Seattle can begin NHL expansion process

Seattle can begin NHL expansion process

Oh man the Vancouver Seattle rivalry is gonna be intense.

So who realigns to the Central if this happens? Arizona? Or do you think a team will be actually moved?

edit: move->Realigned.

Yeah you say that wait until you hear shit from fans of your rival team almost daily.

Wait until you watch them raise the cup multiple times while your team rebuilds.

Wait till the bandwagon fans start coming out of the woodwork telling you how they "were always fans" when you rival fans team used to play for empty arenas.

Wait till they tank for two generational talents and then wait until your asshole rival fan friends rub that shit in your face because your team is too proud to tank for talent.


The Seattle Starbucks, brought to you by Tim Horton's.

The comments on FB are painstakingly bad. None of them can understand two simple things.

There needs to be another WC team to even out the conferences. Sorry QBC AZ moving to QBC will contradict #1.

I was bitter when Vegas got the nod, they were going to be atrocious and attendance would be dismal. Swing and a miss on both. Seattle makes sense, no bitterness...just soul crushing sadness. I can wait another 22 yrs.

Fuck the Seattle No Names!

still hyped though

I think AZ would be the most logical choice.

Hurricanes are staying in NC. They just got a new minority share holder, so no move plans now.


It would have to be Arizona or Vegas but those teams would both get fucked by that travel.

I can't wait for Phil Kessel to be a three time Stanley Cup Champion

Eh Arizona has no daylight savings time so I'm sure that helps somehow.

IMO if anybody gets relocated to QC it should be the panthers. Florida is kinda the last state you would expect to need two teams

So the Panthers get moved to QBC?

I think EDM and CGY should move to the central and COL should move to the Pacific. EDM and CGY rivalry remains, while forming a new divisional one with WPG. The Alberta teams are also only an hour off of the other Central teams. COL is also same time zone as ARI, and travel between COL, VGK, and ARI is relatively short. VAN loses rivals in CGY and EDM, but they also get a brand new cross border one with Seattle

Arizona would realign to the Central. If arena plans in either city don’t materialize, we’ll probably hear rumors of Arizona and Calgary relocating to Houston, KC, or Milwaukee as leverage.

Just no one to fill the arena. :(

fck yes