Sea of Thieves: Release Date Announce Trailer (March 20th, 2018)

Sea of Thieves: Release Date Announce Trailer (March 20th, 2018)

I love Rare, but I can't help but get a No Man's Sky vibe with this game. Sure, it looks neat, but what do you actually do? I feel like it'll be a ton of fun for a couple of hours, but then you will have seen everything and it'll collect dust on the shelf. I really hope I'm wrong.

Some people have played the Alpha/Beta so at least we have some kind of actual gameplay loop to judge how it'll be at release.

This seems... early to me?

I guess I haven't seen enough of the game since it's reveal to really judge. Last I saw it seemed pretty bare bones and felt more like a prototype? Does anyone know if there has been more details of the games systems?

played a few hours of it, its really awsome but extremly bareboned. there is not a lot to do atm, but the mechanic feels awsome so far. playing in a full team is so much fun aswell

it matchmakes you with other people

Anyone who has played the alpha/beta, how do they handle players who don’t have others playing with them? Does it place you with other people, or is it dependent on having friends?

It was originally going for a 2017 release but then got delayed iirc, so if anything this is later than planned.

Hopefully theyve fleshed out the game a bit more or something in the extra months.

I believe they've added solo ships you can use as well. Word of warning if you're public grouping it though: mic's are an absolute requirement.

The problem with these kinds of games is they focus entirely on the backbone and end up having no meat. It's a cool video but for all we know that's as deep as the whole thing goes. A bunch of very exciting systems that the game never really takes advantage of. No Man's Sky had trailers exactly like this.

What do you mean? You solve riddles, find treasure and shoot things. The core gameplay seems pretty clear from this trailer.

Oh sweet, well it looks like I’ll be getting the game then!

I have the same feeling. The gameplay was fun, sailing and navigating, launching myself out of a cannon and finding treasures, but as to actual content.. it felt very dry. They need like.. quests, or greater objectives, or.. something more than the current treasure map grind.

mics are definitely preferred, but they do have probably one of the best context-sensitive communication systems i've seen in a game. there are preset messages that are context-sensitive depending on what item you have equipped. For example, equipping a compass gives you response options such as N, NNE, NE, etc.

Having mics aren’t any issue for me. Getting enough friends to have a crew, well...