Sea of thieves Release Date trailer

Sea of thieves Release Date trailer

20th of March 2018

Interesting but i feel like I barely know anything about this game i keep seeing the same clips of the sharks and skeletons over and over and I am really hoping there is some innovation on this title.

I've been told numerous times on this sub that the "alpha" I've played is just that, an alpha, and will have tons of stuff added before the game releases. Based on this trailer it sure doesn't seem that way. 3.5 months away and the game looks almost identical to the "alpha" in terms of features - which is to say, barebones.

Ty. I didn't wanna watch the trailer and OP was lazy with the link.

I hold back farts that are pretty close to launch.

Ouch, this game does not feel anywhere close to done.


Some people just dont wanna hear the truth...

What people are playing for over a year now really isnt a "Alpha". Its more of a Demo to me.

Let's hope they're really holding back content in the alpha.

Looks like absolute ship to me. But I might buy it when it's on sail.

I feel like this game is coming out two years too late.

I don't know if it looks better while playing, but the stylized graphics are not doing it for me either.

I want to be excited for this game, but I fear it's not going to make a splash, especially one that Microsoft needs.

Full price... A bit shocked by the price, especially since we haven't seen a lot of the game. 40$ would've been the perfect price.

the game is 3 months from launch. its not in alpha. what we see is pretty much what were gonna get. you dont hold back content this close to launch

Actually in terms of looks, when you actually play it, it's actually really good looking.

What you want to complain about is the lack of content. At least that's my main complaint from the playing the previews since last year.

What about any sort of real loot system, a plot of any kind, combat that isn't completely awful, or more then 1 type of enemy? The lack of any reason to find buried treasure is the biggest issue imo, there needs to be seriously deep and attractive rewards to work towards or the game will get boring after 5 hours or less - like it does in the beta.

Talk about lazy.

There you have it folks.

It's been years and it still looks like a poor pre-production game almost..

My dude name me a larger game that has kept a significant amount of content “under wraps” 3 months prior to release. What you see is 80% of what you get

This is coming out this soon? Aside from the initial premise I haven’t seen anything worth paying 60 dollars for. The fact that they are just running it out there in 3 months with literally zero promotion make me feel like MS knows it sucks. Same story as Recore, big ideas, poor development and a budget game. These are the big “exclusives” MS promised us... feels really shitty to still have zero good exclusives that are worth buying other than the requisite Halo/Gears/Forza. What a waste, it’s been almost 4 years since the console release and there’s almost nothing to show for it on the MS publishing side.

I've been saying this for ages..the game has no substance.

They have 4 months to sell us on the game so I’m hopeful but still at this point $60 seems like a lot.

Playing Alpha and im definitely preordering this game

Graphics and art style are still impressive. Playing it on a big screen with home theater and sailing in a storm.

I hope this isnt a 60 bucks game... because all ive seen in comparison to the alpha, is some new looks for ships, outfits for your character and a chicken... Besides that everything still the same

My concern is that I don't understand the point of it yet. They've shown a lot of the same stuff, but what's the point. I like the water, I think the ship combat looks sort of interesting, it's neat that there are treasures you have to find. But why?

If you were a pirate back in the day, you had motivations. You weren't just out there on a ship plundering other ships and raiding coastal towns for no reason.

If you were in an arcade, you competed for score on the scoreboards unique to each machine. Has RARE released any details about any of the motivators for doing anything they've shown? If it was a movie that would be one thing, but it's a game and they've left all of that out. Makes me worried they haven't figured it out yet, which would not be a good sign this close to release.

It's an open world online multiplayer pirate game. You explore, find treasure, sell treasure, complete riddles and quests, get drunk, and fight to the death with other ships. There's also customization, skeletons, and bosses to fight as well. Who knows what else is in it.

People here are acting like they were expecting the Witcher 4 based in a pirate universe.. they should have been expecting something closer to a pirate version of Day-Z.

This was announced during a commercial and not even its own segment. Yikes.

Fellow Alpha player, both Rare and Epic both known how to develop games and add features in timely fashion, and fix things fast. I bought Fortnite, and I'm more than happy enough to get Sea of Thieves.

No Man's Sky says hello. Hopefully they have content ready to add for free, because people have been aching for a game like this since Black Flag.

I think this game will find an audience.

It's just not going to be me. I'm just not seeing the appeal after putting probably 5-7 hours in during alpha tests. Just no meat on this game at all. It's a "you make your own fun!" game which never really does much for me.

With a full alpha available???

I'll wait for reviews, i played the alpha but theres no content. Very dry ass game and nope I didn't sign a NDA cause I played my friends. It needs more content, fun for only 30 mins.

Zoop! 👈😎👈

I was under the impression it was a technical alpha as opposed to content testing environment

For a 15-20 dollar game, sure. But they’re charging 60 and if I’m not mistaken there’s no story, no objectives, really nothing to do or goals to reach. Seems strange to price this as a full game.

There isn't really. Go out, get treasure come back, go out get treasure, come back. Maybe fight some random online players if they're being a bitch.

Rare should just stick to single player titles. They're more interesting at least.

No they're not 'essentially raids' you have no idea what they are, this is the first time they've been shown.. stop trying to sell this game for MS

Exactly, which people here don't understand. Most gamers still think betas are just free demos.

The whole point of the alpha is to test network compatibility and quality of life in the game itself. It's why the Alpha content has been the same for the past 6 months.

Is it bad I came to the comments hoping exactly this would be the top comment for people as lazy as me?

Except this one. It literally is a technical alpha.

Fart jokes will... uh.. find a way.

This is my most anticipated game of 2018.

I really hope this brings Rare back to the forefront of Game Development, like they were in their time working for Nintendo when they released Diddy Kong Racing, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini, and Blast Corps.

this feels like a game that needs about another year or two in the oven while they figure those things out. It's too bad really. it seems like they have a great skeleton for a game but when they release it, it's probably just going to die off in a couple months.

Why is that sad?

I really enjoyed the work Rare Software's team put into their games. I think they focused heavily on what makes a game fun, and just did it.

Some examples:

• A.I. controlled bots in Perfect Dark

• An Overworld you could explore in Banjo Kazooie (Tooie, too!)

• A main game that seemed like it was going to end, but kept extending itself further and further (Blast Corps)

• Multiple playstyles in a game, including racing, platforming, rappelling, surfing, and beat-em-up (Battletoads)

• Incredible music (Donkey Kong Country series, though I have to be honest, I've not played any of the games, but the soundtrack is fantastic and I listen to it at least weekly).

• Multiple paths and objectives that become more complex based on difficulty (Perfect Dark and 007: GoldenEye).

• Taking a hero beloved in a particular genre and trying something completely new, for them (Starfox to Starfox Adventures).

• Tenacity in continuing in quality, fun 3D platforming games (which 2017 is proving to be a renaissance for) (Kameo: Elements of Power)

• Out of nowhere, produce a relaxing and intriguing simulation game (Viva Pinata).

• Re-release a catalog of 30 games, each with achievements, from as far back as the Atari to as recent as the Xbox 360, all playable on a current generation console (Rare Replay)

I'm very excited for a fresh Rare title - the acquisition of the company by Microsoft led to a bit of stagnation, starting with Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts on the 360, which was followed by a series of Kinect: Sports games that I never looked into.

If Sea of Thieves recaptures the old spirit of the company, I'll be more than happy.

All that being said, other games I'm excited for, are:

• Red Dead Redemption 2

• Monster Hunter: Worlds

• Kingdom Come: Deliverance

• Kingdom Hearts III

• Pillars of Eternity: II

• The Bard's Tale IV

• Battletech

• Final Fantasy VII (Remake)

Well, your friend signed an NDA saying they wouldn't share the game.

It is.

hellll yeeaaaaaaaaaah

As hyped as I am for this game, this was announced with such little fanfare. I was expecting more than just a quick commercial segment with the date slapped on at the end.

After the bullshit Bungie pulled on both Destiny 1 and 2, I am now very skeptical of situations like this. Not saying that SoT will actually be very barebones but the possibility is definitely there.

aren't they treating this game as a games as service product?

Happy gaming is my point?

I mean... Be skeptical, sure. But there's no way for any of us to know how much substance this game has right now.

I thought it was supposed to be $40?


$60 for this? should of been like 30 to 40.

uh..."I'm glad I have the chance to join you today!"

What are words? I know you're looking for reasons to hate but don't make shit up lol

Pretty sure chance in this context is "opportunity" and not the "possibly maybe" version you're thinking it is

Apparently not lol

My friends and I were absolutely pumped for this game during its initial announcement. We were pretty much ready to dive into it as soon as possible. Then we waited and waited and waited some more. The hype for us is dead and do not intend to purchase during launch after watching these trailers and hearing about how bare bones it is.

96 hours is 4 days. Days are 24 hours

I have to say. Playing the alpha on PC. The game is gorgeous. The water is insane. Seeing the sun shine through these gigantic waves and the physics of your boat on the water. Feels crazy.

The actual game isn't too bad. One of those games if you have people it's a lot of fun but without friends it's kinda meh.

Death Stranding is years away, not months.

How dare you be positive about an Xbox console exclusive? I can't wait to see the water on the Xbox X update.

You're right. And I can offer the advice I feel is prudent. If this game flops I'll be glad I waited for launch and reviews to come in. I hope it doesn't though. I'd love to see some new ideas be successful.

Uh, it is. We know for a fact there's a bunch of content that hasn't made its way to the alpha, such as the complete lack of any customization. And there's the fact that it's been made very clear from day one that it is a technical alpha.

It is not a demo. What's the point of a closed, limited-release (invite only) demo where half the content is missing?

Oh, but you say "it's not"? Well I guess you're right. I was wrong, it must just be a demo.

But does every game has to use that progression system?

Can't a game offer a playground, where anybody can jump in at any time, with friends and whatnot, without the need for getting boosts through XP?

This a family friendly game, where you don't have to sink (pun intended) hundred of hours into it. Multiplayer doesn't have to become your main hobby.

Still, what you say is true : no XP system. But it's OK !

The game pobably just got its release date. They have 3 months to promote it, which is normally when publishers start promoting a game. Any sooner and you risk a delay or over exposure. MS just launched their new console, they were heavily marketing that. I'd bet after the holidays we'll start hearing a lot more about the game.

god people always love to complain, you guys fucking want a new idea and a new ip

here you are, how about play and experience the game before say bullshit like the game has nothing to offer, the developers has tone of insider updates and they update and add stuff frequently to the game

also this is a service game that will get more content over the time

you want to see more about this game, go to sea of thieves YouTube page and see update videos

Actually, the text for the Black Dog DLC pack says “your chance” instead of “a chance” which I think indicates more of a chance in the sense of an opportunity rather than a random chance.

What does that even mean? Cause the only impression I've got from that phrase is "We'll keep milking your wallet for DLC, MTX, and expansions."

Doesn't exactly sound like something we should be excited about.

Games as services are titles like Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, both Destinies, Halo 5, LoL, DotA2, The Division, etc. These are games that are designed to add content for a long time after release, sometimes years later. In return the monetization model allows players to continually spend money on content through MTX or buying updates like DLC, expansions, or characters.

It's basically the concept that the launch of a games is only the beginning of the Dev cycle instead of it being the end product. So in this case, SoT should last several years with a ton of content drops overtime. Whether they'll hold true to that promise is up in the air though.

I really hope this brings Rare back to the forefront of Game Development, like they were in their time working for Nintendo when they released Diddy Kong Racing, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini, and Blast Corps.

It won't. This game isn't any where near as special. Just another Fable Legends. Even that Ass Creed Pirates game is getting more hype and is more interesting than this.

Only thing is the game from the new IP sucks and was overhyped. The alpha barely had anything and the game feels bland. Why would I pay 60 for this?

We’re criticizing the decision to make this a 60 dollar game with the lack of content.

It should either have MORE content to justify the 60 or be dropped to 30-40 in order to thrive.

The Alpha has been the same since May and updates have only been for QoL updates. I'm sure they're holding back stuff (why would they release everything in an Alpha? Who would buy a game they already played?) but we'll see what's up closer to launch.