Seems like an intentional joke, but I still find this funny.

Seems like an intentional joke, but I still find this funny.

Seems like an intentional joke

Woah Sherlock, let's not jump to conclusions here.

Yeah definitely a ripoff


Isn't this just a rip off of a tick comic strip that uses the exact same joke?

Let's take a few minutes and really evaluate it.



hmm I'm still not sure

The best part about that is the last panel also has the oval with a line through it.

Yes, that is the subreddit we're in.

Did you just... link to the subreddit we're already on?

They probably came here from /sub/all and didn't realize which subreddit they were in.

It doesn't add anything to the conversation.

We should call in batman, i heard he was a detective maybe he can help...

Last time I checked he seemed busy holding some circle or something.


Lol, those downvotes

I think you're a good person. We all get downvotes sometimes.

Or mocking OP for posting here like it was an obscure joke.

Ah, the redundant subreddit tag. I feel for you. I've honestly done that like three times myself.

Edit: wow, though never to such loss of karma. Redditors can be quite unforgiving.

It's nice to see downvotes being used for their intended purpose, for once.

Yeah you're right, darn... guess we'll NEVER figure out the answer

i just watched a documentary on the zodiac killer, so i was reading too far into this and not getting it.

It's a bitter pill to swallow, that some questions are not ours to answer. What is the meaning of life? Where do we go when we die? The fuck is a platypus? We may never know.

You're correct! There is no possessive apostrophe in "its", the word "it's" only ever means "it is" or "it has". Think of it like 'his', 'her' etc.

Seems like an intentional joke