Seattle bans straws but gives out free plastic syringes. Let that sink in for a minute.

Seattle bans straws but gives out free plastic syringes. Let that sink in for a minute.

And who would have thought that drug addicts too lazy acquire clean needles might not be judicious with the disposal of their free ones?

They're leaving them everywhere, and anyone who gets stuck with one gets fucked over with endless tests and a year and a half of HIV prevention drugs.

My favorite is needle exchanges that give out new needles for used ones. I have heard of them giving out up to 20 new needles for every 1 used needle brought in. You know what that means, right?

It turns out people who want free needles aren’t super motivated to work hard and clean up after themselves, so after using their 20 free needles, they only bring 1 back to get 20 more and leave the other 19 out in the street. I love this state so much.

If they really wanted to solve the problem of used needles laying around, they'd give out 1 new needle for every 2+ used needles returned. Then those drug-addled homeless vagrants would be scouring the streets for them.

Nothing infuriates me quite like the plastic straw craze.

Every time you take out your trash, just imagine how many straws worth of plastic are in there.

Straws aren’t the damn problem

Don’t waste our time on this crap

I love the Lions for Lambs argument from the movie. If we’re going to start condoning SAFE crime then why not have a drunk driver lane? Car accidents while under the influence take many more lives...

Don’t worry, the junkies can pop the plunger and needle off the syringe and use it as a straw.

The plastic in the Ocean doesn't even come from western nations.

Also my garbage is taken by truck, on land to a landfill. Not on a barge across the ocean or dumped in a river.

Just a half hour north of Seattle in Everett after a park cleanup, check out all the needles

Just a half hour north of Seattle in Everett after a park cleanup, check out all the needles

WA pede here, and yes, this state is that crazy. My towns theme is Prius’s and Coexist stickers, needless to say, I’m ready to jump ship. Any suggestions for a new Trump-supporting town?

Ahead of budget, under schedule!

I never thought I'd f that. The drunk driving lane can have bumpers like a bowling alley

Fifth most expensive city in America to live in. If you can make 100k a year, you might get by just fine. 87% of Seattleites voted for Hillary, so for Pedes it’s an uphill battle.

I’m not paying for that.

I'm moving out. I won't say what city, but I drove through it in 2016, and there were Trump signs lining the streets. It only takes 30-40 minutes to find a great expanse of sanity in WA.

As a (soon to move) Seattleite. Don't even think about it. Commute in for work, and commute out to get home. Don't live here. I've got my exit plan squared away, and I've never been happier. This city is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

Seattle is working overtime to destroy itself. The new head tax is going push it over the edge. Businesses not moving in, no longer expanding, soon to be moving out. Good news is in 15 years there’s going to be a lot of cheap real estate.

See someone throwing there needle on the ground? Pick it up and stab them with it, there on heroin they won't mind.

wtf is wrong with the west coast? Like yeah I'll admit the east has stupidity, but it seems like every dumb story is out of California, Washington, and Oregon in that order.

Unfortunately, the contagion will always spread unless dealt with at the source. Liberal strongholds turn to shitholes, leftists all move out to the suburbs for the cheaper housing, nicer communities, exceptional schools, and quality of life, then tisk tisk and shake their heads at how "socially backwards" their new neighbors are and start voting in the same nonsense policies that turned their former homes into Orwellian hellscapes, rinse and repeat.

Moving out of the city is just giving yourself a stay of execution.


And I wanted to move to Seattle before seeing this.

My theory is that all the hippies moved out to the west coast in the 70s for the weather and scenery, then started coming up with terrible feel-good policies.

Negotiated to about half passed that version people crash their phone bank with calls "maybe that wasn't such a great idea" repealed "that was easy. bring us more things to fuck up" <-- you are here
Doing our part to reduce the 1% of all North American plastic contamination in the oceans!

We should ban oceans next.

Doing our part to reduce the 1% of all North American plastic contamination in the oceans!

We should ban oceans next.

I was afraid I would find out they banned straws for the environment if I came in here. Was hoping to see that some one kilt a bunch of people with a straw instead.

For pure entertainment value, I would.

I’d rather have straws then needles. I’d rather see straws then needles. I’d rather step on a straw then a needle. See where I’m going with this?

The problems they face are an untamed degenerate population and an idiot sjw governing body who cater to those who won’t help themselves.

But banning straws and giving out needles is the right approach.

While you're not wrong, I'm moving out to have kids and stuff. There's no chance in hell I'm letting them grow up in the city and go to these schools. I'd rather they live somewhere where they can run free and learn self-reliance. I think I can still fight the good fight from outside of the city, especially since I'll still work there.

I feel like everyone should know where their garbage goes but most have no clue.

Detroit is slowly recoving, D's need a new shithole to farm votes from

I've not once seen a straw on a beach in Seattle, not one. There is no huge pollution problem here because of straws. It's just more made up bullshit from the left. But I've seen needles everywhere in the city.. yes I live in Seattle.

Its almost like banning something doesn't stop people from seeking it. 🤔

Seattle's goes to Oregon by train. Recycling and composting are initiatives designed to reduce the volume of trash & keep water-weight off the trains. The plastic straw ban is to save the oceans. (Yea, I know, it was going great until that last bit.)

As someone born in Seattle and living most of my life about an hour south at the capital of Olympia and in other surrounding areas, don't. It's a socialist hell hole that's been getting worse the past two decades and is only going to get worse as other communist wannabes relocate here. I'm planning on staying just long enough to get my degree, then I'm out.

Great post, but can we stop saying "let that sink in"? It's gotten reeeally old.

It's extremely old. Let that sink in.

Acquire & Incentivize Displacement Syringes

It's where literally every worthless person in the country shows up. They can't stay anywhere with winter so they flock west.

They have biodegradable straws. Now they need biodegradable syringes.

Thankfully they cancelled the head tax. I'm sure city council will try something equally dumb again soon though.

Legitimate question: how do we stop drug addiction in this country? I’m 100% sober and it seems to me that everybody is addicted to some substance.

They don't want you snorting heroin they want you shooting it.

She looks like she's the grill master at epic dirty needle BBQ grill off.

how do they drink the $6 cups of Starbucks swill they're all addicted to without plastic straws?

I am so glad I left that place. I would nearly have a stroke each time I got stuck in traffic south bound on I-5. I would feel rage at the Sheeple who allowed their rulers to create such a mess as only one non-carpool exit into the city. Life begins when you leave that place. Escape while you can.

I actually approve of this. Keep all the drunkos off my lane.

And of that 0.95%, almost all of that comes from Central America and Mexico.

This city is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

It's still heaven compared to literally shitty San Francisco! Wonder how long it'll take for Seattle to get to that level.

Seattle has banned the use of plastic straws and utensils in all bars and restaurants to “protect marine life”. The irony is that they are not concerned about discarded & contaminated syringes littered all over the city infecting people.