Seems like Angela Magana has been cut from the UFC.

Seems like Angela Magana has been cut from the UFC.

Good riddance

0-3 in the UFC, five straight losses overall and hasn't won a fight since 2011. Angela Magana everybody.

Looks like Rizin has found Gabby Garcia's next opponent.

That's #yourmajesty to you.

I dislike Magana as much as the next guy, but do I want to see her fight against a roided up 6'2 opponent who weighs literally twice her size? FUCK YES.

Was it sexism or was it not having a win since 2011? hmmmm

A rematch?

lol bye, Angela.

This was exactly what I came here to write motherfucker. You're takin' everything I'm workin for!

Please God yes. Then can we get Gabi versus Lauren Murphy? Then my life will be complete.

She will be missed

I don't know. I thought I saw an actual baby fighting a couple weeks ago and they allowed that.

Magana seems like she legitimately needs help. According to her literally everyone besides herself was to blame for her last loss. Absolutely delusional, I hope she can somehow find an inkling of self awareness outside the UFC.

Holy shit, she's stupid


You complain a female fighter had the nerve to bring up sexism but you call her a hoe in the first 5 words you typed out.


I can’t believe she exists

0-4 with the loss to Cyborg no?

I like her “easy fix” line. Next time I fail a test, I’ll just say “Oh yeah, a better grade? That’s an easy fix.”

"I'll write YOUR fuckin' ass!"

And crazy eyes. Stay away from girls with crazy eyes no matter how fat their ass is.

Angelas Twitter feed gave me cancer.

currently headed to the gym to train for my next win.

What's she been doing for the past 6 years?

She's such a hoe she's making me sexist.


I mean his nickname is "baby" and he intentionally rolls his shorts up like that... doesn't see too brutal to call him out for looking like a huge diapered baby when that seems to be what he's going for.

Wouldn't the boobs still be a pretty good indication that it is in fact a woman fighting?

Junior Albini :( He did an AMA here recently and seemed like a swell dude.

You guys are brutal sometimes.

Of all the things that have an “easy fix”, being physically much weaker doesn’t seem like one of them.

Her fans on Twitter are very supportive

Its like youre following the steps out of a "how to make everybody dislike me" book. lol first comment.

His nickname is Baby and he rolled up his shorts like that. The man can't help his proportions, though.

I do like him. I just... He makes me think of a giant baby! I can't help it!

I don't think there exist words to explain my thoughts on this tweet.

I'm super confused now. Was she fighting a man? What does sexism ha--you know what, I don't even care anymore.

Lol good one


Oh god...

She should have said she could make 145.

She peaked when Cyborg punched her at the fighter's retreat.

Cyborg is happy


2017-12-07 01:09 UTC

I'm advocating that women walk into the cage with a strapon in their shorts to confuse the refs so we are actually allowed to fight with out early stoppages #ufc218

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If we are making a list, might I suggest Bec Rawlings is also included.

you meant “wording for“

Eye shouldn't be on that list. She's on a 4 fight losing streak and should be cut as well.

That would actually be the toughest fight gabbis ever had lol

He looks so weird.. I forgot his name already but.. Yep. Legitimate huge diapered baby..



dude that's your fault for ghosting on her and not being a man about telling her you don't want to see her. she was acting like a normal ass person who cares about the well being of others. grow the fuck up.

"My name is Lauren!!"

You can’t leave Peña out of that list

One of them down a couple scrolls said “you should try pirn but you’d probably ruin that industry as well” lmao.

what's the sexist part, did she want to keep fighting with her tits out?

She's just always wrong

The one Gabi Garcia freak fight I can get behind


2017-12-06 22:57 UTC

I lost the fight but not the war. She had nothing on her feet for me, no submission skills, couldn't knock me out, she over powered me(that's an easy fix) and the ref was sexist #equalrightsinfights #letmegooutmyshield #womensrights

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end of an era :'(

Learned that the hard way. :(

Goddamn why did I read that

No way. Not even Invicta would pick her up. She has to go through the regional circuits if she doesn't retire

I suppose if it had gone on longer she'd be saying they were woman haters.

Not to mention, he fuckin waxes his big ass legs all the way up to his butt, for that extra baby effect. sry for the tmz link