Seeing your house get the drop in California.

The red stuff is mostly water. It's mixed with ammonium phosphate or sulfate (fertilizers), with guar gum or clay (thickeners) and iron oxide (color). The Forest Service has used planes for water drops since the 1930s, but it wasn't until the mid-'50s that it began using a heavier slurry of water and additives to keep the water from evaporating in the heat or being blown away from the drop zone before it hit the ground. Thickeners also help avoid runoff. Color marks the area hit by the drop, and the fertilizer encourages regrowth of plants in the burn area. The red stuff is a fire retardant rather than a fire extinguisher, slowing progress to give firefighters time to reach the area. The retardant will stain your house if it lands on it, though it washes off. The fertilizer component is toxic to fish and is harmful to pets and people if they ingest some. So don't stand by a wildfire and look up at the plane with your mouth open in amazement. Besides, the water is moving pretty fast and could knock you on your butt. - The Internet

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Ingest all you can before your whole life burns to the ground!

Thank you first responders. These guys saved my entire neighborhood. I'm forever grateful.

The amount of people complaining about the drop is stunning. The folks in fear that their houses were going to burn to the ground aren't bitching, that's for sure. The winds have been preventing these drops.

I’m pretty sure EVERYTHING gives you cancer in California.

Source: I know a bunch of ppl in CA with/had cancer

Now your house is fire retarded

There are cancer warnings at theme parks

There are cancer warnings at theme parks

Rare footage from a survivor of Obama's deadly chemtrail campaign. (2014)

“That’s a really elaborate gender reveal!” -my wife

If anyone's wondering roughly 30-40% of wildfire fighters in California are inmates. They're paid $2 per day. They get an additional $1 per hour when actively fighting fires.

In 2014, the California attorney general's office cited a reliance on these nearly-unpaid firefighters as an argument for keeping people in prison.

In the fall of 2014, as the state’s courts were taking up the issue of overcrowded prisons, the office of California’s attorney general argued against shrinking the number of inmates. Doing so, it claimed, ‘‘would severely impact fire camp participation, a dangerous outcome while California is in the middle of a difficult fire season and severe drought.’’

Source (NYT)

And can't be employed as firefighters when they get out, because they are excons


The guy was laughing about it in amazement.

The pilots put their lives at great risk too

This is a huge missed chance to reintegrate them and have more experienced firefighters at the same time.

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Why hire firefighters when you can continue to incarcerate people and put them to work for $2/day?

We love our fire-fighters here in California. Even the convicts who work for peanuts out there.

Low, slow, and that crosswind. That pilot needs a big plane to carry his balls. Damn.

Well, that's gonna ruin the mood.

It's like free labor is the cornerstone of US economics

Burrrrn. Oh wait, maybe not.

Gay frog rainbow spray

So close it blew one of the shingles off.

I had a fire on my property, brush fire racing towards my house and everything I owed. A plane and helicopter dropped this shit all over the side of my house while I was just standing there. The fire literally went right up to where they dropped it and stopped. Saved my house and everything I own. I applaud all fire fighters and their efforts.

Also the fact that it's about 99% non toxic and is only toxic to fish when the fertilizer drops close to waterways and eventually causes algal blooms that can suffocate the fish [cause it promotes too much biological growth at once]. That is a far lesser evil in the end than what normally gets killed if the fire continues to rage out of control.

Remember so many things in life is about choose the slightly lesser evil. Nothing more, nothing less.

Glad to hear you're okay, u/traverlaw :)

The fertilizer component is toxic to fish and is harmful to pets and people if they ingest some. So don't stand by a wildfire and look up at the plane with your mouth open in amazement.

I think a wildfire is one of the last places I'm going to voluntarily stand next to.

Marry her

That's terrifying

I met one of the two pilots for these planes and got to tour the plane as well. I've worked in close quarters to them on multiple fires as well. 2 things are for sure. Those are DAMN big planes. Like....hilariously large. Second, the pilots are amazing. Some of the drops I've seen them make are mind boggling.

I have a feeling the video doesn't quite do justice to the sound of that plane

You going to go out and grab that airdrop? Might be an AWM in there.

Well that's very vague. Do they at least let you play hot or cold so you know when you are close to the cancer?

Californian here. We just ignore the signs.

Seriously, they're everywhere.

There are biohazard signs posted in Imperial Beach because the sewage from Tijuana runs right into the ocean. Do not swim in the water anywhere south of Mission Beach! Oh San Diego my gloriously fucked up home town <3,amp.html

Yes, it's legal. It's a popular myth that the US has abolished slavery.

The 13th amendment states:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

So, the way prop 65 works, is, anyone who detects cancer causing chemicals can sue. This has created an industry of law firms that go around and swab places for carcinogens. They call this private party enforcement, or "bounty hunter" lawsuits.

One of those firms found lead in the stained glass in fantasyland. Because that's how you make stained glass -- you put lead between a bunch of pieces of glass. The actual risk to park goers is low, unless you're licking the windows. So they sued disneyland.

Pretty much every place in CA that has stained glass has to post prop 65 warnings to avoid these sorts of lawsuits, I guess. It's... suboptimal

We can ask you to leave, but can’t force you to leave

People not directly affected always think they know best.

yep, they just fell right off. structural failure.

Prop 65 isn't super useful. It's on almost everything I buy, so I have no way of gauging which things are mildly harmful and which are extremely harmful.

Pilots are fucking gangsters.

u/traverlaw didn't say anything about themselves being ok. Just their neighborhood. I suspect that OP burned.

The big plane is trying to mate with the little plane. The red stuff is it's attempt at 'peacocking' to attract the little plane.

Source: The 3 glasses of wine I just had.

Making one house retarded at a time.

It's like all of california is a theme park and the theme is cancer

The worst part is that the pilots had about 5 seconds where they knew with 100% certainty they were going to die. Fuck everything about that.

I prefer standing next to small, contained fires.

I was confused by the first plane

California is simultaneously on fire, drought ridden, an earthquake hazard, and everything causes cancer. That state really needs to get its shit together

This is why we no longer employ planes out of maintenance. (Hopefully)

Some of them are built so that the wings don't fall off at all.

I'm a 5th generation Californian and fire season is in our blood. And the fire seasons are getting longer; this is December.

You see these planes drop down from the heavens and your blood starts singing the star spangled banner. You're not thinking cancer. You're hoping you're going to have a clear road out of town before you burn, and forget the house at that point. My grandfather stubbornly stood on his roof in the 70s with a hose fighting a Malibu fire while firefighters basically signed off his life. The house stood, but the fire burned to the sea. It's a great story, but we all know how close he was to death.

In the 90s, I could see flames from the window of my history class in high school. It's a dissonent reality, being so close and so far, and only a tiny army of firefighters away from losing everything and starting from scratch.

I tear up every time I see those green calfire trucks, the helicopters filling their bags at the local lake, the fire fighters taking over my high school gym because they need a shower. They are nothing short of real heroes. I salute them when their trucks roll by. Its goofy and symbolic, but it's the least I do. They deserve so much more.

These planes still fly massive hours all round the world, there is nothing wrong with the Herc at all. Like all aircraft, it's when things are glossed over or proper inspections aren't carried out and faults rectified, that's where problems occur.

In this case, I think they found lots of issues with the maintenance programs and the people running them

it sounds like everything just broke in his house.

With a beer in hand.

It didn't look like he hit a tree or anything, did the wings just fall right off? It's kind of hard to tell in toaster-vision.

The retardant is a pain to wash off, our house was saved from a fire and painted red when I was about 14.

I remember the frustration of trying to hose it off... almost as much as I remember the smack in the head for the comment “if they let it burn someone else would be getting paid for this”

And they wonder why people hate lawyers.

Uranium and theme parks have the same warning on them. I get your point, they don't seem useful.

It's at Disney, so that's a paid upgrade to your ticket price.

That’s part of the problem though. When people stay, it puts firefighters in a tough position of having to choose between saving those individuals and going with the strategy that does the most good. Maybe those things line up, maybe they don’t.

Don’t make firefighters choose.

Our home in Santa Rosa CA was saved. Many thanks to all who came from all over the country to fight for our homes and neighbors.

They’re making the FRIGGIN frogs gay

Can't force you to leave, but we should also inform you that no one is coming back to save your ass after this point.



Edit: some words

So don't stand by a wildfire and look up at the plane with your mouth open in amazement

Don't tell me what to do.

Why hasn't he evacuated yet?

Cover up your koi ponds.

VLATs are crazy.

Big props to those pilots.

you think he's bullshitting? then go read the 13th amendment.

edit:it's a song lyric....

Seriously. If your house is in danger enough to need a drop like that you should have gotten the fuck out a long time ago and if you end up needing rescue you’re taking valuable resources from fighting the fire. I can see the smoke from multiple fires from my house, our first responders have been fighting since Monday morning, they’re stretched thin and tired. Get the fuck out.

California has one of the most comprehensive lists of carcinogens legally requiring disclosure. This list includes things like the carcinogens in charred food. So on the one hand, it's great that the state requires disclosure, but on the other I'm never really sure if the signs refer to polonium or coffee beans.

"Sweet, I've been meaning to paint the house blood red!"

Thanks for posting. When I was a kid, living in the San Gabriel mountains, a firefighter told me the red stuff we we're seeing dropped on nearby wildfires was cow's blood. I never stopped to think he was just bullshitting me and I never bothered to look it up. I feel both smarter and dumber at this moment.

I hope not, they should be flying the plane. And what are gangsters doing on a plane anyway?

Feel free to stop by /sub/ems, /sub/firefighting, and /sub/protectandserve! It's always nice to hear something positive on there.

can confirm, bought some large tweezers off Amazon, they had that warning on the back.

Only a few terracotta shingles and maybe a window or two. Peanuts compared to your entire house and belongings being turned to ashes.

I didn’t realize Disney was owned by EA

It's been a long day.

It was a passenger jet at one time. It's a Douglass DC-10. The company that owns them now bought them, stripped all the passenger plane stuff (seats, cargo bins, safety equipment, etc...) out and welded 15k gallons worth of tanks to the bottom of it. They're incredible machines.

Wow, that is infuriating!

Im pretty sure its a jet actually.

The fire service calls this "Monkey Snot" It stains everything and is like a nickelodeon slime, but it's way worse for you and is a fire retardant.

That's as freighting as it is interesting. I can't imagine seeing that and knowing that there's a chance you may not have a home to come back to.

It's very unusual.

Lives in Coronado - shit

Yep. Pilot lost his shades, too.

You fall down stairs regularly? You ok?

There's a recent documentary called Thirteenth (on Netflix!) that addresses this. It's really good, would highly recommend.

Prop 65 is actually super useful, if you happen to be in the label making/selling or packaging market. I know the company I work for spends 25% more for a label that is large enough to hold all the product information AND the prop 65 info.

Mandatory evacuation doesn't mean that you'll be forced to leave, it just means no one's coming for you if you decide to stay and you end up in trouble.

Bisphenol A (BpA) in the temples. It would at least be helpful if they had a written warning that said “do not chew frames” instead of leaving people wondering if the goggles do anything.

So I've lived directly outside Logan airport in Boston my whole life and it really doesn't. when a 777 on approach flies over your head at like 300 feet you can literally feel it.

Avoiding the cancer gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.



It's not just the poop tides. People are regularly mauled by bears every day. Then at night, there are the antibears who come out of hibernation to laum people

I think they prefer the term “handicapped”

Fire poison sounds way cooler than water