Schumer: Trump's Asia trip a 'colossal flop'

Schumer: Trump's Asia trip a 'colossal flop'
Schumer: Trump's Asia trip a 'colossal flop'

Trump has taken criticism for ignoring rampant human rights abuses while interacting with the leaders of nations such as China and the Philippines, as well as for his bellicose attitude toward North Korea.

Schumer blasted Trump for actions that he said "unsettled" U.S. allies and "emboldened" the country's enemies.

"Adding insult to injury, he seems to have a love for dictators," Schumer said. "In the Philippines where a strongman leader is engaged in a vicious campaign of extrajudicial killings does Trump admonish him? ... No. He lectures and unsettles our allies while emboldening our adversaries like China and Russia by treating them with kid gloves."

Let be real, it was a vacation on the taxpayers dime.

he accomplished incredible things for China, is what I'm sure he meant.

Could have been worse. He could have done his Chinese impression from his campaigning days...

This was the trip we lost being the most powerful country in the world

I just heard him say on the radio that it accomplished "incredible things". Must be fake news. /s

And when he got tired of it, he cut it short and flew home with enough lead time to sleep off the jet lag and hit the links this weekend.

Or maybe for Putin.

You knew it would be...