Sen. Al Franken says he's resigning

Sen. Al Franken says he's resigning

I absolutely respect this decision. If we want to hold one side accountable for their actions we have to do the same for ourselves. I just hope he continues serving the public in some way.

Edit: holy shit, the_dotard is leaking.

But will it though? The other party has clearly shown it just does not give a shit about morals, ethics, what have you.

Let's not pretend that political expediency doesn't have a lot to do with it. It's easy for Dems to call on Franken to resign because they know he'll be replaced with another Democrat. In terms of legislative power, turning on Franken comes at little cost.

In Moore's case, the GOP turning on him at this point would result in them losing a Senate seat. I have a feeling that if the Democrats were at risk of losing the seat to a Republican, they'd probably be doubling down on Franken a bit more.

There are big names on the right that want Moore to step down. There are people on the left who want Franken to stay. It's not so black and white.

I thought there was only one picture.

Trump has had 16 accusations, plus admitting it on tape. He should have been the first to resign.

Or some on the same side of the isle. Sexual misconduct is not a partisan issue.

And it isn't actually showing what he was being accused of.

This is unfortunate, but probably warranted. I haven't made up my mind 100% either way on Franken. Unfortunately, the gesture will be completely lost on the GOP.

It’s a shame that the republicans will continue to act without accountability. The alleged child molesters will continue to remain in power (I’m looking at you, Trump and Moore). Continued support of these fucks in the equivalence of saying, “I’m ok with child molesters if i get my tax cut.”

He was banned from a mall and police officers have said that they were told to watch him at events where there would be teenagers.

Sexual misconduct is not a partisan issue.

Thank you! It's very troubling how most of the comments here are echoing the tired "us vs them" political shit. This is a HUMAN problem.

These aren't sports teams shuffling players, don't be brainwashed.

This is the biggest fake news of the century.

The man bragged about grabbing women by the pussy on tape. The media did cover it. The problem was that his voting base didn't care, and that it led to an electoral college -- but notably not popular -- vote victory.

There are picture of him with women. Not so many actually showing wrongdoing.

Franken was never accused of being a pedophile.

"But I'm good enough, strong smart enough, and doggone it people like me". Edit: quote corrected, twice

Probably because they're also political figures who have done the same or worse but aren't resigning. It's not whataboutism if it's a legitimate comparison to be making.

So you support Donald stepping down?

Yeah let's not forget that /sub/politics spent a full week denigrating one of Anthony Weiner's victims and claiming he was unfairly set up because her family supports Trump.

Unfortunate, but at the very least, this will kill some of the whataboutism.

Well, that and the whole Roy Moore thing being disproven as fake

What the fuck are you even talking about?

I don't condone what he did, but at least he owned up to his actions and apologized. Can't say the same about some on the other side of the aisle.

I like how this condition only applies to DJT, not to anyone else who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

To clarify, he has not admitted to wrongdoing and states that the investigation would have cleared him. He says he is resigning to avoid further distraction and because the allegations prevent him from doing his job. He says he remembers some allegations differently and others never happened.

Godammit, this is why we can't have nice things. Franken was one of the VERY few (otherwise) decent politicians in congress, and him leaving only creates a hole for somebody MUCH worse. Bad time to stand on principles, Al.

Meanwhile, Humbert Humbert Moore is edging ever-closer to election.

During the primaries Trump backed Moore's opponent.

Something needs to be understood.

This denial of Roy Moore isn't because that the right has no "ethics or morals", that's a partisan cop out. This is only because they don't trust the same media. A failure to understand this almost guarantees continued republican success and possibly a two-term Trump presidency. It's a convenient denial of truths for Republicans because the media decided to alienate the right completely.

Full stop, that's it.

Media outlets like CNN and MSNBC exist to make money, their customer base is primarily democratic because the right has fully rejected them. Democrats trust CNN and MSNBC (as they should) so when they do the ethical thing and report on Frankens shittiness, the left believes it, and the right does because it's convenient. When the opposite happens, it's a hit job.

If you want Dems to win something in 2018, the media has a lot of work to do to gain the trust of the right so they become less entrenched. They don't owe it to Republicans, but if they want to start making inroads with showing them the blatant double-standards, continuing to alienate them and making them feel stupid will not help.

That he is a liar. When do people lie? When they have something to gain, or something to hide.

Several women came forward.

There aren't varying degrees of seriousness in the eyes of the victims.

I mean... there definitely are varying degrees of seriousness in the eyes of victims. Not all of us reduce this stuff to simple black and white.

No chance that happens.

Fox outright lies to them. They believe it, they never won’t.

They didn't tie themselves to Trump in the first place in many cases. The Republicans calling for Moore to step down are people like Mitch McConnell, who have opposed Trump since day 1. Do people not remember the primaries and how the GOP establishment tried pretty much every trick in the book to keep Trump from winning the nomination?

Right? There was no "video evidence" of Franken sexually assaulting people. Hell, the photographic evidence doesn't even show what he is being accused for.

Show me video evidence of Franken doing it...

I have a feeling that will happen. They have already signaled that he will be under investigation as soon as he takes office. I think a lot of people in the GOP are viewing it as "we can elect him now and replace him with a Republican later, which beats electing a Democrat".

It's cynical but in terms of politics it's a pretty sound strategy.

What Moore did and what Franken did are not even close in terms of severity. This is a false equivalence.

What a disgrace that he has to step down due to a very old incident. One that was clearly meant to be comedic.