Scientists discover 91 volcanoes below Antarctic ice sheet - Uncover the largest volcanic region on Earth – 2 kilometres below the surface of the vast ice sheet that covers west Antarctica.

Scientists discover 91 volcanoes below Antarctic ice sheet - Uncover the largest volcanic region ...

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This article suggests ice sheets may play a role in suppressing volcanic activity. Would any volcanologists care to elaborate?

91 Volcanoes alone under the Antarctic sheet?? That's is interesting, we've populated the world, achieved minor space travel. But we still do not know everything about this little blue marble called Earth.

My take on this article was that if the volcanoes erupt they'll melt the ice, but I'd me more worried about something called isostacy because of the timescales involved. Those volcanoes may not erupt for hundreds of thousands of years in their current state, but if the ice melts first that could change.

Ice isn't as heavy as rock, but it's much easier to build it up or remove it than rock. When you remove 2 km of ice in a geologic instant, the crust will rebound towards the surface. It's hard to predict exactly what effect that will have, but if any of those 91 volcanoes have active magna bodies that get to shallow they could definitely erupt. Would this be sudden or would we have some warning? What effect does a large eruption have as the pole vs near the equator? Hard to say, but large eruptions have had major world-changing effects I the near past.

+Look up Mt Rainer lahar maps to see what happens when volcanoes melt glaciers

+Look up Mt Tambora and the year without a summer for global famine and wars related to large eruptions

+Look up Mt St Helen's for what happens when the side of a volcano suddenly loses its heavy overburden

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The world is insane. While I don't mean to insult any scientists with my comment, it is a bit mental that we were just going about life and thinking that we understood our planet and we somehow missed the presence of not just one, but ninety-one actual fucking volcanos.

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and all the shit in the sea we still dont know about

to be honest I'm okay with having a limited knowledge of the sea. it gets very weird down there.


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...Discovery isn't what it used to be



This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot)

Scientists have uncovered the largest volcanic region on Earth - two kilometres below the surface of the vast ice sheet that covers west Antarctica.

The Edinburgh volcano survey, reported in the Geological Society's special publications series, involved studying the underside of the west Antarctica ice sheet for hidden peaks of basalt rock similar to those produced by the region's other volcanoes.

"We had not expected to find anything like that number. We have almost trebled the number of volcanoes known to exist in west Antarctica. We also suspect there are even more on the bed of the sea that lies under the Ross ice shelf, so that I think it is very likely this region will turn out to be the densest region of volcanoes in the world, greater even than east Africa, where mounts Nyiragongo, Kilimanjaro, Longonot and all the other active volcanoes are concentrated."

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Which is why I want to know more.

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...Discovery isn't what it used to be

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ELI5: How is "west Antarctica" defined?

Wouldn't the South Pole be somewhere in the middle of the continent, making every direction from there north Antarctica?

Can't wait to watch the inevitable History Channel documentary on the vast underground volcano civilization below Antarctica.

Also, I have to imagine the ice-sheet is keeping the crust in the area generally cooler, creating more resistance against the magma trying to melt away the crust to rise up further.

The topic of how magna moves up through the crust is actually a point of contention in the continuity. It used to be modeled like a blob moving upwards, with large blocks on the roof of the magma chamber falling in and sinking to the bottom allowing the whole blob to rise. Once this blob is in a neutrally buoyant place, it may freeze or it may erupt (or a combination). In the last 15 years folks have begun to ask the question "if volcanoes have large magna bodies under them, why is it rare to actually image molten magma chamber with seismic data?" The alternate hypothesis is that magma moves upwards by taking advantages in weaknesses within the crust to propagate cracks that it can then move through. These cracks are to narrow to image with seismic techniques unless they are very near the surface, so that speaks to that question. The idea is that when/if these cracks all converge at a place in the crust they form a large magma body that either erupts quickly (geologically speaking) or crystallizes.

If hypothesis 1 is happening, then perhaps the ice could have some effect on how the magma moves around, although that's not my area so I'm not sure. If hypothesis 2 is what's happening I suspect the weight of the ice is much more of a factor than the temperature because of how poor rocks are at conducting heat.

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That, my friends, is the voice of a man who has stood his ground when a group of tribesmen in New Guinea charged him with spears.

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It looks like the time is ripe to take up Volcanology. When I started at uni, 1988, our lecturer said there were about 50 volcanologists in the world. I've never forgotten that. As fascinating as lava is. He was one of them.

It is weird. What happened to those channels. I used to watch very educational shows that I really enjoyed and now it's just crap.

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Volcanic activity under the ice sheets in Antarctica, causing the ice to move and the ocean levels to rise, was the key point in several of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars books that lead to the colonization of Mars. So, you know, it's not all bad.

A song of fire and ice.

And global warming is the key.

I don't think mammoths thrive under ice sheets or water.

[...] We have almost trebled the number of volcanoes known to exist in west Antarctica. [...]

Trebled? The situation is graver than I thought!

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(1) The weight of kilometers of ice pushes the Earth's crust downwards.

(2) Remove Ice

(3) Crust undergoes isostatic rebound i.e. moves upwards slowly as nothing is pushing it down. (Side note: Much of the Northern Hempishere is still undergoing isostatic rebound due to the last glacial period which ended 15-20 kya.)

(4) Mantle material (which is hot rock that is not currently magma due to the immense pressure it is under) follows along upwards with the crust)

(5) As mantle material moves upwards it (the rock) can melt into a magma as the pressure it is experiencing goes down. Note - to melt something you can increase the temperature or decrease the pressure. In this case it is possible the mantle material does not change temperature (adiabatic) but due to pressure drop you can melt it.

(6) You now have magma. Be carefaul it may form volcano which can melt ice. Careful you don't melt the ice cause that might cause DECOMPRESSIONAL MELTING again (maybe? I dunno)


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This is such an incredibly intelligent question. It's strange to think that at the pole you can only go north.

New exhibits at aquariums near you!

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History Channel documentary

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The baby volcano waits for its mother underneath the water and ice. Only when it is fully matured will it rear its head in a violent display. That display is a message "I'm ready for mating." When two volcanos emerge near each other they become mates for life.


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There seems to be significant correlation between where the volcanoes are located, and where the observed ice mass loss has been taking place in Antarctica.  Have we, perhaps, put the cart before the horse here?

There seems to be significant correlation between where the volcanoes are located, and where the observed ice mass loss has been taking place in Antarctica. Have we, perhaps, put the cart before the horse here?

Maybe not an excuse, but they do release a massive amount of crap into the air when they go off. It's not wrong, it just doesn't necessarily have any bearing on a discussion about human pollution.

Geoscientist here. Not offended, it's why we do what we do! If everything had been explored Earth sciences in particular would be super boring. Imagine being an undergrad and getting to name a volcano!

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And so it turned out that it was, in fact, the volcanic nature of the Earth that caused its rise in temperature, and eventual downfall of the humam species.

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They release less than 1% of the emission that humans do annually.

Any scientist would agree with you. The more you learn, the more you realize we know very little. No scientist walks around thinking they understand the plants!

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My climate change denying father in law is obsessed with volcanoes - they are somehow an excuse for human pollution.

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I just hope these 91 volcanoes don't erupt in the next tenor so years.

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He created the entire idea of nature documentaries. Everything you've seen since have been adaptions of his vision. The guy is largely responsible for the environmental movement for the last ~50 years. And besides that, he's gone in the field as much as his body will allow. He speaks with an experience and passion that few others will ever understand, although you can hear it in his voice.

One step closer to discovering the Mountains of Madness

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There is plenty to discover and much more a lot of people don't already know or we could watch naked people give us fake survival tips. Discovery is shit now and that's only their fault not the Universe's

Edit: Source:

It uses the same logic as the Americas being "the west" even though if you travel west from the Americas you get to Asia (which is known as "the east")

Global Warming is going to melt the polar ice caps and flood the earth.

Antarctic Volcanic Region "Hold my beer"

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Well, think about how there is a western and eastern hemisphere. Both of those intersect with Antarctica. There you go

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