Secret Service responds to Trump lawyer: Russia meeting not screened

Secret Service responds to Trump lawyer: Russia meeting not screened
Secret Service responds to Trump lawyer: Russia meeting not screened

Another lie. Another government agency thrown under the bus. But certainly it's the entire world lying and only Trump and co telling the truth. What will it take for his supporters to actually see the light?

Holy fuck. The Secret Service almost never responds to anything. Even they've had enough of this traitor.

Same thing it took for Nixon's Silent Majority to break with him, when Nixon was forced to resign all of the sudden his supporters disappeared.

The Ex-KGB spy told Yahoo News the very same thing.

“No one asked us for IDs,” Rinat Akhmetshin told Yahoo News in a brief telephone interview Friday. “We literally walked in” without any security check.

Yup. This statement contradicting one of the president's lawyers is pretty amazing.

This is why Trump would prefer to replace the Secret Service with private security, likely courtesy of Blackwater, er, "Academi".

“If this was nefarious, why'd the Secret Service allow these people in?” Sekulow asked on ABC’s “This Week.”

Good grief. The incompetence displayed here is breathtaking.

"Never ask a question to which you don't know the answer" is a mantra for lawyers. This is a textbook example of why.

Have you told your father how unpatriotic he is?

My Dad still loves Nixon. According to him, Nixon's only crime was getting caught.

It's Trump's building. He told security to give them a pass and they did.

I understand and accept that they are consummate professionals. However, I categorically refuse to believe that at least some of them, especially those on Junior's detail, aren't seriously questioning the injustice of being expected to jump in front of a bullet to save such worthless human beings.

What does he think of Nixon kneecapping LBJ's peace talks?

PSA: Nixon enjoyed a 70% approval rating among republicans even up to his resignation from office.

His silent majority never broke from him. Do not expect Trump's approval with republicans to break from him ever.

Do expect people to start not identifying as republicans soon. By the time this shitshow ends, you will have people you know voted for trump either deleting social media or saying "told ya, i hated them both and didn't vote" or some other lie.

Oh yeah, that would teach him.

He's still bitter he was drafted, sent to Vietnam and spit on when he got back.

Fun fact! I think it was Carter Page that has an office in a building next to Trump Tower. Apparently this building has a walkway to Trump Tower which could conceivably be used as a way to get someone in there while avoiding some scrutiny.

I'll find a source on that later and leave it here.

Edit Yup, it was Carter Page. Seth Abramson on Twitter derived it from publicly available stuff.

The sketch piles up so high in this case, I'm imagining people figuring stuff out like this... only for that walkway to have never been used, because no one though of it. "Shit, that would have been super convenient," thinks Carter Page, who simply never knew there was a walkway there between the buildings.

So, now Trump is pissing off the Secret Service and making them respond to attorneys throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks. Not a smart strategy, but he isn't really known for being smart. They are the last people I'd want to piss off in his position.

We also now know Trump wasn't in the room, though.

This all day, that's why Prince is an advisor, and possibly why his sister Delores Umbridge is now our secretary of education.

This all day, that's why Prince is an advisor, and possibly why his sister is now our secretary of education.

Sekulow is not acting in his capacity as a lawyer, he's acting as a spokesman for the White House.

This is kind of obscene how poorly he is serving his client.

Trump's lawyers need to shut the fuck up and do their jobs. Why in the hell would he want to go out on a limb for his client here and damage his own reputation?

He has made more TV appearances than anyone else in the White House lately.

And then conceding to more or less the same terms when he bumblefucked the war even further.

Hate to tell you this.

Attendance by Trump is speculation and not really likely at all. Regardless of attendance, I guarantee Trump was fully briefed the minute the meeting was over. Why? Because within hours of the meeting (that Trump supposedly didn't know about) he pre-announced a major announcement about HRC. He teased having dirt on her hours after the dirt was supposedly exchanged! This is not complicated.

Someone should have given him the answer: Because the Secret Service's responsibility is to provide security and protection NOT make sure you don't meet with people to possibly violate campaign finance laws.

The Secret Service is there to protect you from other people; not to protect you from yourself.

I imagine one of the first things anyone guarding a genuine VIP has to learn is how to never think about that. That way lies madness.

Yeah, but then we elected a black man as President and half the country lost it's goddamn minds.

Bush needed to squander a 90% approval rating, a massive amount of international goodwill, and add thousands of Americans coming home in coffins, the destruction of the housing market, and the near collapse of the global economy before he broke 30%.

The fact that the president has such a shitty lawyer is amazing.

I mean, this is the sort of spin I'd expect from a Fox News pundit, but this is a lawyer who represents the president. And not just any president, one that may be facing down a veritable Justice League of America's legal minds.

With all that he couldn't even ask Don Jr if he had secret service protection at the time?

After killing 100,000+ Cambodians for good measure.

Hah. Joke's on them. They got stuck with rich douchebags anyways.

he's a pr guy with a law degree. he's not there for legal advice

The "spitting" thing was actual Nixon propaganda against anti-war protesters. Similar to what we are seeing today about "Antifa". There could be pieces of truth to it but there is one side pushing hard on a certain narrative for a certain reason.

Thats probably why they signed up to Secret Service instead of private security. You will be serving your country instead of just a rich douchebag.

That cuts against Trump attending the meeting in person.

and spit on when he got back

That almost definitely didn't happen, although people being what they are, it is likely that your father thinks that it did to him.

There's no record of returning vietnam veterans being spit on. It was a narrative pushed by a lot of people who ... had a well documented flexible relationship with truth.

It's Manafort. Trump lives on floors 66-68. Manafort has been living on floor 43 since 2006. He still lives there apparently.

*Just to be clear for those people that are easily confused, floor 43 is not directly below floor 66.

He probably wasn't spit on. That is a popular trope that gets trotted out to demonize anti-war protestors but nobody can seem to point to an actual incident where this happened. I am not saying this never happened, but the number of people supposedly spit on is super unlikely. My dad also a Vietnam vet...Tough row to hoe.

No for real though. That shit absolutely did not happen. It's up there with "burning bras" and other famous images from the 60s that didn't actually happen, but come from popular movies in the 80s. The lesson: NEVER GET YOUR HISTORY FROM MOVIES. NOT EVEN RECENT HISTORY.

"Donald Trump, Jr. was not a protectee of the USSS in June, 2016. Thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with at that time,” Secret Service spokesman Mason Brayman said in a statement to Reuters on Sunday.

I expect Trump's lawyer to come back saying, "Ah ha! But Trump himself was in the meeting as well! Gotcha!!!"

They continuously undermine, discredit and lie about our nation's agencies.

Whenever a Trump supporter asked why I wasn't voting for their candidate my response was: I don't vote for people who hate my country

Every action this administration and its allies have taken show their disdain for our democracy, for the people who make up our nation. Yet, I feel like even those in agreement keep tip toeing around saying anything too strongly. Defend our country damn it!

I think, really, the joke is on all of us :(

As much as I dislike him, I don't want to see him assassinated and have him become a martyr for the lunatic fringe. I do however very much want to see him, most of this administration, his family, and probably several Congressional Republicans and Party operatives in jail

Modern GOP turned on GWB, they'll turn on Trump.

In my experience they always come back with: "Well I saw it happen!" which quickly leads to "Are you calling me a liar?" and finally threats of violence or how terrible you are for not believing them.

Every. Single. Time.

It took the economy crashing and larges chunks of the Honey Boo Boo base to have to eat cat food before they did.

They'll let you in on a little secret. The real truth, because you're so darn smart. Smarter than the rest of the 'sheep.' You can join the Truth club, but don't be surprised when the rest of the World says you're being lied to.

That's the price you pay for knowing how things really are.

-Pretty much every cult ever.

Anyone who's ever seen a mob movie knows that the bosses send others to do the incriminating work.

Climate change? Birtherism?

See how they planted the seeds first to get his base used to the idea that "they're right and everyone else is wrong". Hell, that's the entire belief system of Fox News.

It doesn't matter.

I'm starting to think that maybe those Republicans aren't the honest type.

Just a hunch. And history. History doesn't look to kindly on their actions.

Dude, the apes won. Get over it.

Lawyers actually pick and choose their clients based on two abilities of the client. The ability to pay and the clients ability to follow advice was given. Trump has shown consistently that he lacks willingness to pay his bills and he doesn't listen to anyone else.

They work for the United States, not for Trump. They love the country, even if the man representing it is trash. An assassination is always the worst outcome, even if Trump.

The mob is waaaaay smarter than Trump.

So he votes for Republican war-mongers.... makes sense.

It's almost as if they set up the meeting in such a way as to cut the USSS out of the loop, with only non-protected people there. They definitely would not have been ok with this meeting. It should be obvious to everyone that there is something DJTJ and Kushner are hiding.

I think Manafort lived on the floor below Trump, or maybe it was Roger Stone, idk, one of them!

That's so perfect. I never made that connection, and it's so accurate.

I feel like it's an appropriate time to bring up this:

Oh lordy, I hope there are tapes.


Doesn't meet he wasn't in the meeting either, could have called in.

Does anyone else think it might be possible that instead of hiring based on fit for the job, Trump might be drawn to eccentric personalities, and just shoot from the hip hiring weirdos because he likes the cut of their jib and thinks they are Winners? Doesn't seem like something a president would do.

Absolutely. This is a double whammy, you've pointed out their cavalier disregard for how things actually work and the scope of responsibilties for various entities.

"That's not their fucking job, you ignorant dipshit," is not a likely response from an extremely professional agency, however.

"This is incorrect, and didn't occur" is an answer that can't be spun in any way at all by lying treasonous Republican shit-stains besmirching their office. It's the fricken Secret Service. They document everything. No grey area possible.

Yeah, so when Trump's base erodes it is going to be like the rug being pulled out from underneath him. I expect by the end of the year for Trump to be dropping 3-4 points a month.

People keep thinking Trump is some sort of super authoritarian with a cult of personality like Jim Jones. In reality GOP support is eroding faster under Trump than any modern president besides maybe Gerald Ford.

If he resigns I have a feeling he'll keep blabbing on about how it was a witch hunt, blaming everyone else, probably inciting people to violence.

How is "the secret service didn't stop me from committing treason" a defense in the first place?

I mean, I'm inclined to agree with Cambodia here. How can we illegally bomb their country to shit while fighting their neighbors and then turn around and demand money from them? Especially an amount that ultimately really isn't even a lot by our standards.

Some.. sure.

Most of them are cowards and feel empowered by having him in office. They'll wither away quickly when he's gone.

The radical white yeehawdists will still around to commit terrorism for 5-10 years or so.

Well, as long as you haven't kept up with modern news - like the BBC's unearthing of LBJ tapes indicating that Nixon explicitly worked to extend Vietnam by about six months in order to win the election.

This one looks a lot like a tactical lie. It was done in order to get the Secret Service to deny screening the meeting, thereby establishing clearly that Trump was not himself at the meeting. Then Fox News can use this ad nauseam to clear the predisent of any wrongdoing.

And when they revolt against him, chances are people like Pence and Ryan will be right at the front of the line before they go right back to pushing all of the agendas he based his campaign promises on.

The racism, the xenophobia, the anti-intellectualism, the collusion, the anti-environmentalism, the sexism, the insane anti-social policies- the face of Trump might be gone but all he did was echo the fears and prejudices of his base and those will still be there and now they know exactly how to exploit them with an intelligent person at the helm in 2020.

If there's a cult of personality it's for Ayn Rand and hamsters that eat their pups for protein. Trump only tapped into that.

Trump hasn't passed any significant legislation, at all.

Just wait till Trump passes a terrible healthcare bill or tax reform that fucks with middle class tax breaks. We are at 150 days in or so and Trump still hasn't even passed a fucking budget.

Carter passed his budget by April, it is highly unusual not to have a budget passed by now. Trump is doing worse than Carter atm.

People keep thinking Trump is some sort of super authoritarian with a cult of personality like Jim Jones. In reality GOP support is eroding faster under Trump than any modern president besides maybe Gerald Ford.

GOP support for him might be eroding across the board, but he still has a radical element and the people actually constructing any of these policies will still be in power when he's gone. The country is still split between two conservative parties, voting outside of those still sabotages the better of the two candidates that have a chance, and that radical element won't just disappear overnight if it disappears at all and it won't because it's an international movement with a huge amount of incentive for people to bankroll it assuming they don't see the impeachment as a personal attack and launch another decade of far-right terrorism like the 90s and the militia movement.

They are also connected via Spectrum Health constantly pinging Trump tower servers

I thought it was Xe. Changing names constantly, TOTALLY not a shady thing to do!

His quacky doctor, his other drunk attorney, his crazy racist Mar-a-Lago butler, and Omorosa all bear this out.

Trump still hasn't even started to really govern. Reality check: We are living in Obama's America still, we are living under Obama's budget. That is why things are going so well economically.

Once Trump passes a budget and all of the sudden rural hospitals are closing, opioid treatment is cut to the bone, and school lunches are no longer free to poor kids, his approval will plummet.

I wonder if he advised jr to share the emails. That seemed like a PR move, getting in front of the scandal. real lawyers don't usually like to just give out evidence.

Though I don't believe DJT, I do believe the secret service, who covered DJT's security for nearly a year before voting day.

Kellyanne tomorrow morning: "This is all a Democratic ploy, the Secret Service works for Obama for 8 years and they are clearly biased!"

It is funny to me how these people go on every news they can especially the Sunday shows and blatantly lie. They can't keep their lies straight or anyway consistent with the lies of the GOP. Then Trump completely contradicts them in a tweet.

Haven't heard from Sean Spicer in a longtime, which might explain why Conway reared her ugly head again over the past few weeks. Absolutely no shame, self respect, or even capable of a coherent thought. Most paid though, and that is what Trump values.

I'm sure that if he wasn't physically at the meeting, he was listening in. Why else hold it in trump tower?

I'd say the Republican Party sold out in 1877, when they cut a backroom deal with the Democrats to make Rutherford B. Hayes POTUS in exchange for pulling out all troops from the South and ending Reconstruction. This set back African Americans by who knows how many years-- perhaps well over a century in terms of political representation, since the number of black officeholders in 1870s US South would not be equaled until well into the 1990s.

Speculation among the twitter conspiracy crowd on this, is that he was dialed in at some point - perhaps to state that he was agreeing to whatever Russia wanted in exchange for the materials, after Junior had a chance to take a look at it in-person. Also helps with making "I never met with anyone from Russia" statements as well ...

Speculation is also that the IC has a recording of this call. If that actually is the case, then Donnie may very well be screwed.

Yeah, that seems to be the sense here. There was always an effort by the Nixon camp to brand the Hippies as being anti-soldier just because they were anti-war. Much the same thing happened to people protesting against the war in Iraq after 2003. Of course, many of those hippies were people like my dad who became hippies after they got back from serving in Vietnam. It was always a propaganda play to get middle America to believe that people saying, "our kids shouldn't get sent to a foreign country to get shot at" somehow hated the people they were trying to stop from getting shot at. Some of middle America believed it. Just like some of middle America believes pizzagate bullshit about the Democrats and the myth of the "violent leftists" that was always just propaganda. It's the same thing.

All of that said, a ton of Vietname vets would say they got figuratively spit on by the country. The US insisted Agent Orange was as safe as Ovaltine, and that PTSD didn't exist, and a bunch of other BS. Today you still see the VA hospitals with absurdly long waits to get care. In my experience when a vet says something like "sent to Vietnam and spit on when he got back." it refers to the government. Not like individual mean people literally hocking loogies on soldiers who got drafted just because Jane Fonda didn't support the war.


Requesting permission to use.

maybe he meant figuratively

Most Trump supporters are not seeking truth, they are seeking validation. They validate each other and do not care about truth, reality, or consequences. It is a cancer.

Yup. I think its a mass delusion created by incidents reported in the news.

It's the same reason the Secret Service under Bush didn't stop his daughters from drinking under age or going to clubs or whatever. They aren't supposed to stop you from breaking laws, because they're not that kind of law enforcement agency at all.

To their credit, they keep changing name exactly because they constantly destroy their own reputation.

It only credits how shady they are. But it is to their credit...

Plus it took away their favorite deflection: "fake news" - they could not claim the emails were fake once Jr released them

Moving on to:

"Ok it was bad, but it's not our fault."

Shit people don't burn their bras those things are fucking expensive.

I can't believe Trump is lying about something. That is just not like him!

When did the secret service become fucking babysitters? Jesus, is there no republican out there that believes in personal responsibility? These fuckers wouldn't own a tower with their name on it!

They said they weren't protecting Jr at the time (true) so they wouldn't have screened his meetings (true).

They very carefully did NOT say they were not at the meeting screening Sr's visitors and protecting his butt.

A guy wrote a book about it and the only documented cases of spitting he could find from that time were pro-war people spitting on protestors. Just like with everything else, it's just projection.

Trump got 80+% of the white Christian evangelical vote. This block of the population is especially prone to delusion and belief of matters on "faith" instead of evidence. They also have a high level of unquestioning trust in authority. They won't "see the light" at any point even after Trump is booted out of office. The same 35% will still love him no matter what is proven or what happens.

Then he will start his dream - Trump TV - where he can rant and lie all day long. Basically it was his plan all along before Putin and Cambridge Analytica gifted him the election

If they have to look as far back as Lincoln for a positive candidate to tote around, they're not doing things well.

"Donald Trump, Jr. was not a protectee of the USSS in June, 2016. Thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with at that time,” Secret Service spokesman Mason Brayman said in a statement to Reuters on Sunday.

Trump's lawyer, Jay Sekulow’s is an idiot. I hope he is making a lot of money now, because people will see how stupid he is and won't be hiring him after this is over.

Probably not a great idea to throw the people who are supposed to take a bullet for you under the bus.

Not true: the headline for this article is not accurate. The statement by the Secret Service was:

"Donald Trump, Jr. was not a protectee of the USSS in June, 2016. Thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with at that time," the statement said.

This does not say they didn't check this meeting. They still could have screened this meeting if Trump was in attendance.

Republicans took a nasty turn after Lincoln. I think there's a Vox video on it all but they became the $$$ party in the election after his death. Still they desperately cling to his legacy of honesty/integrity.

Edit: Here's the video I referred to.

Wow I hadn't known this before. Very interesting.

At Mar-a-Lago there's allegedly a switchboard in Trump's suite where he can listen in on phone calls made by any guests. Wonder if Trump Tower is rigged up that way.

He performed terribly on every show today. At least 3 hosts directly called him out for not just spinning questions but sprinting off into left field with answers that had nothing to do with what was asked. Clowning this guy has become a pet project for Chris Wallace.

Trumpsters: Soros paid Secret Service to say that (as well as Obama, the DNC, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and Clinton).

This should be upvoted higher.

No, the statement didn't say anything about this particular meeting, it just said they didn't screen Donald Trump Jr's meetings at the time. The way it was written still leaves open the possibility that they actually did screen the Russians which would indicate that Trump was at least planning on being in the meeting.

Edit: I don't want to give the Trump clan too much credit but this might be the exact reason Donnie wasn't there. They knew that SS would have to vet the Russians and the Obama administration could find out about the meeting.

Half the country, the southern part proudly waves the flag of treason. Trump is reminding us that the GOP considers treason to be their... hurrtage. Imo all the traitors should have been hung after the civil war. Letting them go allowed them to return home as heroes and spread their poison.

The secret service is probably not the agency Trump wants to piss off. Not saying they'd just stand aside for an assassination attempt or anything, I'm sure they're too professional for that. But they're around him a lot of the time and know his movements.

establishing clearly that Trump was not himself at the meeting.

Not bodily, anyway. I have no doubt that he was listening in. That may be the next thing to drop, depending on who they've managed to turn.

Hmm. The Secret Service is NOT saying that they didn't screen the meeting - they're simply saying DTJ wasn't under their protection at the time and so anyone meeting with him wouldn't have been screened.

I really think they're trying to subtly point out what the lawyer is saying about Trump Sr's actual involvement with the meeting.

It'd be funny if it wasn't bringing our country down with it.

Well, you'd know better than him of course.

Whether you're attacking the anti-war movement, feminism, or some other left-wing movement, just repeat a demonizing lie over and over and over and over again because it always works.

Things happening maybe once isn't the idea. It is the idea of it happening frequently.