Seen on twitter

Seen on twitter

Trump cutting PBS and arts funding to balance the budget is like that fat guy that snarfs an entire pizza every night but drinks diet coke.

I would like to see more American manufacturing.

But but lord emperor Trump told me he personally cared for me and would get our jobz back!!!

> Ran on promoting economic development in Appalachia

> Completely defunds the Appalachian Regional Commission, which is tasked with economic development in Appalachia

> ๐Ÿค”

Nah, more like he eats an entire pizza and calzone but decides to forgo the tic tac.

No, I don't either. I only appreciate it for displaying the disproportionate spending. Obviously it's an extremely complex issue.

Found the paste-eater

I totally agree with the idea but does anyone have a source on the numbers? I'd love to have that source handy for the future.

Hey, don't judge me, man.


Why pay for something that's never going to get finished and won't work anyway? They've already developed tunnel technology...

The math is incorrect and simple.

Every row is (dollar amount of budget รท 325,000,000)

This is incorrect because only 122M Americans paid taxes last year.

So the total amount is more like $60, this also puts the military figure near $2,000

The point is still the same, $60 is very little for the value provided.

/u/anon4donald has to be the most neckbeardy username on reddit.

One inaccuracy of this is the claim that Walmart received no welfare. The reality is Walmart pays near minimum wage for most of it's employees and even offers assistance getting welfare and food stamps to it's employees.

Forbes has estimated that Walmart employees received $6.2 billion in year 2014 between food stamps and welfare. This works out to $60 per tax payer.

Other than that, the article seems correct. breaks down the meme, FWIW.

edit: no idea whether they're reliable or not

you...responded to a comment noting that...?


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My guess is they divided the total costs by the number of people in the United States. Perfectly accurate? No. But it does prove a point.

Discretionary spending on Defense was 54% of the $1.1 Trillion spent in 2015, or $598 Billion. Not exact but a pretty good idea of how much of our money is actually spent on "Defense".

Why waste time finding out how to do that when the man himself has told you one of its weaknesses is ladders and rope?

confirmed Trump is Mr Creosote.

Why are you asking other people to prove to you that this is accurate? You're the one who put forward the claim that it's wrong, be prepared to defend that statement if you're going to make it.

Well it's not really proportional actually.

Large Domino's Pizza w/extra cheese - 2,176kcal

2 liter of Coke - 1,120kcal

(because if you eat the whole pizza of course you drink a whole 2 liter with it, don't fucking lie to me)

So if that's you then by ordering diet you've cut the calories of that meal by roughly one third. (You're still being a fatty tho and should eat better for yourself.)

Actually we should stop with the diet soda hating. I mean fuck if it's the sort of thing Trump does then it can't be very classy or smart.

"I have nothing against Mother's Day, but why isn't there a white Mother's Day? For men?"

The reality is Walmart pays near minimum wage for most of it's employees and even offers assistance getting welfare and food stamps to it's employees.

Yeah, I disagree with the "corporate welfare" phrasing.

But at the same time - if Walmart and other employers paid enough so that their employees didnt qualify for assistance, then that would be less in taxes the rest of us paid. So there's also a point to it as well.

Where does the money from lower wages go? Into profits.

But who will save us when the terrorists discover ladders?!

You're mixing up discretionary spending and total spending. OP specifically mentioned that defense accounted for 54% of discretionary spending, not all spending.

You're using the total budget, including non-discretionary funding. That's for things that must by law, be paid. Including it when you're deciding what to fund is nonsense since it's non-discretionary.

Discretionary spending

*Edit: added link

You're using the total budget, including non-discretionary funding. That's for things that must by law, be paid. Including it when you're deciding what to fund is nonsense since it's non-discretionary.

*Edit: added link

But daddy told you he would get Mexico to pay for it. Oh wait, he fails at any actual negotiation, and his book was fabricated wholecloth by a ghostwriter who thinks he's an illiterate child.

entrenched interests

Is this the new code word for Jews?

possible to get sources for this?

A real fiscal conservative would dislike paying for something that will not benefit them.

*that fat guy who eats an entire pizza every night but makes his children share a cold can of green beans so he can afford his pizza.

The fact that many pay little to no taxes and companies like Walmart paying their employees such a low wage that they have to seek help from social programs cause the Walton's needed a new yacht

Hard to say. Their main advertiser is Liberty Classroom. There's a prominent link to The Grounded Libertarian. The only memes being policed are those in the loose category of 'left wing'.

It's like I get the feeling there's some sort of bias in play but I can't quite put my finger on it

But he is correct, so he obviously didn't make the numbers up.

Discretionary spending

But he is correct, so he obviously didn't make the numbers up.

never seen it

Mr Creosote

Just in case you've .

He's just trolling for attention, and people are giving it to him.

Keep trying to argue against this, angry trumpsters. Go back to your dumpsters you crawled out of

Real Koch!!! REAL KOCH!!!!

Is OP Mexico?

Agreed, Walmarts net income in 2016 was 13 billion dollars, not really enough to give everyone $15 an hour, but enough to get their employees out of poverty.

Additionally, Walmart pays over $3 billion in dividends to their share-holders, that alone could be used to pay better wages and it wouldn't even eat into their existing profit (since dividends are counted against income)

Did you realize at some point you were fighting against literally no-one? How many times do you have to be told DISCRETIONARY SPENDING is what we're talking about. You keep on "proving wrong" someone who isn't even on this thread. WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?

Because some people wouldn't pay. And social charities are very fractured and inefficient.

Because it won't help that much more than just beefing up border security. And if you wanna protect the country why not petition your retarded grandmother serving as Attorney General to relax on our drug laws so we don't make cartels worth hundreds of billions of dollars? Then they won't need to escape the Hellhole that we helped create and all your friends can realize they were too stupid to have jobs anyway.

Buuuuuut you don't give a shit about personal freedom. You disguise yourself as libertarian because they hold all the coherent versions of your arguments, and all you really want is a totalitarian dictator to tuck you in at night reminding you how special you are for being white

"There's a International Women's Day, where's the International Men's Day???"

No one, really. I just find this kind of logic kinda ridiculous. If that makes sense.

I was more than ready to admit it was a stupid thing to assume your race ... if I was wrong. But since Rep. King's comments went uncriticized by conservatives I would say white nationalism is now unofficially part of the party's platform.

So if you aren't white allow me to suggest that you drop everything you're doing right now, search for the nearest exit and a brand new identity and BOOK IT for the nearest "you" majority nation and don't look back. Because if you are a non-white conservative, your white comrades will only pat you on the back for helping getting Trump elected for so long. Because once the smoke clears, the honeymoon phase is over and we just have a useless blob of pale shit in the oval office, you're still part of the reason your buddies cousin lost his job, or you're part of the reason ISIS is here plotting the next attack, or you're part of the reason black people can just never be satisfied with what we've done for them, and they WILL turn on you. Maybe not this year, but possibly the next once you start losing congressional seats. Then it'll get interesting.

And if you are white then I stand by my statement.

I wouldn't say plenty. We have some, but mostly it's inadequate and has gaping holes.

Every other tax is program for men.

Ok then to make the numbers more proportional, it's more like the fat guy that eats the pizza, but cuts out 2 carrots because it's too many calories.

I agree, the different taxpayer amount based on income is not being factored into these equations

Eating an enormous pizza every night and justifying it to yourself by drinking Diet Coke is unhealthy and should be shamed. Obesity is straining our healthcare system, at least here in the UK where we have single payer.

Fake Coke!!! FAKE COKE!!!!

Of course in this scenario it's illogical since you're already consuming 5000+ calories, but there's no reason to tack on an extra 300 in soda alongside two or three slices.

America has fucking 'Corporate Welfare' but no Social Welfare?! Your country is fucked up even with out Fat Bastard in the Oval Office. Besides, I thought you guys loved the free market.

You just described /sub/the_cheeto perfectly.

efficient military? wrong country mate.