Listen, I’m happy to admit I’ve found 16 year olds attractive, no shame from me there. The thing is, I’ve not tried to fuck one since I was 18 or so... see the difference? Just because you want something doesn’t mean you can have it. No 30-year-old should engage with a teen in that fashion as they aren’t mature enough to make good choices and thus the ADULT has to act appropriately .

Did she denounced her dad? No? then fuck her.

Testimonies are evidence.

At this very moment there is as much evidence that he fucked a little girl as he did.

Right, because he did.

Did you really just use a shitty analogy that basically reads as "he looks, acts and smells like a pedophile, so he is one" as proof that he diddled little kids?

Actually it was a pretty great analogy about circumstantial evidence and corroboration that confirms Roy Moore is a piece of shit child molester.

You know, it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of u/Blue_Sky_At_Night is not in charge of the law in our country.

Right, we have an incompetent baboon instead.

Because there would be a fuck load of people in jail without due process.

Well, your supreme leader was elected under calling for his political enemies to be locked up. I'm pretty sure I'd be at least a slight improvement over our current dear leader, since I'm not a hairy mango with anger and memory issues.

At this very moment there is as much evidence that he fucked a little girl as he did.

Right, because he did.

Did you really just use a shitty analogy that basically reads as "he looks, acts and smells like a pedophile, so he is one" as proof that he diddled little kids?

Actually it was a pretty great analogy about circumstantial evidence and corroboration that confirms Roy Moore is a piece of shit child molester.

You know, it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of u/Blue_Sky_At_Night is not in charge of the law in our country.

Right, we have an incompetent baboon instead.

Because there would be a fuck load of people in jail without due process.

Well, your supreme leader was elected under calling for his political enemies to be locked up. I'm pretty sure I'd be at least a slight improvement over our current dear leader, since I'm not a hairy mango with anger and memory issues.

Although there was a headline in an Alabama paper that had a quote from a woman who said she would rather vote for a child molester than a murderer (saying someone who is pro choice is a murderer).

Yes, we believe in innocent before proven guilty. There's always been a higher standard for official LEADERS outside of the court system. At least, there is unless the guy is Republican and then they're untouchable because reasons. For them it's "innocent before proven guilty and given power to influence judges, even appointing them, never facing the court system. Oh oops look how that worked out."

The source is listening to a rapepublican when it opens its mouth.

Man, you really get fired up when it comes to protecting pedos. You should seek some therapy.

“But my very special bedroom for people that endorse them”

Either this copypasta isn't as well known as I thought, or reddit is now a strange void in the Internet

Even if that is the case (it isn’t) being attracted and sexually assaulting underage girls is two totally different things partner.

So you must understand why it's so frustrating to talk to you lot then?

That would be true unless Roy Moore.

Based on what?

The left didn't run a woman over.

The left doesn't chant "blood and soil" with tiki torches.

The left gave the highest profile known pedophile in their party one chance and then ended his career and put him away for 21 months, then marked him a sex offender.

When you were over 30? What's up with the pedo defenders on reddit who swoop in a bunch every time something like this happens?

I'm pretty sure it swings like crazy to both sides, but it's definitely on the opposite side of trump and co.

Yeah thanks for trolling the whole country bro, my uncle dying of MS is being kicked off his health insurance AND having his taxes RAISED.

But sure man, it was all worth it to punk out those sjw liberals, you really did a number on everyone. Our country is doing great.

It’s mind boggling how many people want to fight for Moore and get him elected despite all that’s been going on.

Equally brain washed, I'd say.

My first girlfriend was 15 at one time so yes.

T-shirts are better than hats. I mean a hat is a hat but a t-shirt could be anything even a hat and you know how much we want those.

TIL you can hear internet comments

/sub/topmindsofreddit is what you're looking for here

Bet her dad wished he could ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This isn't a court of law. The court of public opinion holds no such limitations.

If you do some little research, you discover that a VERY large vast majority of scandals in the past 30 years were republican.

Now I don't support democrats, but Republicans today are basically a corrupt dictatorship party.

You just completely ignored what /u/Blue_Sky_At_Night wrote and just keep throwing shit.

You're not better than a monkey.

Edit: ITT: The pizzagate crowd defending a pedophile - it would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.

Reddit is pretty darn big now, so more obscure copypastas are not going to go well in the general audience. Might wanna avoid this one from now on.

I'm far from a trump fan and think it's idiotic to call someone a pedo based on speculation. It makes people look desperate to find dirt on the GOP. And trust me, there are many other places to find dirt on them.

I hope Ivanka’s dad died of a heart attack before he provokes anymore countries.

Actually more democrats are being outed as sex offenders, so I don't get this.