Second place ain't so bad

Second place ain't so bad

Aw, Hell, George W. was never the worst. 39/44.

Andrew Johnson is pretty close to the consensus worst.

But now AJ doesn't have be worst anymore.

Buchanan usually edges out Johnson and Pierce on worst lists. It is hard to beat the union falling apart on your watch.

We're getting there

Don't let Donald's dotardation distract you from the 2003-present disruption that W ignited when he invaded Iraq.

...not saying there's not still time, but, yeah.

Yeah, the man still oversaw an illegal invasion of a country which killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. But he sure looked cute when he couldn't figure out how to wear a poncho!

YESTERDAY, BARACK and Michelle Obama attended a dedication ceremony at the new Smithsonian Museum of African-American History and Culture, along with George W Bush and his wife Laura.In a move that surprised quite a few, the First Lady greeted the former President with a little hug.

I cannot think of a President that reminds me more of our current President than Warren G Harding. Scandal plagued White House that was known more for big poker games and him only hiring his buddies and sycophantic leaches who used their positions and the President’s easily manipulated personality to bleed the country dry.

Replace poker with golf and it’s the same fucking guy.

That’s Andrew Jackson not Johnson.

I'd take Bush over Trump any day and I'm 37.

Where did this picture come from?

Mission accomplished got mission accomplished

There are many more worse presidents. History is littered is with dicky presidents.

I'd rank Obama as a pretty shitty president. Dropped more bombs, waged more war, punished more good faith whistle blowers,and deported more Mexicans than any other previous president.

Obama’s not that bad =/