Seen on twitter....

Seen on twitter....

Richard's mom was right, he wasn't worth the effort.

All X's are Y's

My mom is an X

So your mom is also a Y?

Fuck you, cunt. You don't know her.

Richard is a dick

Feels like a troll. Hopefully

Protip: If the account has a cartoon character as an avatar, it's probably a troll account.

I never quite understand that policy solely because even when things are censored, I can just google the wording of the post within quotes and find it. It’s simply an extra hoop.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That sums it up perfectly

I have a cartoon character as my profile picture on Twitter. I'm not a troll, or a furry, I just don't want pictures of myself online for any reason.

This is going to get removed for not censoring the names

Reminds me of my redneck dad. He constantly complains about Syrian refugees, welfare and the new carbon tax we pay into. But then he turns around and welcomes a government sanctioned energy program into his house to replace light bulbs, thermostats and power strips for more energy efficient models, all for free and out of the carbon tax fund. Before they came to the door, he went out of his way to replace the LEDs he already had for incandescent bulbs so he could get a bunch of free LEDs.

Dick is a Richard

Welcome to the world of liability

This is actually red state thinking to a T. Hate welfare, use all of the welfare.

Please elaborate? Not /s, either. WTF are you talking about?

What gives you the right to slag off on someone's Dick Richard without even knowing them. Cunt.